Chutti TV Channel’s ‘Dora the Explorer’ and in Tamil it is known as Doravin Payanangal is aimed to engage pre-school children in a play with adventure. It’s on these quests that Dora faces problems and needs your child’s help. Dora can’t continue her adventure without your child’s input. The series is designed to actively encourage children.

Each day Dora and her monkey companion Boots(Buchi) go on a high stakes journey – a quest filled with funny friends, puzzling problems and an arch villain fox ( Swiper the Kulla Nari).

This programme is being telecast on all Mondays to Friday between 7.30 AM to 8.00 AM. The same programme is being repeated at 12.30 PM, 2.30 PM and the new one at 4.30 PM.

On Saturdays the show is on 3.00 for an hour. And on Sundays the show is on for an hour 10 AM to 11 AM.
Chris Gifford the creator of the show wanted to teach little kids problem-solving skills. Hence he has planned series of problems in this Dora show to involve the young children, sometimes many children reaching adulthood also interested to watch the show.
Dora is an adventurous, bilingual, Latina heroine who lives inside a computer. Determined, positive, helpful and caring, Dora is always ready for adventure. She's filled with a sense of wonder, as she explores her world with her faithful Backpack, Map and her best friend Boots.
Dora's best friend Boots (Buchi) ry, fuzzy, five and-a-half-year old monkey who speaks Tamil is sweet and caring and loves to hold Dora's hand, following her while they explore. He also loves to make Dora laugh by surprising her. Whenever Boots is feeling down he manages to bounce back with his special triple flips.
BACKPACK: It is a bag given to Dora by her Mom and dad, Backpack is great a friend who travels with Dora wherever her exploring take her. A real go-getter with a can-do attitude. Backpack always provides anything Dora might need for her quest. Backpack can also speak in both English and Spanish just like Dora.
MAP: Map is a funny, boucy rolled-up friend living in Backpacks side pocket. He is an incredibly useful helper because he always knows where to go and the best way to get there. 'If there's a place you need to get, I can get you there I bet' Map is always singing.
SWIPER: Swiper is a quick, sneaky fox ( Kullanari in Tamil) who tries to swipe things that Dora needs to complete her quests. When Swiper has swiped something he then hides it and it's up to Dora, Boots and the viewer to find where it is hidden.
DIEGO: Meet Dora's cousin, Diego! He's a great partner to Dora in her adventures. He helps his parents at the Animal Rescue Centre and can even make animal noises and talk to the wild animals. You can count on Diego to run, swing and jump to the rescue of any animals in trouble.

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Noted film actress Flora who was arrested on the charge of submitting bogus documents to the US Consulate General Office to get Visa for her and a maid servant of her, Shri Latha, on Wednesday said that she had not submitted any bogus documents to the Consulate General Office.

She briefed that actor Mohan Babu's special assistant approached her and told her that there would be a cultural programme in the USA on Ugadhi Day falling next month April 7. He also told her, that he had arranged a poor widow (Shri Latha) having children for the actress' help including for her make-up work.

"My self and Shri Latha went to the Consulate office and submitted necessary documents to get the Visas. The authorities did not question me about anything but asked the maid servant some questions. She was unable to answer to them. Again, the consulate officials told me, that there were no such function taking place in the US on the eve of Ugadhi Festival. I am sure that the documents submitted by me were true to the best of my knowledge and I did not know anything about the documents submitted by Shri Latha. Suspecting us, the consulate officials handed over us to the police and I suffered in Jail for eight days and had undergone the mental agony during these period" said the actress.

When a reporter asked her, how she was able to believe the person who had invited to her to preside over the function, Flora said that she had received the invitation of the function and had agreed to participate in the Telugu New Year's function.

When a reporter asked her to show the invitation, she said the papers and other documents were lying with the court. " I am sure, that I have not done any crime. I hope to win in the case, because I have been true always with everyone".

Flora said her acting career was affected due to her imprisonment and challenged that she would be winning in the case.

The actress said that she knew Shri Latha only after Mohan Babu's assistant told about her and she pitied her because she hailed from a poor family having children. She also said that she had no intention of kidnapping her, as was reported by a section of press,because Mohan Babu's assistant suggested her name for assisting Flora she would be paid and it would be supportive for the Shri Latha's family.

