Many recognised her that she would prosper if she begins to act in films. Then Shanthi was studying in SIET College. She mistook her friends' advice whenever they asked her to act in films. Then Shanthi was doing her Bharatha Natyam classes under the tutelage of Kalaimamani K.J.Sarasa. She has the photo-genic face to bring all nine moods of human beings on her face. On the day of her first dance performance 1984, actress Padmini and politician H.V.Hande, who presided over the function praised her saying that the girl did her dance well and if she was prepared to act in films, she had the bright future. Then Shanthi felt that her college friends were truly advising her to become an actor.

Time was when actor, director and producer Parthiban was looking for an young girl for his film Sugamana Sumaigal. Shanthi and her father rushed the gates of the actor. There was a big queue with different faces. When her turn came, Parthiban asked her to repeat a dialogue of his without seeing the book. She did so with an expression and immediately she was asked to report for the shooting the next day.

"Money is not criteria for me to act in films or mega serials. I don't differentiate the acting for big or small screen at any time. Acting is acting. But I am waiting for a big character role to prove my talents. I want to appear in good roles like yesteryear Vijaya Kumari, Sowcar Janaki, Saroja Devi, Padmini and Savithri type roles. Still, I feel very sad that there is not even a single story based on the characters like these actresses in which they acted " says Shanthi Anand.

"One such character I did in Dheerga Sumangali with Nizhalgal Ravi for the Sun TV. I appeared as the mother of four grown up daughters. In reality they are older than me. I was not even then 22 when I did the role. Because I want to do something in my acting career, I accepted the role. Normally no girl will accept to do a role like this at that age. But, I wished to do the big role at this young age. So I accepted it. Whoever saw me in the serial praised me" recalls Shanthi whose face resembles the one of yesteryear matured actress Vijayakumari.

The actress who has more than 45 mega-serials and five films like Gowri Manohari, Gokulam under her belt is now acting as a widow in Mudhal Mudhalaai with Bhagyaraj, as a brahmin girl in Madurai Ponnu Chinna Payyan and in a teacher's role in Inivarum Kalam besides in mega-serials like Suriya Vamsam and Aarumaname Aaru.

" After seeing me as mother in Dheerga Sumangali, many asked me to do the role of mother. I simply rejected those offers. I wanted to do good character roles. I have the sense of comedy and I want to appear in comedian role too" says Shanthi Anand.

Shanthi is extrovert. She revealed what had happened in a serial produced under the big banner. The serial manager demanded from her the 50 per cent of her remuneration that she used to receive after finishing her shooting everyday. She refused to pay the money to him. To her surprise the next day her name was not appearing in the actresses' list. " There are many girls and boys who wanted to appear in serials, paying out their earnings either to the manger of the production companies or to the directors concerned. I have the capacity in acting. Why should I pay ?" asks Shanthi.

Shanthi says, " after seeing my role in Aadugiran Kannan in which I did a small role, the director Badrinath extended my scenes because he was moved by the way I did my character in the serial. I always want to be called by everyone as a good artiste. This is my aim" says Shanthi Anand. Anand Raj is a Mumbaite doing business in Chennai and lives with Shanthi afer marriage in an apartment in Saligramam.

Shanthi worked under the director K.Balachander's Cheran Express, Andha Naal, Air Bus and Jannal serials for the Sun TV channel and Raj Tv channel. She has acted in AVM's Oru Pennin Kadhai, Aasai ( Heroine), Jyothi and the Telugu version of Akka. She did meaty roles for the Seventh Channel's Ethanai Manidhargal and Marupadiyum Aval and many other serials produced by big production companies. All these serials had brought her laurels and some awards at frequent intervels, says Shanthi.
"Acting is very breath of my life and I dream of doing a good role, a good character role. This is my prayer everyday" says Shanthi Anand.

