The fans of the Telugu film Super Star Chiranjeevi who were produced in the court by the police after they allegedly attacked actor and Dr.Rajasekar for allegedly made scathing attack on the super star, said that they were not registered members of the Super Star Fan's Club.

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Superstar Chiranjeevi has proved that he is a gentle man who could not tolerate his fans are shelved in prisons. The fans were shelved in prison for allegedly attacking the actor Dr.Rajasekar. According to police,the fans attacked the car of the Rajasekhar in which the actor and his family members were travelling from the Hyderabad Railway station to home. According to the information, the attack followed after Dr.Rajasekar who allegedly made comments against Chiranjeevi in Hyderabad on Sunday (January 27). It is said, the attack took place at Panjagutta in the heart of the city, when the actor and his family was returning home from Bhimavaram in West Godavari district.

His fans were incensed over Rajasekhar's remarks about the superstar and reportedly went berserk and chased his car and pelted stones. Rajasekhar on Sunday had said that Chiranjeevi lacked political experience and that he would not join the political party, if the superstar floated one.

During the incident, Rajasekhar's daughter -- Shivani -- suffered minor injuries, while his wife escaped unhurt.

Meanwhile, an apologetic Chiranjeevi in a touching gesture, drove to the fellow actor's house and consoled the couple for the incident.

When quizzed about the incident, Chiranjeevi said:"This is an extremely unfortunate incident. I do apologize on behalf of my fans. Let's forget the incident."

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BY, N.Thyagarajan

Bollywood mega superstar Amitabh Bachchan is all set to open a women’s collage in Barabanki district in the name of his gorgeous daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Bachchan seems to be giving a new twist to his intention of buying land after the Allahabad High Court decided to condone the alleged fraud and forgery through which 2.5 big has (about 70,000 sq ft) of government land was allotted to him during the Mulayam Singh Yadav regime. The court had cancelled that allotment last year.

Now Bachchan has bought some land from private farmers in Barabanki district's Daulatpur village, about 40 km from state capital Lucknow, on which he is setting up a high school for girls.

Bachchan professes that his sole intention in buying land was to build an educational institution.

Today, he is to lay the foundation stone for the women’s collage l to be named after his daughter-in-law Ash.

Hectic preparations are on at the 10-bigha plot that Big B recently purchased from different farmers in Daulatpur village to build what has been christened the 'Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Girls Intermediate College.

Bachchan has never explained what attracted him to Barabanki - a place with which he does not have even a remote connection. Why Bachchan changed his original plan of naming the collage after his eminent poet father, the late Harivansh Rai Bachchan, is not known either.

Bachchan is to be accompanied by wife Jaya Bachchan , son Abhishek Bachchan and Ash.

To add political spice to the show, there will be Bachchan family friend Amar Singh, the Samajwadi Party general secretary who was instrumental in getting Bachchan the earlier government land allotment in violation of laws.

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BY, N.Thyagarajan

Meera Jasmine accepted her love affair with Mandolin U. Rajesh. The mandolin maestro himself came out openly about his love with the actress. He said both of them would be marrying soon. The actress said that she was fortunate enough to marry Rajesh. "It is a rare gift indeed to have such a companion”, said the Keralite actress.

Meera Jasmine, who has acted in many films in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada, has been non committal about the affair, which has been making rounds for quite some time in the media. Though she has been spotted at many concerts of Rajesh, she has either denied or hidden the affair so far. Now she has come out in the open about the affair at a recent press conference in Tiruvananthapuram. Meera also expressed her grievance over the gossips written on her by a section of the media. “No one seemed to have thought about my mental agony”, said the actress. Now that the news is confirmed, we can expect the marriage bells ringing soon.

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From Monday to Friday between 6 PM and 6.30 PM, Raj TV Channel is airing Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaru festival with renowned musicians concerts like Kadri Gopalnath, Sowmya, Nithyasree, Prasanna, Vilonist Kanyakumari, Anuradha Sri Ram, and Mahathi. Those who could not afford to visit Saint Thyagaraja's temple, could easily enjoy the music of all these singers by switching on their idiot boxes. On the Bahula Panchami Day of the Thiruvaiyaru festival, all the musicians rendered Pancharatna Kritis of the Saint Thyagaraja which was watched by many viewers.

