The story of Dasavatharam is about the difference of opinions between Vaishnavites and Saivites. The story is dating back 14th century there had been a war among Hindus over worshipping of Hindu Gods - either Lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu. Then the king orders Kamal Hassan to worship Lord Shiva. But Kamal does not obey the orders of the king. Hence, Kamal is tied with the statue of Lord Vishnu thrown in the midst of the sea. Then Kamal again takes another birth. Totally he takes ten births consequtively and what he does in all these births is the essence of the film was filmed with a story based on the religion.

A real statue of Lord Ranganatha was made for the purpose of the shooting, it is said. Kamal in this film appears in 80-year-old mother get up. Similarly, he appears as Sardarji and in an American role.

A song, in this film says that he happened to be the son of Rajalakshmi and Srinivasan who always worships Lord Vishnu. You know that our Kamal Hassan's parents names are Rajalakshmi and Srinivasan?

This is Dasavatharam.

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Actress Lara Dutta has been asked to do the role of heroine for the Billu Barber, a remake of the Tamil film Kuselan and Kuseladu in Telugu. Priya Darshan is directing the film. It is the story of the Malayalam film Kadha Parayum Pol. The same story is produced in Telugu and Tamil with different actors.

For sometime, the producers were in search of good girl for the role and finally they got Lara Dutta. In Hindi it is Irfan Khan and Sharukh Khan are acting. In Tamil it is Rajinikanth, Pasupathy, Sneha, Vadivelu and other artistes are acting.

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In the picture from L to R Ramesh Kamal (Executive Producer) Mr. R.A Jebaraj (Managing Director) & A.N. Sri Ram (Head, Marketing)

Imayam which is becoming a popular channel among Chennaites and elsewhere in Tamil Nadu has planned to telecast mega serials, live shows, travel shows and interviews of various political leaders in the coming days. The programmes planned in the channel are the replica of any other leading english channels that are telecast from India.

R.A.Jebaraj, Managing Director of the channel, that more and more opportunities would be provided to those come in with new ideas in order to promote the channel.

The channel organised a press-meet and a grand dinner at the Hotel Abu Palace in which a lot of people from various walks of life, including persons fromadvertising companies participated.

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"Nayantara and Sreya are my good friends. If we are in Chennai, we used to meet atleast twice in a week" said Trisha. Many were surprised to see Nayantara and Trisha were sitting together when the actors observed fast on April 4. This has proved about a section of the news papers that both the actresses had misunderstandings, said Trisha bursting out with a laughter. " We are all always good friends" says Trisha.

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The happy news and talk of the Tamil Nadu is about the Tamil film Super Star Rajinikanth who visited Puttaparthi to have the blessings of Bhaghavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is carried out in all the Tamil news papers including the Daily Thanthi and Dinamalar.
According to the news, the Super Star who visited Parthi to have darshan on the Tamil New Year’s day fell on April 13, just went straight to Kulwant hall and mingled with other devotees while the Bhajan songs were sung. He had the darshan of Bhaghavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and received the blessings.
Rumours are afloat in Chennai and other parts of the Tamil Nadu, that the Super Star is likely to launch his new political party. The decision follows after the Super Star who participated in a fast observed by the South Indian Tamil Film Actors on April 4 at the Chennai Chepauk Government Guest House. The fast was aimed to show the protest of the film actors when some Tamils living Karnataka were attacked by a section of Kannadigas to protest the Hognekal Joint Water Project Management between Karnataka and the Tamil Nadu. The Kannadigas, according to reports, attacked the Tamil Sangam, an Association interested in the welfare of the Tamils living in Karnataka.

Another version of the rumour is that Rajini's second daughter Soundarya is getting married soon. It has been talked that she would be marrying a business magnet's son. Hence, Rajni is interested to know very much the safe settlement of his daughter upon which he left for Puttaparthi to have the divine blessings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Whenever his fans and many other political leaders wanted the actor to start a political party in the Tamil Nadu, the actor was shying away from them. But his visit to Puttaparthi immediately after the fastings, it is expected that he is likely to launch his nes political party.

The Chennai-Fast on April 4 went peacefully. Sometime ago, the Super Star had announced a crore of rupees would be paid in the event of implementing the Nationalisation of all the rivers in India.

Since our Bhaghavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba who has the experience of providing good drinking water to all the people through his various water project was sought by the Super Star Rajnikanth to announce such scheme for the Tamil Nadu and also to avoid any misunderstanding between the two states, it is rumoured.