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( by N.Thyagarajan )

One should learn the discipline always from this actress Asin who hails from Kerala, is the daughter of commodore. She stays in Chennai whenever she has to come here for acting for films. Many in film industry who have moved with her and her father used to say about her punctuality and submissiveness. Recently, she was in Chennai at her palatial flat in Chetpet. In her interview, she answers to all her questions and nothing prevents her while answering to questions. Truth is the essence of anyone, will make answer spontaneously. Here are some of the questions and answers to this blog.

Question: You can't be seen quite a long time in Chennai ! Have you settled down in Mumbai?

Answer: I am frequenting Mumbai because I act in the Hindi remake of Kajini film. It doesn't mean that I have settled down totally in Mumbai. Wherever I go for acting, my heart revolves around to act in Tamil films. I love to act in Tamil films really. I have plans to do at least two Tamil films in a year.

Question: Why you refused to act in Dilli 6?

Answer: I have not refused to act in the film. There was a clash for my call sheets dates with the film's hero dates.At the same time I have given my consent to act for Kajini film.

Question: Could you detail about your role in Vel?

Answer : I act in the film as Swathi. The film is purely commercial and is directed by Hari. Because, it is commercial film, the days passed off easily. I dance in the film after a long gap. First I danced for the M.Kumaran S/o Mahalakshmi.Then I danced in Pokkiri. Now after a long gap I dance for a song under the dance master Dinesh. One more song of the film yet to be shot and it is going to be in Switzerland.

Question: Could you tell me the incidents of snakes and foxes in your shooting spots?

Answer : If I think about those incidents they still shock me. The entire film unit were trembling on seeing a lot of snakes in Ambasamudram shooting. However, the shooting was over without any disturbances. Similarly, when we all went to Namibia, we were shocked to see group of foxes, full of with the tendency of eating human beings. Literally I saw a man was bitten by a fox who died immediately. The fox was enjoying the flesh of that man. Similarly, we were shocked to see a lot vulturous birds, called in Tamil Neruppu Kozhi. Those birds were very tall and at any movement they have the capacity to kill anyone. There also our film unit escaped without any incident.

Question: I think tension is your close associate, wherever you go?

Answer: There are movements of joy also in the shooting spots. Recently I went for a shooting in Karaikudi. I was moved by those beautiful houses looked like beautiful ships. I was given a house, where the foreign tourists used to stay. Really I enjoyed to live in the house for a few days. There I acquainted with a lot of Aachis..

Question: I hear that you want to be always aloof and doesn't like make friendship with anyone?

Answer : Everyone is dear to me. I make friends and move with them. But, I will not involve my friendship deeply. That is my nature. Even when I was studying I used to move with friends, but never moved with them intimately.

Question: Please tell about your role in Dasavatharam. We hear that you are doing duel role?

Answer : I don't want to talk about the film's story or about my role. I should not talk also. The film is going to be evergreen in my mind throughout my life. I have given my own voice for my character. I am eagerly waiting to see the entire film.

Question: Do you have anymore scenes to do in Dasavatharam?

Answer : I will have to act for the climax song's scene. It is after Vel's song shooting in Switzerland I will have to switch over to Mumbai to complete Hindi Kajini. In Kajini only opening song sequence has to be shot. The rest with the film's hero Aamir Khan who appears in the get up of completely shaven head. This film is likely to be released in the April next year.

Question: You seem to be young always... What is the secret behind?

Answer : There is no secret at all. Timely eating and doing physical exercises alone keeps everyone fit to do anything and make feel always young. I am doing all sorts of exercises, the instruments to do those exercises I keep at home in Chennai and Cochin. For anyone, keeping up the body intact is most important.

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Suriya Vamsam is the latest mega-serial of the Radaan TV Networks and Productions Limited for the Sun TV Channel being telecast on Monday to Friday between 12.00 noon and 12.30 PM.

The story of the Suriya Vamsam is being written by Sri Priya , revolves around an innocent girl Raji who comes to Pollachi in search of her lover Dinakar who jilted her sometime ago. She meets various characters during her searches. The innocent girl tries to prove the general public that she was deceived by him. Is she able to find her lover and marries her, is the crux of the story.The mega serial which started on the last Monday is directed by A.P.Rajendran whose marriage took on Friday.