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As Chief Minister of the Tamil Nadu government, Kumari.Jayalalitha Jayaraman has done a lot to film fraternities. She is remembered by all for her valuable contributions to the film technicians, actors and actresses. On Wednesday, the former Chief Minister and the AIADMK Party leader sanctioned a sum of Rs.25,000 to veteran actress Ammu Kutty Pushpamala and also ordered to pay a monthly pension of Rs.5000. The veteran actress who has been suffering without any film chances received the amount from the former Chief Minister.

( see photo of Ammu Kutty Pushpamala receiving the cheque from Jayalalithaa Jayaraman)

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There has been a wide-spread speculation that many Tamil Nadu political leaders are acting in the film Dasavatharam, directed by K.S.Ravi Kumar. When contacted the production officials, they said, that some clippings of the political leaders like Karunanidhi, Jayalalitha and Thol.Thirumavalavan are appearing in a scene when they praise the Scientist Kamal Hassan of the film.

The rumour added, that each and every political leaders of the Tamil Nadu took part in the shootings of the film with Kamal Hassan. It further stated that comedian Karunas is acting in the film. When contacted the production office, we came to know that there was no such shooting took place for the political leaders, instead they sought the permission to insert the clippings of Kalaignar and Jayalalitha to include their clippings in the film, followed by the public address of the political leader Thol.Thirumavalavan. There was no shooting took place, affirmed the officials from the Dasavatharam production.

For Manmohan Singh's appearance on the dais, a Marwari from Rajasthan is appearing as the Prime Minister of India.

When asked about the comedian Karunas, the production office official said, that a person look-alike the comedian namely, Salem Ranganathan is appearing in the scene and also clarified that Karunas in this film is not acting at all.

Even, the film's hero Kamal himself did not know about the further developments that are taking in the release of the Dasavatharam with additional inputs.

Sometimes our journalists are trusting the rumours and they sometime forget to check the veracity of the rumours floated from out side.

An English daily from Chennai, claimed to be the largest circulated news paper within a span of fiver years, very recently published that actress Jothika would deliver twins. This was also another rumour. The journalist who has been writing for the news paper as an outsider, believed that the rumours might be true and made the editor to publish the item. Except that English news paper no other news papers, including a small news papers of English and Tamil had published the item. Many other news papers thought they had missed the opportunity of carrying out the news item in their news papers.Then the time for the child delivery came and most of the fans of the actor Jyothika and Suriya were eagerly waiting for the twins. But what happened? Jyothika delivered only one female baby. The news in the particular news paper had become false.

Many news papers who wanted the services of youngsters for their reporting jobs, could not ascertain the mental maturity of those who attend interviews. If they are young and would be able to write in flawless english, they are most welcome for those newspapers. What is the locustandi of the reporter who had been in the field of cinema reporting more than a decade? Why the cinema reporter should not cross check the news item with the concerned persons?

These are all some of the questions that should have taken place and now it is too late and it is shame on the part of the news paper for coming out with such false news in their paper, that too on the front page.

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Produced by Star Movie Makers

Screen Play and Direction A.L.Raja

Story & Dialogues A.L.Raja & G.Ramamurthy

Music Director Srikanth Deva

Cinematography S.R.Satish Kumar

PRO Johnson

Actors Jaiverma, Maitriya, Ashish Vidyarthi, Vadivelu
Bhanu Priya.

The story of the film is about importance of education to all sections of the society and the teaching of the moral that education should not be made commercial.

Ashish Vidyarthi is a dada who constructs a college to earn money. He accepts donations from the students against the rigorous rules of the government order. A student commits suicide by immolating himself by pouring down kerosene on to him, because he could not take up his higher studies due to the donation system is in vogue in the thug's college.