However, the news of Rajini’s darshan of Sri Sathya Sai Baba has brought happiness among his fans and many of his well wishers that the reason for his darshan at Puttaparthi if it is made known to the general public on his return to Chennai.

Rajini has been visiting either Whitefield or Puttaparthi or Sundaram in Chennai whenever Bhaghavan used to visit. It was last year the actor along with his family members visited at the Athi Rudra Maha Yagnam venue in Chennai and had darshan of Sathya Sai Baba.

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A popular programme MAD in Pogo TV Channel is being telecast everyday and has won the hearts of many children in India and other countries. MAD means, Music, Art & Dance show. The programme is executed by ROB who is known as Harun Robert. He joined POGO three years ago and learnt only fine arts in college. Later he learnt graphics. One days when he was doing a programme in Chennai Land Mark Stores, he said that he would soon release a super hero cartoon animation for kids. He released his MAD T-shirts six art books. He also Mad CDs. Like Super Man and Spider Man, the Mad has also become popular. Rob makes out beautiful things out of unwanted items that are thrown outside. He shapes them into beautiful Art things with his techniques. One can learn from his work, how the unwanted things could be made as beautiful things. By constantly watching the programme, one could easily create their own creativities.
The programme is aired on Mondays to Fridays 2.30 PM and another programme at 6 PM.
Saturdays and Sundays the programme is telecast 10 AM to 11 AM.

In the year 2006 the Mad programme received two national awards and two International awards. Miss not to watch Rob ideas.

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Mridhula who has been asked to do the heroine role for the film Imbulan has been removed from her contract now due to a ego clash between the film's director Chandra Guru and the actress. According to information, it was the director who took Mridhula to acting while she has been studying in a school. The girl was considered for the film because of her bewitching beauty. The shooting of the film waa also started and this girl appeared in some important scenes. But due to some reasons, the film's further shooting was getting postponed. Meanwhile, some other producer who came to know about the actress, decided to give the heroine role in his new film. Mridhula, for earning money started acting immediately for the new film, leaving aside Imbulan chance. When Chandra Guru was ready to shoot the Imbulan film, the actress vehemently refused to act in the film. Chandra Guru says it was he who alone brought her from Kerala says, that the actress was an egoist and hence he had to cut down her from the film. Instead, another beautiful being brought for Imbulan.

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Actress Tamanna who has come to know througout the world through the Kalloori, is now acting in Ayan with Suriya and with Dhanush for Padikkadhavan. When asked about her refusal to act with the new faces, she denied the rumour and said she had come to film only to act. But she said she was very choosy about her character and story in which she would be willing to act. However she could not forget Balaji Sakthivel, because the Kaloori film was commercially success. She believes that only the efficiency alone would make an actress entrench in this field. Now after her acting in Telugu Happy Days, she is going to act in some more Telugu films. Now Tamanna is learining Telugu and Tamil.

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Actor Sarath Kumar will write letters to all the film personalities those who did not participate in the April 4th Chennai-Fast. The letter will seek the explanation from the following persons who were conspicuously absent on the day of fast. They will have to give explanation why they did not take part in the fast. Their reply is expected within 15 days from the date of the letter. It is well known that actor Sarath Kumar is the president of the South Indian Film Artistes Association, functioning from the Chennai T'Nagar.

List of absentees in the fast:

Director K.Balachander, Mani Rathinam, Lingusamy.

Actors: Karthik,Madhavan, Aarya, Nepoleon, Manivannan, Sivakumar
Actresses: Asin, Nila, Meena, Meera Jasmine, Malavika,Padma Priya, Navya Nair, Gopika, Revathy, Suhasini, Sri Devi, Lakshmi
Cinematographers: Rathnavel and Rajasekar
Music Directors: Ilaya Raja, A.R.Rahman, Yuvan Shankar Raja, and Devisri Prasad.

A meeting to this effect was held on Tuesday at the Chennai South Indian Film Artistes Association and decided to call for an explanation from the non-participants in the April 4, Chennai-Fast.

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Actress Meera Jasmine and other film unit people were stung by honey bees when the shooting of Telugu film Korindakku was going on Wednesday. The shooting of the Telugu film was going on in a temple near Mehaboob Nagar in Andhra Pradesh. Meera Jasmine without seeing the honey bees nests just touched them; those innocent bees from their hives mistook her initially that it was a Jasmine flower from where they usually suck honey, but later they all realised that it was a beautiful actress on the shooting spot. Not knowing the importance scene of the shooting being shot they all stung the actress first followed by others who tried to save her from the bees' bitings. Not tolerated by the stinking pain caused by the bees the film unit had to wound up the shooting for that day. The bees had no venom.

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