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( By Mrs Karpagam N.Thyagarajan)

Sun TV Channel's Vasantham has completed its hundreth episode. It is story of ego clash between Akila and Jeeva who separates themselves. Akila gives birth a female child. Jeeva does not come and see the child. The story revolves around the problems faced by Akila. How the Akila tackles her problem is the suspenseful was described by the director of the episode Rishi. Cinmetography is by Naga Saravanan and screen play and dialogues are written by Vedham Pudhidhu Kannan on behalf of Plan V Productions. Chandrasekar, Vijyalakshmi, Delhi Ganesh, Shyam Ganesh, Vishwa, Raj Kamal,Afzar, Durga, Vandana, Sailaja and Azhagu.

The story is viewed mostly by house wives since it involves the life of a woman who foregoes her life with her husband when it is very much needed.

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Actress Trisha has been signed to act opposite Arya in the next venture of director Vishnuvardhan titled Sarvam. There is another important hero with negative character in this film Sarvam for which director Vishnu has approched Malayalam actor Mohanlal.

Arya will be acting in Sarvam after his movie Naan Kadavul with Bala. The film will be produced by Ayngaran International.Sarvam has music by Yuvan Shankar Raja and will be mostly shot in Munnar. The movie will start rolling in March. Cameraman Nirav Shah will handle cinematography.

With ths success of his stylish Billa, this movie also is expected to be equally good in the style quotient. Trisha was heard saying in a recent interview that she would like to do a glamour role in Tamil as the one that Nayantara did in Billa. With her being signed for Sarvam, looks like her wish is going to be fulfilled soon.

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Some unidentified persons, allegedly Chiranjeevi fans, attacked the car of Dr Rajasekhar, when he was going somewhere along with his family. They reportedly attacked the car with stones and iron rods. Besides Dr Rajasekhar, his daughter Sivani suffered injuries. Jeevitha took them to Apollo Hospital.

After getting the treatment, the children were left at home while Jeevitha and Rajasekhar went to Punjagutta police station and lodged a complaint of attempt to murder. Later they proceeded to a television channel office, and alleged that the attacking someone personally is not good to anyone. The attack is raising doubts as Chiranjeevi did not condemn the attack even after four to five hours.

But why he was attacked. The reason behind the attack is — Dr Rajasekhar in an interview at Bhimavaram commented that Chiranjeevi has no experience in politics and even if he launches a party, he doesn't want to join the party. However, he said he would also enter into politics but at an appropriate time. These comments raised tempers among Chiranjeevi fans, which attacked Rajasekhar at Hyderabad. Elsewhere in the State, Chiranjeevi fans burnt the effigy of Rajasekhar and staged protests by raising anti-Rajasekhar slogans.

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Pyramid Saimira Theatre announced here on Thursday that it proposed to raise $775 million by April-May this year through three of its subsidiaries and the parent company for acquisitions and expansion. “By June, we would have invested $1 billion,” said P. S. Saminathan, Managing Director of the group, at a press conference.

The company acquired a major stake in London-based Aurona Technologies Ltd, a video-gaming and interactive entertainment software company, along with its top management, while three other acquisitions were in the pipeline. Mr. Saminathan said the company was scouting for a place either in Chennai or Hyderabad or Bangalore for setting up a special economic zone (SEZ).

Console gaming

Targeting the younger customer-base, the company was planning to convert at least 1,000-1,500 sq. ft. of space in every theatre in its chain into console gaming space.

Mr. Saminathan said the company was planning to produce 60-70 movies with an investment of Rs. 800 crore this year out of which Rs. 200 crore would be spent on gaming and animation.

The group turnover was expected to be Rs. 800-900 crore by the end of the current fiscal.

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BY N.Thyagarajan.

There are several dance programmes in many Tamil TV channels and they have made a craze among the youths.The latest one on Kailagnar tv Channel is "ATTAM PATTAM'(Monday to Friday 8.30pm).POOJA is the judge of the programme and dance master Kala is the director. Kala is already doing 'Manada Mayilada' another dance programme of the Kalaignar TV Channel.
In this Attam Pattam , the youths express their dance intelligence.This is considered the good opportunity to the young world.The viewers can vote the best dancers through SMS. The first prize for the best performer is Rs.3lakhs and there will be other consolation prizes.