Meera Vasudevan, Geetha Lakshmi, Shanthi Anand, Mumtaz Khader, Kannan, Bhanu Prakash, Vincent Roy, Srinivas, Nanda Kumar (Saathappan) and many other leading artistes are acting in the serial.

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AVM's mega serial Vaira Nenjam for the Kalaignar TV is a family subject especially for women who undertake the responsibilities of their families when no one comes to the rescue. As per the story line, Meena Kumari as Sakthi undertakes the whole responsibilities of her retired father, two younger sisters and one younger brother. She is working in a company and with that income she supports all in her family. Her uncle son ( Bharath Kalyan) who wants to marry her is totally vexed by seeing her deeply concentrating only on her house welfare. She does not mind that her uncle's son is in love with her. Her younger sister Nandini ( Preeti Srinivas) who stays in the house to look after the house duties becomes pregnant due to her relationship with an outsider. The family comes to know about her family way and Sakthi tries to solve the problem. Sakthi has been goaded to marry a mentally retarded person who is the brother of the outsider who spoiled Nandini's life. Otherwise, her sister has to earn a bad name in the society.

Sekizhar who has written the story and screen play does the direction of the serial being telecast on Mondays to Fridays between 8 PM and 8.30 PM.

Meena Kumari, Bharath Kalyan, Vishwa, Deepak, Mohan Ram, S.N.Lakshmi, Amara Sigamani, Preethi Srinivas, Revathy Sankar and Reena are acting in this mega serial. M.Saravanan and M.S.Guhan produce the serial on behalf of the AVM banner.

Till Friday last ten episodes have been completed.

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Want to become an anchor for the Jaya TV Channel ? or you want to go away with gold rings as prizes.It is all for those for women who participate in the competitons, namely Magalir Mattum, who are chosen as the winners in the competitions like drawing of ranglolis, painting pictures, and dancing or singing.

Tamil film actress Suganya who is anchoring Magalir Mattum for the Jaya TV Channel's weekly programme to be telecast on Sundays 5.30 PM stared from September 30th. Besides, the channel has arranged an additional competition titled "Mrs Fair & Lovely" for married women. Among various shows that are telecast in the Jaya TV Channel Magalir Mattum is entering its fourth year with a large number of women's participation.

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Ace comedians of the Tamil film industry Y.G.Mahendran, R.Manorama, Crazy Kumar, Kovai Anuradha, Typist Gopu, Venniraadai Murthy, Kathady Ramamurthy, Sachu, M.S.Bhaskar and C.I.D.Sakunthala all joining together in a weekly comedy serial Sakala Kala Bhavan for the Kalaignar TV to be launched on September. The comedy is to be aired on all Thursdays starting from September 20th.

Sakala Kala Bhavan is a boarding and lodging hotel managed by Meenakshi. Her husband Sankaran creates flutter followed by his brother-in-law Armstrong who is a software engineer. Shailu, the daughter of the Bhavan's couple chases the software engineer to love him. Besides, the characters Palaghat Chellappa who is a cook of the Bhavan and Naidupettai Narasamma also join in the bandwagon of the comedians.The people who come and stay in this Bhavan mess are put into various troubles to extend the mega comedy serial to come out with bellyfull laughter.

Screenplay and direction of the serial are done by Y.G.Mahendra and the dialogues are written by Kovai Anuradha and the cinematography is done by Naga Saravanan. Balaji scores the music of the serial with a comedy title song.