The hero Jaiverma fights it out and takes various steps to attack the person responsible for his mother's death and his friend's suicide. The story line is woven based on the various steps taken by Jaiverma who for the first time appears as the hero in the film. Earlier he was doing small roles. Jaiverma has done well in fighting scenes and songs' sequences. But he could have made a little alert while delivering dialogues, acting in sentiment scenes and in climax. Ashish Vidyarthi appears shares the three fourth of the film's scenes. Vadivelu in this film insists that education is a must for all, including to the gypsies the nomadic tribes. However, the film has not given much importance to heroine. The heroine of the film has no work at all. So far hundreds of films have come up insisting the necessities of education, but A.L. Raja in this film has narrated the story as a rationalist. Yet, there are a lot of drawbacks in this film.

Totally, Theekuchi is known as Match sticks, has not brought any lights to enlighten the people.

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Produced by - Girija Samy, Meenakshi Ramkumar and Chandrakanth
for Tamizh Screens presented by Sri Priya.

Story, Screen Play & Direction - A.Venkatesh

Music Directio - Prasanna Sekar

Cinematography - R.D.Rajasekar

Dialogues - Pattukottai Prabhakar

PRO - P.T.Selva Kumar

Actors - Shivaji, Gowri Munjal, Vivek, Suja & Malavika

It is a story of an young boy who takes weapons against terrorism.

Shivaji is a college student. His mother Saranya desires to make him a police officer. He loves Gowri Munjal. He goes to Chennai for police training. He detects a bomb planted in a car and saves the accidents. He also arrests the terrorist who is responsible for it. After his training, he goes back to Madurai where he sees a terrorist group kidnaps his mother, sister and lover. The group goads him to do unethical and unlawful activities.

Has he done all the unlawful activities? Has he saved all those who are kidnapped? What are all the steps taken by this young boy.

The debutant hero Shivaji is the grandson of the late actor Shivaji Ganesan and son of G.Ram Kumar. His mother is actress Sri Priya's elder sister. Though he hails from the families of actors, the boy could not make out proper acting, but does dances and fights properly. Gowry Munjal gives feast to all by appearing in almost all scenes of the film. The producer and the director of the film had taken vow to show various song scenes and fighting scenes in the film.

Totally, the film is very bad.

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Besides Arai En 305-il Kadavul, director Shankar's S Films is going to produce three more films in the near future. Shankar is going to produce a film under the TV fame Naga direction. Ace Director K.Balachander's Poi film dialogues writer Thamira is going to direct Rettai Suzhi another film of Shankar. The third one is to be directed by Shankar's assistant Arivazhagan. Earlier director Shankar produced most successful films like Kadhal, Imsai Arasan 23-M Pulikesi, Veyyil and Kaloori.

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This year in the USA the Super Star Rajinikanth's animation film Sultan The Warrior will be screened, according to information reaching here. The film festival starts on April 15 at the Los Logos City in which more than 165 countries are taking part. It has been decided to screen the Rajinikanth's film during the festival. The film was produced by the Super Star's daughter Soundarya Rajinikanth. More than a lakh of persons are likely to participate in the film festival and it was estimated that the festival might receive a total revenue of Rs. 3 crores. Besides the Rajini film more than 40 Indian films are likely to be screened in the festival. A Hindi film produced by Sharukh Khan's Red Chillies Production is also likely to be screened in the festival. The object of the film festival is to denote the development of the film industry in various countries with the pace of the technological improvement.

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Director Samy has created a furore through Uiyer film. Through his next Mirugam film he created a controvery by slapping on the cheeks of actress Padma Priya during the final day of the shooting. The film producers' council barred him from directing Tamil films for a year's time. Now there is an opportunity for Samy to direct the film of Raj Kiran's. But he could not accept the offer, because of the Producers' Council judgement. Now the director has written a letter to the council, seeking permission to direct the film of Raj Kiran's. The talks are on and it is expected the council may allow him to direct film hereafter with a stern warning.

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Director Mysskin and Music Maestro Ilayaraja join hands for the film Nandalala to be produced in the near future. Earlier, the very same story was about to be produced by A.M.Ratnam with Ravi Krishna. But that idea was dropped due to some internal problems. Mysskin who was very eager to direct the film at long last faced disappointment because of the cancellation of producing the film by AMR. Hence, he immediately started his Anjadhey and now the film is running with record collections. So, Mysskin has started the work of producing his next film Nandalala. Earlier Sundar C.Babu was music directing his films. Now, the chance of music directing the Nandalala goes to music maestro Iliayaraja after the director entered into contract with him.