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Does the Government have a duty to discourage smoking? And if so, then how effectively is the Government doing it? That’s the key issue Karan Thapar discusses with Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss on Devil’s Advocate.

Ramadoss said Shah Rukh Khan should not have smoked in the stands while watching a cricket match in Mumbai. He also said that Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan could learn a thing or two from superstar Rajinikant regarding smoking onscreen.

Excerpts from the interview:

Karan Thapar: Given the confusion over the Government’s position on smoking let me perhaps begin by knowing your position on the subject. Do you believe the Government has the duty to discourage smoking?

Anbumani Ramadoss: When I said movies should not have smoking scenes we have statistics which show that 52 per cent of children have their first puff because of movie celebrities.

Karan Thapar: Do you think Shah Rukh Khan should have smoked at a cricket match?

Anbumani Ramadoss: Absolutely not. What was the necessity?

Karan Thapar: If Rajinikant can agree not to smoke in his movies do you think Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan should make a similar commitment?

Anbumani Ramadoss: Easily they could do it. Without a doubt…

Karan Thapar: Rajinikant said that he did it because you made a personal appeal to him, would you make a similar personal appeal...

Anbumani Ramadoss: I have already made appeals to Shah Rukh Khan and others. But I would be happy to do it again and through you and CNN-IBN, I again say: Please don't smoke in your movies Mr Shah Rukh Khan.

Watch the full interview with Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss on Devil's Advocate at 2030 hours IST on Sunday. You can also read the full transcript of the interview on

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is slated to star opposite Tamil actor Rajinikanth in filmmaker Shankar’s science fiction project “Robot”.

"Yes, I have been offered the role and I'm very excited about it," the former Miss World said. "Working on the schedule has begun and they (filmmakers) are trying to make it happen."

Bachchan, who also featured in Shankar’s 1998 film “Jeans”, said she was excited to finally get to work with south Indian superstar Rajinikanth.

"There had been so many offers in the past that tried to bring us together but I hope this works out fine."

The 34-year-old actress said she has also been approached for international projects "Bhopal Movie", a film based on the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy, and Sir Ben Kingsley's "Shah Jahan".

"'Bhopal Movie' really got me excited…but it is going through the process of scripting," Bachchan said.

"Sir Ben Kingsley's vision of the subject is very unique," she said while speaking of "Shah Jahan". "He has shared with me his passion for the film and we have exchanged ideas."

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Speaking out for the first time on joining politics, the elusive Tamil superstar Rajnikanth, said that God has given him an actor's role, but if he gives him a politician's role, he will accept it.

Rajnikanth was responding to questions at the NDTV Indian of the Year Awards in New Delhi last evening, where he accepted the award for Entertainer of the Year from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

The presence of Shah Rukh Khan at the venue also provided a rare interaction between two of Indian cinema's biggest stars.

NDTV Indian will be telecast tonight on 26 January, 2008 at 8:00 p.m. with a repeat on 27 January, 11:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. only on NDTV 24x7

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Vijay has signed up to do a new film with AVM, but not the makers of Shivaji. The film is being produced by M Balasubramanian and B Gurunath Meiyappan, who headed for the 4th split of AVM Productions.

Balasubramanian got his share from the AVM studios a couple of years ago and decided to start new films in the new banner (AVM Studios) under his supervision. He had already paid the entire amount to Vijay as advance at the time of the release his Aadhi! That time Vijay had shown great interest in remaking the Superstar's Blockbuster Murattukkaalai, produced under the same banner 28 years ago. But now it seems that the actor is interested in making the film based on a fresh script.

In a press release, Balasubramanian said, "I'm happy to announce that AVM, one of the most prestigious banners in the country is going to make a big budget entertainment extravaganza with Ilayathalapathy Vijay. It is Vijay's first film under the AVM banner. The director and other technical details of AVM film will be expected soon."

This film will start rolling by the end of the year after Vijay completes his present assignments- Udayanidhi Stalin's Dharani directed Kuruvi and Ayngaran's new film to be directed by Prabhu Deva.