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It has become fashion and attraction that many of the Tamil TV channels have started to appoint film artistes as judges in their competition slots. These slots when it was sans these film artistes as judges were not interestingly seen by many viewers. The fate of these small-screen artistes who rehearse days and nights in dance or in mono-acting becoming 'number one winner' is purely based on the judgment skill used by the big screen artistes who act as Judges for these shows.
Film comedienne Kovai Sarala and Chinni Jayanth have been appointed for the Kalaignar TV Channel's comedy programme Ellamey Siripputhaan. Participants in the show are from various parts of the Tamil Nadu, especially from Madurai and Coimbatore who excel in their acting by mimicking the voices and actions of the various leading film artistes. The scripts (skid) for the show are prepared by the participants themselves. The fate of winning in the competition is purely based on the judgment skill used by these veteran film comedians. Mastana Mastana is yet another competition show of the SUN TV Channel for the small-screen artistes who wish to show their skill in dance. Actress Meena and dancer master and actor Tarun are the judges of this show.
Similarly, actress Namitha was chosen as the Judge for the Maanada Mayil Ada dance-show being telecast on Kalaignar TV. Basically, Namitha who is a Bharatha Natyam dancer with several stage performances to her credit, selects the best performer with dance masters Kala and her sister Brinda to her side.Previously Simran was the Judge of the show and now Namitha has taken over.
Actor Prashanth, Sathya Raj, T.Rajendar, Karan, Vadivelu, Praveen Gandhi were the chief guests and judges for the Sun TV's comedy show Asatha Povadhu Yaaru. All these artistes were invited for each show who selected the best comedian of the each show.

Comedian S.Ve.Shekar and actress and dancer Uma Riyaz are the judges of the Star Vijay's comedy show Kalakka Povadhu Yaru. Actor Thyagu who participated in the last week show was entrusted the task of selecting the good performer. It is said, the comedy show will have more and more cine artistes to act as chief guests and Judges for the show.
Actress Sangeetha, Simbhu and dance master Sundaram have been appointed judges of the Star Vijay TV Channel's Jodi No. 1 Season Two dance show. Other than the two judges, there were special appearances of film artistes like Sham, Madhumitha, Priyamani and Jeeva.
If a person does not win in a particular comedy show, he could be seen in other channel's comedy show, because the budding artistes knew about the judging skill of their judges. There were many artistes who were not selected as the best performer in a particular channel had received their awards from other channel competitions.

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BHOPAL: A Bhopal court on Tuesday issued a non-bailable warrant against Aamir Khan after the actor failed to appear thrice before the court to defend himself in a case of 'disrespect' to the national flag.

First class judicial magistrate V S Muwell asked the police to bring the actor to the court on November 7. The judge dismissed his lawyer's explanation that the actor didn't know he had to appear in the court.

The complaint was filed by a local lawyer in August, saying at an event in Indore to promote a car as a brand ambassador for its manufacturer, Khan "dishonoured" the tricolour, which was stuck on top of the car much late after the function was over.

The Supreme Court has cautioned trial courts against issuing non-bailable warrants without verifying the frivolity of complaints. It has also said that an NBW could only be issued if a person fails to honour previous summons and bailable warrants.

Suresh Kanga, who filed the complaint against Khan, said, "The national flag was stuck on top of a car and remained there even when the function got over late in the night. The court admitted my complaint and asked the actor to appear before the court on three occasions. He was even issued warrants twice but did not come."

When Khan's lawyer argued that the actor had not received the previous warrants, the judge said it was not possible that the actor had not known about the developments in the case.

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The life history of the Forest Brigand Veerapan, who is known for his adventurous in beheading, killing and kidnapping for various VIPs for ransom in Mudhumalai Forest area of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, is made into 125 episodes will be aired soon through the Makkal TV. The speedy telecast of the serial titled Sandhana Kaadu , means Sandalwood Forest, is practically taking after a court has vacated a stay on it very recently.

It was reliably learnt that the forest brigand's wife Muthulakshmi, a widow has personally appealed to the Makkal TV Channel, which is an organ of the PMK Party, to eschew the idea of filming of her husband's life history into tv episodes and telecasting it the same through the channel. She had requested the PMK leader and the Channel's chairman in this connection, it is leant.
Makkal Tv channel is very practical in its approach always. Earlier its telecast on the life history of the Auto Shankar became popular and there was a lot of demand from the public to re-telecast it. The channel did the retelecast.