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Cheran who is the last person to talk about his Autograph film heroine Gopika, is now dead against talking about her, for the simple reason the actress has refused to act with him in any of the films. Cheran who had the information about her unwillingness to act with him has said, that she was an ungrateful to him. It was he who had introduced her in films and added that she did not have the mind to show her respects, as a guide to him. Now Cheran is going to produce the part two of the Autograph film may not invite Gopika to act in the film with him, it was learnt.

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There is not even a single person as a relative to claim the body of Junior Film Actress Sangeetha who committed suicide on March 19. According to police, the actress had committed suicide due to continuous poverty over not getting chances in films. The actress was living in Chennai Virugambakkam area, from where she immolated herself by dousing kerosene on to her. She was rushed to the hospital but she died. It is said, that the actress belonged to Salem. The police who wanted to convey the death message to the family members of Sangeetha, but there was no one was found. The body has been kept at the mortuary Government Hospital and from the enquiries it was found that no one came forward to do the last rites for the actress.

Will the generous mind of some film artistes who are the members of the South Indian
Film Artistes' Association come and do the last rites of the actress?

Only the time has to tell!


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S.T.Venddan's story, screen play and direction for the film Inba is something in his unique in its character when compared to other films. It is a story of a boy Inba Sekaran (Sham) who goes to juvenile school when he was studying his school final, for he was ditched by a girl who studies with him. She pretends as if she is in love with him, because, she wants to uphold the first rank in her school. Venddan is cautioning that the students should be alert with their female counterparts, for it may sometime endangering them to go to juvenile schools. When the rich girl Priya he simply refuses to accept her love because of his past experiences. She comes out from her heart that she is very much in love with him, but when he starts accepting her the Superintendent of Police wants his younger brother to be given marriage of Priya. Sneha has done the role of Priya. Arun Pandi who is very active in his earlier films shows in this film, that he is reaching his old age. This could be estimated with his shaky dialogues. What Sneha in this film tries to prove is that she is also heading for her old-age, her necks and the joints of her hands simply tell that, however her smile has not deteriorated.

The director had shown two heroes, the one as a school boy and the other one grown up one. Shamm does the role of the grown up who loves Sneha. The younger days of Shamm is done by another innocent and the young girl who ditches the younger Shamm is Poornitha who appears in various commercial advertisements seems to be too short for her age. She came personally to the AVM pre-view theater after the show was over. She created a history by acting in Radhika's Radan TV Serial. Her role in this film is a small when compared to her role in Radaan's Sithi aired in the Sun TV Channel. Hence, there was no positive feedback from some journalists on seeing her in the theater.

The story of the film should have twisted. Instead of the Superintendent of Police who kills the don, ( Arun Pandiyan ), Arun Pandiyan should have escaped from the attacks of the inspector and must have sought the help of his sister's lover Shamm who was in jail. Shamm should have escaped from the prison, and must have given the job of attacking the inspector. Had they done it, the film would have done well. The song of younger days Shamm with Poornitha scores high, however one can't belittle the other songs. But they are not done in a pleasing manner.

Kanja Karuppu with his associate has done the role of the Lock repairer well. He brings laughter and the character like this should be given to Kanja. Sualkshana as Shamm's mother has done her part well.

Music of P.B.Balaji is okay, but one finds something miss in him. The dialogues of Suba and the comedy track of Sakthivel bring feathers to merit the film.

Shamm with his robust body in fighting scene and his seriousness which he shows when Sneha often hints at him about her love, is appreciable. But one could easily say, that Shamm could have given some more responsibilites to make his role weighty. Shamm is now experienced in his role and has developed a lot in his career with his physical appearance.

In the first half of the film, the film runs not because of the hero or the heroine but because of the comedy scene. An item song in this film is shown in a light greenary film color does not create any impact.

The film may do well or may not but there are no attractions other than Sneha's sleeveless jackets in different colors added with her smiles.