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( By N.Thyagarajan )

Shivaji Ganesan's eldest son, actor and producer Prabhu has celebrated Mattu Pongal at his native village Soorakottai in Thanjavur. Speaking to news men, the actor said, that it was father was fond of celebrating the Pongal festival in his home village Soorakottai and to follow the late father actor's interest he celbrated the festival. Similarly, Prabhu wanted to start college in Thanjavur village for poor people as per the wishes of his mother Kamala Sivaji Ganesan. He said the college would coach them good english and he had been in touch with some Americans in the USA to teach the language in Thanjavur. He said the students who joining in his college would not be charged any money as fee to complete their education, Prabhu said. He distributed clothes and moneys to the people who have been working in the farm of the late actor. He also said, that the statues of the late actor Shivaji Ganesan would be erected in various places of the Thanjavur beginning with the one beside the Big temple of the Thanjavur.

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It's a daughter's gift to her father" - that's how Soundarya, daughter of Tamil superstar Rajnikant, describes her full-length animation film Sultan: The Warrior to be released in November this year.

Addressing mediapersons after a special screening of the second trailer of the much-awaited film, Soundarya sounded thrilled over producing the first-ever animation film made around an Indian actor.

She also confessed that her Appa (father) was initially very hesitant to play the role. She was happy, however, that he agreed after "all his apprehension were allayed".

Except Rajnikant, all the characters would be animated. The superstar would have his jodi (female opposite). Further details about the movie, however, are strictly under wraps.

The film, being made at a cost of $10 million by Adlabs, along with Soundarya's own Ocher Studio, will be released in 12 languages, including Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English.

Soundarya said that the film is a "collective effort of 80 of us from the Ocher Studio".

The second trailer showed Rajnikant fighting the villains in his familiar style.

AR Rahman scores the music for the film, which will have four songs. One of these will be in English, and the search is on for a Western singer.

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Rs 120 crore has been allocated to produce the Rajini Starrer Robot film to be directed by Shankar. It has been said that the investment of the film will exceed the money that was ever spent on any big-budget film from Kollywood, Tollywood or Bollywood. A.R.Rahman is going to music direct the film in which high technoligies are introduced. The film will be produced simultaneously in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi languages and it is not known whether the allocation of Rs.100 crore meant for all these languages or for the Tamil vernacular alone.

The announcement has concluded unending speculation in the industry about Robot, scripted first in 2001 by S Shankar, the reigning super showman of the south.

Shankar is said to have been allocated an initial budget of Rs 120 crore to give shape to his brainchild. After all, money should not be the constraint to create “the grandest and the most entertaining film ever made in India.” The total investment in the film will far exceed the money ever spent on any big-budget film from Kollywood, Tollywood or Bollywood.

Going back to the history about the Robot film, Shahrukh Khan, was signed on as the male lead for the film in July 2007; he was to double up as the producer of the film, as well. But, Khan had second thoughts about its potential and reportedly and commented that the script was “dull” and “half-baked” in comparison with the other films like Om Shanti Om, he was doing. The director, who was feeling on top of the world with Rajnikant himself commending his prowess as “excellent scriptwriter”, could not stomach such comments.

With Rajinikant’s golden touch and the creative genius he can spark in artists and technicians, not to mention the absolute trust he evokes among moneybags who sustain the industry, Robot has the potential to lift Shankar to the global league of creative cinematographers.

While Eros International, headed by Kishore Lulla, has built a successful business model around the release of 30 new films every year; Ayngaran, established in 1987, has been the pioneer in distribution of Tamil films in theatrical and home video formats in the international market. Eros produces and commissions mainly Bollywood films and distributes and exploits films. This is done across formats globally via cinemas, home entertainment, television formats and new media. It has distribution rights for some 1300 movies, including blockbusters like Devdas, Om Shanti Om, Munnabhai MBBS and Partner. Ayngaran had the vision two decades ago to acquire the international rights across formats of many Kollywood films that became blockbusters. It made a big fortune with earlier Rajnikant starrers like ‘Padayappa’ and ‘Chandramukhi’ before the latest success story Sivaji – The Boss.