In her appeal Muthulakshmi said that her two children who were students will become butt of ridicule, once if the channel starts to air the Sandhana Kaadu serial. But her appeal had no response from the channel, it is learnt. Hence, she is going to appeal before the Chennai High Court, to stop the idea of producing the serial or airing it forthwith.

She said, that the Sandhana Kaadu Director Gowthaman who visited her house with the PMK president G.K.Mani wanted to know about the marriage life of Veerappan. She said she had narrated the entire think that underwent in their life. The entire think was recorded in the microtape of the director.

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A new serial for the young kids who like to learn the happenings in and around the country in the form of stories and nursery rhymes in complete Tamil language, the Makkal TV has produced a programme titled Poonthottam.
The programme is aired from Mondays to Thursdays between 6.00 PM to 6.30 PM the episode's anchor Nattu Mama imparts the nursery rhymes into stories. He also teaches the important morals that the children should adhere in their lives by telling a lot of moral stories. Besides, the children are taught different games by another uncle known as Kalai Mama.
Sugandhi G.Bharathi tells that the main purpose of the programme is to bring up children with good character and good thinking.

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The Sun TV channel has started to air Sakthi Kodu, a new weekly on Sundays ( 8.30 AM to 9.30 AM) about Goddesses in various temples of Tamil Nadu. It speaks about the importance of the worship of those deities as mentioned in various epics. For example, if a married couple visit Thirukarukavoor Garba Rakshambigai temple in the Thanjavur District, they will have child in the near future.How this temple came up and who were the persons like Chola kings behind for the construction of this majestic temple are all discussed in the Sakthi Kodu. Produced by Viktan Televistas, the producer has taken a lot of pains in fulfilling history of those temples with relevant anecdotes from various Tamil sangam literatures. Sakthi Kodu which was started two weeks before ( 7.10.2007) aired the details about Skandasramam in Selaiyur Chennai as Navarathri Special. The temple's priest Shanmuga Shivacharia narrated the significance for celebrating Navarathri festival in the temple followed by ten-day-yagna. All the episodes are directed by L.Ganapathy.

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A weekly talk show on Pechu Pechathan Irukkanum by the Raj TV Channel will throw
light on the topics of various problems that are faced by the people in general in India.
The one-hour-show is scheduled to telecast on Sunday mornings between 8 AM and
9 AM will have Dindigul Leoni as the Judge who will hear over the arguments of the
four of his colleagues from different walks of life. The topics for the discussion will be based on the
social and economic problems of the people and finding ways and means to solve them.
The first weekly programme is scheduled to start on September 9.

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“MEGALA” a new mega serial of Cine Times’ in Sun TV and “Aarumanamey Aaru” yet another new soap of the Akshra Films’ in Raj TV Channel have one thing in common. The appearance of the famous cine-play-back singer Deepan Chakkaravarthi in meaty roles in both the serials have raised the eye-brows of many tv viewers, for the play-back-singer had lent voice nearly in 600 film songs under the music direction of Ilaiya Raja and also acted in two Tamil films---- Rani Theni and Maarupatta konangal.
In an interview, at the shootings of the Megala, the singer who appears as an Industrialist says, “it is time for me to prove my mettle in my acting career and the God has offered me weighty roles in both the serials”. He tells that, that acting in TV serials is in no way inferior. There is a misconception prevailing among some public that a popular film artistes taking up the assignment of tv soaps only for their livelihood. “Really it is not so” adds Deepan, “when I acted in Rani Theni as a successful hero many film-goers have recognized me, and when Ilaiya Raja offered me chance to sing in the film Nizhalgal (poong kadhavey….) many hummed the tunes and there was a tremendous amount of applause I used to receive from the audiences whenever I sang the song at different public music performances. Now, I receive a lot of phone calls from various Tamilians who live in India and abroad. This did not happen when I acted in films” says Deepan.