Bhagyaraj’s Pudhiya Varppugal released in 80’s is now on its way with new trend. His son Santhanu is the hero of this film. In 80s Bhagyaraj acted in Pudhiya Varppugal with Rathi Agnihothri. Then the film was a hit movie. All the songs were famous. Many Bhagyaraj’s fans in the age group of 50’s can cherish about it. Now in this new remake he is introducing a girl Chandini as a heroin. It is expected that this new Pudhiya Varppugal will be better than the earlier one, says Bhagyaraj.

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Achamundu Achamundu is the film of INDO-AMERICAN colobaration. Except the film’s hero and heroine other artistes are from Holly Wood. The film is produced for International audiences. For the first time Prasanna is acting with Sneha. This film was shot in abroad. It is going to be entirely a different film, says the director

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After Em Magan, Bharath and Thirumurugan are joining in this new film Muniyandi Vilangiyal Moondram Aandu. It is a story centered on a Village. So, to film the story a lot of Coconut trees were brought to the shooting spot, to make the story filmed in a village atmosphere. Each and every frame one could see coconut trees. The new face Poornna hails from kerala suits aptly to Bharath, tells the Director. As per the story PonVannan is the father of Bharath who always commands his son Bharath, because he had lost his first son due to love affair. He wanted that his second son Bharath should not be a victim like his elder son. He forces him to concentrate on his studies. But Bharath falls in love with a first year Zoology student Poorna.
How Ponvannan accept this love, is the story. The shooting of the film is almost over, and a few scenes alone to be shot, says director Thirumurgan.
The Film is produced by Datho Durai Singam

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A person in the meeting of the film actor Mamooty was arrested for reprimanding the actor speeches when the meeting was very much taking place in Calicut. The meeting was about the birthday celebrations of Vaikom Mohamed Basheer. When Mamooty in his meeting speech has said that the actor and Basheer were good friends, a person who watching the proceedings of the meeting stood up from his seat and shouted, " Don't tell lie. You and the person have no connection at all. Stop lying". Mamooty ignored the shoutings of the person and was continuing his speech. But the police who have been watching the person's pugnacious attitude arrested him on the charges of creating nuisance publicly.

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The PLATINUM JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS of the Film industry is being celebrated throughout the country. The Channels Sun and Kalaignar are also making out the celebrations by telecasting the oldest films on all nights except Saturdays and Sundays. The shows of various old Tamil films was started from the March 19th onwards by both the channels. The old films shows are aired at 10 PM and 10.30 PM by Kalaignar TV Channel and the Sun TV Channel respectively. Some of the films shown are Vanjikottai Valiban, Chandraleka and Thillana Mohanambal. It is likely that more than hundreds of Tamil films will be aired through the two channels.

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By N.Thyagarajan

Kadavule Kadavule is the story about three youngsters ( Raja, Ramu & Vasu ) who are in search of jobs are making out number of attempts through various interviews. But the girls who also attend those interview steal the jobs from those companies. In order to get jobs, all the three finally decide to attire in ladies' dresses, but in the interview they are caught by the owners.

They come across an advertisement to become grooms of a family which needed hen-pegged husbands. The bride Sangavai interviews one by one and select one of the unemployed persons Raja. Her sister Angavai chooses Vasu as the groom. But their friend Ramu gets bride through his father. All the three get married on a particular day.

Next comes the problems for their employment. All the three get jobs from the employer who had beat them up early while they appeared in an interview with ladies' get up. The story of the tele-film is narrated in a comedy way. Story, dialogues and direction are all done by Raja Krishna who has done the role of Raja. The film is produced by Shantha Ram who has also done a role.

The other artistes are Kuili, Vasu Vikram, Pailvan Ranganathan, Raju Madhan, V.C.Jayamani, K.N.Kalai and the dubbing artiste Anuradha is appearing in an important role. Soon the telefilm will be telecast through a private channel.

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Mrs Karpgam N.Thyagarajan

Each man has his own desire to come up in his life and to fulfill he has to make umpteen attempts. The logic is so simple, which attracted the executives of the Makkal TV Channel and hence decided to start out a programme in the name of Chinna Chinna Asaigal.