One reference the word Robot alludes to is a dance style propagated by the famous Jewish physicist Sean Kirchheimer. The style that came into vogue ten years ago, attempts to imitate a dancing robot or mannequin. All movements of the Robot are started and finished with a lock, to bring alive the starting and stopping action of stepping motors in digitally controlled gadgets. The expert dancer is able to relax while maintaining the robotic illusion. Rajini’s fans recall that it is none other than the ‘style’ that Rajini has mastered in film after film; not only in dance but in fight scenes as well to thrash evil doers!

One important contribution to the high tech film will be from the new-age art director Sabu Cyril. Basically a graphic designer, Sabi cut a niche for himself in the 1980s with his freelance work for Welcomgroup and Taj Group of Hotels as well as giants like Lucas TVS and Madura Coats. He rose to be the undisputed captain of special effects for video albums and motion pictures. Sabu has produced close to 500 ad films so far, and the list is virtually the who’s who of corporate brands – LG Care, Pepsi, TVS Victor, Videocon, Blue Dart, Liril, Nerolac, Fair & Lovely, Santro Xing, Leher Kurkure, Kanan Devan Tea, Henko, Kissan Sauce, Milkman Cheese and Cherry of Britannia, Bru, ANZ Grindlays Bank, Aquafresh, Ponds, Asian Paints, Director’s Special Whisky, Tata Tea, Coca Cola, Timex Watches, Reynolds, Britannia, Akai TV, Fa Perfume, Chick Shampoo, Emami, Airtel and what have you!

Sabu was the art director of Shankar’s psychological thriller ‘Anniyan’, the most expensive Tamil feature film made in 2004-05, costing Rs 27 crore. The film, incorporating state-of-the-art special effects, became the first Indian movie to be dubbed in French and then released worldwide in French-speaking countries.

Shankar is also reported to have roped in science writer Sujatha to write the dialogue for Robot. Sujatha is, in fact, a 70-plus-year-old male, who has become a celebrity in his own right in Tamil Nadu through his youthful style of science fiction writing. The ex-employee of Bharat Electronics takes the credit for using the short story format for familiarising lay magazine readers of Tamil Nadu with cutting edge technology. Way back in the 1960s and 1970s, when other Indians were not aware of Telex and Fax, Sujatha’s fictional characters employed Instant Messenger and Internet for communication! The science fictionist cum engineer happens to be a classmate of ABJ Abdul Kalam.

Yet another celebrity, who will propel Robot to great heights, will be the one and only Big B. It is reported that the present day ad celebrity did not even bother to look at the script when it was known that ad film Czar Sabu Cyril would be the art director.

With such a formidable array of celebrities from various disciplines lined up, unlimited monetary resources provided to back them and the propitious hands of Rajini to guarantee results, India’s ‘Robot’ could pose a serious challenge to the Chinese dragon in filmmaking, if in nothing else!

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Actor Sarath Kumar, who is currently in Malaysia shooting his pet project 1977, suffered an injury yesterday while shooting. The shoot was later called off.The actor had gone to Malaysia on December 11 for the shoot and was supposed to return to India tomorrow. The unit has been shooting some crucial scenes on the exotic islands across Malaysia for the past one month. Yesterday, the units were shooting a difficult stunt scene in one of the islands. The actor strained his hamstring muscle when he was doing a difficult scene with a “round-house” kick sequence. The unit sources immediately rushed the actor to a hospital where he was treated and advised rest.

On hearing this accident, Radikaa Sarath Kumar has flown to Malaysia last night to look after her husband.1977, directed by Dinesh Kumar, revolves around the life and adventures of a detective played by Sarath Kumar. Namitha appears as a lawyer who helps the detective

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With the story and dialogue by Kalaignar Karunanidhi, the film “Uliyin Oosai” is progressing in production, is directed by Poet Ilavenil. Huge and rich sets which the Tamil-cinema has not seen these years, are erected with all richness in the 150 one hundred and fifty acres of land near Sriperumbudur, owned by the producer of the film Arumuganeri S.P. Murugan. A very large hall having the length and breath of 420 feet and 150 feet respectively is designed and erected; 100 one hundred sculptors work there. The replica of the palace of Raja raja chozhan and Dancing hall are made out in the sets.