Even before Deepan Chakkaravarthi became a renowned play-back-singer he started singing for the Tamil DD channel dramas ever since it was launched in the year 1975. Then he was singing for various music directors like T.R.Papa and Thanjai Vanan and many others.
Deepan says the chances to act in these new serials came on his hands and knees. “The producer of the Megala, Mettioli fame Siddique suggested the Director Vikramaditiyan to allot the industrialist role to me. Similar was the case in Aarumanamey Aaru. The director of the AA Ranjith has the knack of making me to act as an eldest brother of a family consisting a total of six brothers.
In Megala, Sankarabaranam fame Rajalakshmi act opposite to Deepan Chakravarthi and in ‘AA’ cine fame Seetha plays the role of his wife.

Megala is a story revolves around an Industrialist wife who delivers a female baby within seven months of her marriage. The quarrel begins between husband and wife when the industrialist’s sister points out the delivery of the child. But in order to save his financial catastrophe, he continues his relationship with his wife who hails from a rich family and becomes father of other three daughters and a son. The eldest daughter runs away from home after knowing this and the industrialist teases his wife whenever when an opportune comes.

Apart from the serials, the famous singer has been asked to do a character role in Moolakkarai Panniyar, a film being produced and directed by Sanjay Ram.

When asked would he give up singing, if he becomes more popular in acting in soaps or in films, he said, “ Music is my breadth and I will not give it up at any time. Music and acting both mingled in my gene, pointing out his grandmother C.T.Rajakantham who was yesteryear actress and his father Trichy Loganathan who was a famous play-back-singer.

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Film comedian and noted Sun TV's Meendum Meendum Sirippu comedy programme's fame Vennira Adai Murthy and his team hereafter will appear in the Kalaignar TV Channel to be launched on September 15. The comedian in this new channel will appear in the comedy programme Kulunga Kulunga Sirippu. It is likely the comedy weekly programme will be aired on Sundays between 9 AM and 9.30 AM. The first comedy programme will be aired on September 16 from the new Channel.

The weekly Meendum Meendum Sirippu has crossed more than 500 episodes in seven years in the Sun TV Channel and won several audiences from various
quarters of the Tamil speaking people. The timely jokes of the comedian Murthy with other comedians like
Suruli Manohar, Shobana, Sangeetha Balan, Seshadri won the hearts of many.Many audiences were disappointed when the Meendum Meendum Sirippu was not telecast for the last two weeks in the Sun TV channel. It is understood the entire comedy programme being shifted to Kalaignar TV Channel with a different

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Will Devayani come back to Kolangal to continue her lead role as Abhinaya, is a million dollar question that poses not only to the Vikatan Productions, director Thiruchelvam and many of its viewers. The Sun TV's mega serial's viewers have become bored for not seeing Abhinaya for the last fifteen days. Abhinaya in this serial was shot and reached the stage of coma after having admiited to a hospital. The sudden turn in the serial's story line perplexed many and now Abhinaya has to be operated upon for which the hospital demands Rs.10 lakhs. The Abhi's family members run pillar to post to get that money was shown for the last one week.

The viewers are bored after seeing Devayani being shown often as hospitalised with the very same clippings. The cat is out of the bag now. Devayani is now appearing in another serial Manjal Magimai as Soundarya, a dhitto character of Kolangal's Abhinaya. The new serial is produced by the Kalaignar TV Channel. It is learnt that the Kolangal's director Thiruchelvam has changed minor alteration in his story line to pave way for Devayani to continue her role as Soundarya. She had given dates to the Kalaignar TV already, hence was the change, it is said. Now Devayani within 15 days of her shooting for the new serial had completed 20 episodes of Manjal Magimai started airing from September 17th onwards between 8.30 PM and 9.00 PM.

There is one more reason, why Devayani and many other popular face artistes give priority to the new channel was the payment part of it. It is said, Devayani was paid only Rs.40,000 in the Kolangal serial, whereas this amount was doubled in the Kalaignar TV channel, according to reliable sources. Moreover, one can't simply belittle the new channel, since, the CM expects that it should be number one Tamil Channel. People have also started viewing the outcome of the new channel which has come out with 300 crores investment.

Director Thiruchelvam, is find other alterations for the Abhi character for the Kolangal serial. Is there any lieutenant from the big screen to fulfill the Abhi Character?

It is also said, till the completion of atleast 50 episodes in advance, Devayani will not appear in any other serials including for big screen.

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Jakaarb Telefilms Productions' Jaiyam a daily soap is on telecast on Mondays to Fridays between 9.00 PM and 9.30 PM. The soap which has become popular by virtue of his storyline and using richly costumes with good actors and actresses like Sudha Chandran, Nalini, Vetri, Sanjay, Major Gautam and many other leading artistes of films.The soap has crossed more than 250 episodes has been considered with high TRP. The shootings of the serial are carried out Chennai's important locales.

The story of the Jaiyam as given by the JT Productions.

Jaiyam is a story about 4 women and their families who come from different backgrounds of society fighting their everyday lives to live in comfort, peace and happiness. Each individual character expresses the emotions of different women in our everyday life. It is true when big scholars had said that a women's heart is deeper than the ocean with secrets. She not only has secrets but also deeper emotions, thoughts, love and more than anything - motherliness.

Ranganayagi's office worker, Chakravarthy tries to sabotage and steal their property and hence becomes her only rival after she slippers him in front of everybody in the court corridor. Chakravarthy decides and makes a vow to bring her and her family to the roads.

He makes his first move by separating the once inseparable brother and sister (Sudharshan and Ranganayagi) and brain washes him thoroughly against his sister. Sudharshan along with Chakravarthy fights against his sister in the bargain Ranganayagi, Vardachari her husband, Shrivatsan and Padma are thrown out of their own house and they find shelter in a small house. Chakravarthy does not only stop with that, he continues whipping Ranganayagi's family with traumas. What is Ranganayagi going to do? How is Padma going to bring her family back to normal life all over again?
Meanwhile Kausalya who is married to Suresh but has just delivered Sanjay's child who was her ex fiancé who was assumed dead is back. What is Kausalya going to do? Is she going to choose her mangalsutra or her child? What does Suresh do?

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Many dream of becoming good actress by acting in films. If they fail to achieve in their desired goals, then their immediate attention would be acting for small screens' serials. But this budding artiste, Sri Kala who had been a one-time-child artiste through Kamala Hassan's Devar Magan as Nazar's daughter, as Simran's friend in Thulladha Manamum Thullam and in Thulli Thirindha Kalam as Arun Vijay Kumar's sister had brought some recognition and instilled faith in her that she could do good roles.

After that she received a lot of offers to act in films, but those offers did not give her mental satisfaction. In an interview on the Porandha Veeda Pugandha Veeda sets, Sri Kala opens up her silence, perhaps this is the first occasion she speaks about her experiences.

"What I had seen in my film acting career so far was a lot of disppointments followed by vexations to act in films. I don't want to mention name of those films, in which I was promised with five or six scenes. But to my suprise, I saw either the censor board or those films' editors have used scissors, particularly in my scenes", says Sri Kala.

"It is only after I entered the small-screen acting, people slowly began to recognise me and my acting. I was offered a chance to act in Anubavangal, a weekly serial of the Sun TV directed by actor K.Bhagyaraj. I did a role in it. My scenes escaped from the scissors of the producer" says Sri Kala.

When it was very difficult to get act in tele mega soaps, Sri Kala was offered to do a lengthy role in AVM's Sondham, under Venkat's direction. " The serial was a turning point in my career. I appeared atleast in 50 episodes with the leading actress Bhanu Priya. Then many producers began to recognise me and I was choosy aftermath in selecting my characters. I started to act in other serials like Vazhkkai, Pallangkuzhi, and Sathya in good serials"

When asked to tell about her small roles in mega soaps," Yes I did small roles in the beginning when I started to act for tv serials. But on seeing my sincerity and inerest in acting and many directors extended my roles to another 20 episodes. At any time I never underestimated acting for small-screen. It is a blessing in disguise, that I have chosen my career to act in soaps. Of course payment wise the salary will be less, but I visit the house of more than three crores people living in Tamil Nadu and other parts of the world everyday through my acting in various serials" says Sri Kala.