300 three hundred dancers, junior artists in hundreds, large number of technicians put in their talent and workmanships. The lyrics for the song number that takes place, on the eve of the Raja raja chozhan opening the sculpture there, has been penned by Kalaignar; “Isai Gnani” Ilayaraja has tuned the number to music besides himself singing the song number. The category of the lyrics of the song forms part of “Vritham” Folk dances of “Manattam, Mayilattam, Puliyattam and other categories are planned to be included colorfully.

The dance sequence of Kovai Sarala and Manorama competing each other takes place. Malavika does a dance number for a song. Keerthi Chawla, the heroine of the film has already started learning Tamil for the sole purpose of speaking the dialogues penned by Kalaignar. .

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by, N.Thyagarajan.

Sneha is known for her enchanting smile. She is now found aiming for Winning award again and progressing towards the aim. “Achchamundu…Achachamundu “ a new film directed by Arun, is being produced by S.P.B Charan’s Capital productions, in four languages viz. Tamil, Telugu, German and French. Prasanna dons the role of the hero paired by Sneha as heroine in the role of a mother of a child. Sneha has willingly accepted this character in the film as she practically is fond of her elder-sister’s child finding immense joy in tending and passing time with the child.

The theme of the plot is child-oriented and the film revolves around children’s exclusive world of happiness, attracting everybody; Sneha has given a long span of Call-sheet, running 40 forty days at a stretch, for continuous shooting. This production has no commercial stint. The film’s director Arun asserts that” Achchamundu …… Achchamundu” will fill the vacuum that is existing in the production of children’s films in the Tamil–Cinema.

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by, N.Thyagarajan.

Pandian, who was introduced by ‘Director Bharathiraja, passed away this morning in Madurai. The actor, aged 48, was suffering from kidney problems after an attack of jaundice last year and had been admitted to the Apollo Hospital, Madurai.

Pandian made his debut in Bharathiraja’s Man Vaasanai and starred in successful movies like Aan Paavam and Pudhumai Penn. He was a most sought-after hero in the late 80’s. He has also acted with ‘Superstar’ Rajinikanth in Guru Sishyan as his brother. However, his career went on a decline after a string of flops.

It was Bharathiraja again who gave a second lease of life to the struggling actor by casting him as a villain in his acclaimed Kizhakku Cheemaiyilae. The film won much kudos for the actor. The actor was also active in politics for some time.

The last rites of the actor will be performed in Madurai, sources said. Various Kollywood personalities and political leaders offered their condolences to the actor’s family members.

In a press release at Chennai, AIADMK chief Jayalalithaa expressed grief over the death and recalled Pandian's services to the party.

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by, N.Thyagarajan

Director Saran who directed Padmasri Kamal Hassan for Vasool Raja MBBS has lodged a complaint against the actor in the Producers’ Council.According to the director, after the success of Vasool Raja, he had signed up Kamal Hassan for another film that he was planning to direct and produce. Hence, he had given Rs. 2 crores and the distribution rights for selected areas as an advance payment to the actor.

The director later signed an agreement with Ayngaran International offering them the production and staying on the project as a director. This decision, he says, was because his earlier production venture Muni had resulted in a financial setback.

However, Kamal Hassan was against the transfer of production and wanted to quit the project. He also offered to give back the Rs. 2 crores that he had received as advance with interest. But the actor has not returned the advance yet as promised.

Hence, the director has lodged a complaint in the Producers Council requesting them to order the actor to act in his film.

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Rajini in shankar's film ROBO

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N. Thyagarajan

The latest buzz is that Superstar Rajinikanth is all set to repeat the success of Shivaji - The boss by teaming up with Shankar again for Robot. With almost Rs. 100 crore budget this movie will be the most expensive film ever made in India. A.R Rahman will be composing the music.

It can be recalled that earlier Sharukh Khan and Shankar were supposed to team up for Robot and later dropped out due to “creative differences”. Many big names like Ajith and Amir Khan have also been rumoured to be associated with this movie Robot.

One thing is clear that this movie which is making waves even before the cast is decided is going to rock one it finishes completion

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T.K.Bose will be taking place in Kodaikanal. The director who has earlier directed the films like Rasavey Unnai Nambi with Ramarajan as the hero won fame and name. His other remarkable films are Pongivarum Kaver and Ennaivittu Pogathey. All this took a decade ago and now the time has come to prove his mettle through Kodaikanal. He is introducing Tilak in this film as hero and Shamna who hails from Kerala is the heroine of the film. Shamna has earlier acted in Malayalam films with Mamooti and Mohan Lal. Now Shamna is acting in Muniyandi Vilangiyal Moondram Aandu. Malaysia Kandiban is introduced in this film as the villain.