Sri Kala says, " there is one more good thing in acting for the mega soaps.The actors and other technicians or whoever work for these serials move as if one-family-member. Hence, there is no place for risk or fear for the parents of the female artistes acting in serials".

When asked about her role with Bhanu Priya's younger sister in Porandha Veeda Pugandha Veeda, she said "Bhanu Priya Madam is really a loveable person. I respect her always for her experience. I have not seen such a nice artiste like her. She sometimes would come to me and coach me to do my roles with particular action. If I follow the advice, then I will be surprised to see me in a good position in the soap. Many praised me on seeing this new mega-serial. If the credit goes, it must go to the director V.Sekar and then to Bhanu Priya".

Now Sri Kala is acting for Thavam produced by Shivaji Productions. " I am doing a negative character. I take revenge against my uncle's son and his wife to separate them. My uncle's son promised me that he would marry me. But he didn't, hence the revenge" shortly quips Sri Kala about her character.

Beside mega serials, Sri Kala is appearing in a weekly comedy show Kalakarey Chandru produced by GV Films for Kalaignar TV channel.

When asked about her role as comedienne she said an artiste should do comedy roles too. "In comedy scenes you should bring laughter with your talent and it should not be a mockery of the people over the way you are doing the comedy. Similarly, one should follow the stirct roles in doing emotional scenes. If any one is capable of doing comedy as well serious roles, then they are the best artistes" says Sri Kala.

Reaffirming that her only aim is to act in small screen soaps, and that she could able to breathe freely and could give dates for other serials' callsheets after completing her role in 30 episodes for Gemini TV's Mega Sandhesam of the Radaan Tv, says " I want to act in other lanuguage serials to become a great person. I want to act and act and nothing else I want, other than acting for small-screen".

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There is only one film Agra which is produced without any publicity to push it in the market for distribution.

It is the story of a boy who visits Agra to enjoy the seven-wonder Taj Mahal falls in love with a girl who sells toys on the road side. The problems start in the lives of the boy only after he tells that he is in love with the girl. What an imaginatio our Tamil story writers have!

Vikash, Anjali, Emmy Mohan, Gayathri are given important roles in the film likely to be released for the coming Deepavali. There are six more films are to be released for the Deepavali. Azhagiya Tamizh Magan, Vel, Polladhavan, Kannamoochi Enada, Machchakaran, Palaniappa Kaloori and Agra.

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The most famous Matrimonial programme of the SUN TV Channel's Kalayana Malai has entered his eighth year of its telecast. Noramlly, the Kalayana Malai, a weekly show on Sundays between 7.15 AM to 8.00 AM will show the boys and girls who are waiting for their marriages. Pyramid Natarajan who has been running a Jathaka Kendralaya through his Kalayana Malai invites all the parents and guardians of the boys and girls to the shooting spots to talk about their would be wives and husbands. So far in all these seven years more than thousands of marriages took place in various parts of the country, claims Mohan. He tells, that the Kalayana Malai programme had helped out many handicapped persons to get married.After the interviews of brides and grooms a debate show will follow in which people from different walks of life would participate and speak about their married lives.

On the eve of the Kalayana Malai's eighth year programme celebrated in Coimbatore, Tamil films playback singer Dr.Seerkazhi S.G.Siva Chidambaram participated as the Chief Guest of the debate show in which other playback singers like Sri Lekha Parthasarathy, Sri Ram, Vinaya, Charulatha Mani, Sathyan and Nirmala participated.

According to the show's director Meera Nagarajan, many VIPs would take part in the function to be held for another seven weeks, followed by interviewing of grooms and brides.

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