When asked about the story-line of the film the director said that following a murder, the story revolves around love, sentiment, action and thrill. Deva is the music director of the film while Ravinder is handling the cinematography.

Soon, in the coming summer the viewers could enjoy the beauty of the Kodaikanal hills through this film

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by. N.Thyagarajan

Ultimate star Ajith seems to be flying with colours of happiness as a girl baby is born to Shalini, last night around 1.40 a.m. - 2.10. Shalini who conceived last year had been undergoing good care and treatment. However, the delivery was Caesarian both Shalini and child are healthy at Apollo Hospitals in Chennai.

Their entire family members were present in the hospital and all are floating with cherished moods. After a long time, good times have visited Ajith Kumar and Shalini and we pray let this joyous moments keep continuing in their lives. southernblaze wishes Ajith, Shalini and their new born child very best wishes for success in their lives……..

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by N.thyagarajan

Prashanth is going to act as an anti-hero for the film to be directed by R.K.Selvamani. It was the very same director who introduced Prashanth as the hero of Sembaruthi. Now the very same director has written a story for Prashanth to act in a negative role.

Speaking about his role, Prashanth said that he could not talk continuously four words, when he was introduced in films. Then he did many love films." Now I am acting in Pulan Visaranai Part II in an action role. Due to my domestic problems, I could not concentrate on my film career and I am very much doing my job to release the film for the coming Pongal festival. It is after the release of Pulan Visaranai, I am going to act in R.K.Selvamani film" said Prashanth

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Actor Mohan who could not be seen quite a long time in Tamil films has been asked to do a role in Sutta Pazham. When our reporter saw him he appeared like as fresh as he was two decades ago who attracted a lot of women-folk through his love scenes with the then leading heroines like Poornima Jayaram, Ambika and Radha. His Andha Sila Natkal as hero with Poornima Jayaram and Radha is still remembered by many.
In Sutta Pazham he appears as a Hotel Owner. The police suspect the hotel owner Mohan for various murders and rapes that are taking place. Finally, Suba Punja as a Police officer finds out the real culprit. Vennira Adai Murthy does the role of a Psychiatarist. Manobala and Livingston are added attractions in the the film being produced by Bintex Creations. G.Kamaraj writes the story, screen play and does the direction too. Sri Shayam does the music and Maya does the Cinematography.

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It is a good film make senses and must be seen by all.

Produced by: Prabakaran for Anbalaya Films

Story, Screen Play and Direction: Pawan

Music By : Patnaik

Actors : Pradeep, Kajini, Madhu Shalini, Akshaya, Kanja Karuppu.

Outline of the story: A student becomes rowdy-sheeter and turns again good.

Rohini in this film who appears as a widow leads her life by cooking on pavements and sells break-fast to bring her son up Pradeep. Pradeep who studies in a college picks up his lessons well, but often threatened by a senior student Kajini. In order to retort Kajini, Pradeep becomes rowdy-sheeter. Kajini's friend an another rowdy-sheeter breaks the friendship. When Pradeep comes to know about it, he joins with his one-time-enemy and does all rowdism in college. One day when Pradeep comes to know, that his rowdy friend sells marijuana, he opposes. Then again the friendship between them comes to an end. Have they united again? Or they became good ? is the story line of the film suspensefully narrated by Pawan.

Actor Pradeep as a good student in the first half the film and when he blows hot and cold in the second half, has excelled in his performance. Similarly, Kajini has proved that he could be fit in villain roles well than the present-day villains whose actings were turned as bitter. Madhu Shalini has also proved to be a good heroine with mental maturity in her performance and bewitching eyes like Meena.

The story-writer, screen play, dialogue and direction done by Pawan was good, however, he should have avoided the double meaning language in the film. But it has become common nowadays, that the college students are interested to talk in this manner. Propably, the director might have the thing in his mind and might have written the dialogues. Patnaik music has tuned well in the film.

Totally the film is good.

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