The crews of the channel who will pay visits to various children living in slums and other backward areas and find out their innermost desires, wishes, dreams and needs. The channel on finding out their small desires will fulfil them. The show is getting readied with a warm welcome from the people living from the lowest strata to higher strata. It is to be aired on every Saturdays between 8.30 to 9.00 PM. Arthi is the compere of the show.

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Mrs Karpgam N.Thyagarajan

An entirely different show on Dance is going to be aired through the Jaya TV Channel. When all the other channels are telecasting dance shows with film artistes, the Jaya TV takes care of the public who could dance well. People living in Chennai, Trichy, Madurai, Coimbatore and Salem have been invited to participate in this new show. Initially, the channel has selected 32 pairs for the show. An introduction dance show has been arranged to telecast on March 26.

For each and every week show a famous dance master and a film actor are going to appear to judge the dance show. Special Judge of the show are Jithan Ramesh and dance master Rekha. Compere will be done by dance master Ramji. The winner in the show will get a prize award of Rs.2 lakhs.

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By N.Thyagarajan

Actress Monica recently has warned Silandhi film Munna when he hugged the actress while the rehearsal of honeymoon scene in Pondcherry.

According to the story-line the newly married couples should make love in the honeymoon scene by embracing themselves. Munna was little bit warmth in his rehearsal and he hugged Monica as if it would take in the normal course of the newly married couple. Following the action, Monica immediately warned the hero, that he should maintain limits in the scene. Then came apology from the hero Munna, who said that he was little bit over in his action to make the scene in a natural way. The immediately Monica shot back and asked that if it was a sucide scene, would he tie the knot round his neck and hang himself to make the scene in a natural way?

Again Munna came before the actress and apologised to her for his actions. Then the shooting of the honeymoon scene minus hugging was filmed.

When talking about the experience of Silandhi, actress Monica said that she saw literally a ghost while the shooting was going on in the midnight while a thrilling scene was filmed. The film's director and other persons including herself saw a ghost like appeared behind her chair. When asked about it someone who is familiar of the shooting spot had told them that it was a real ghost and added that many had seen the ghost earlier. Recalls Monica that the particular event still bothers her mind. Then what about the real embracement of the film's hero? The incident has gone from her mind and dead, since Munna had apologized to her.

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Rekha, a naive girl with an unflinching drive to be a District Collector gets trapped in a love affair, as cupid strikes. Her lover Koushik, a Police Officer who befriends her and promises her to marry, eventually cheats her. With her ambitions shattered and her family pride lost, Rekha becomes too eager to take revenge against Koushik. Her carrier takes a turn- she enrolls in the Police Academy and chooses to beat Koushik in his own game. She is staunch in her plan to strip Koushik’s good boy image and expose his corrupt activities, imposed against, her and the public. Donning the uniform of a honest Police Officer Rekha IPS encounters Koushik, and succeeds over all his premeditated obstacles. While on the verge of quenching her vengeance against Koushik, Rekha faces problems from the family front, which again she strives to overcome victoriously.

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Mrs.Karpagam N.Thyagarajan

Famous Telugu Actor Shobhan Babu expired yesterday in Chennai. The end came when he was doing Yoga at his residence in Chennai Nelson Mannickam Road. With the blood profusely bleeding from his nostrils he fell unconsciously. Immediately he was rushed to the hospital but on the way he died.
Uppu Shobhana Chalapathy Rao his is original name. He was born in Jan 14th 1937. He finished his primary education in Vijayavada and came to Chennai to study Law. But he discontinued the Law. He married Kandha Kumari in 1958. He had a son Karuna Seshu and three daughters.
In the beginning he appeared in small roles with N.T.Ramarao and A.Nageswara Rao.s in Telugu. His first debut as hero was in VEERA ABHIMANYU,in the year 1965. His film Manasulu Maarali was a super hit film ran for more than 25 weeks. Shoban Babu had his own style of acting in films and had attracted lakhs and lakhs of fans. Shoban had done roles in Tamil films. He was the first Hero who went abroad for shooting. He won several awards including the one by the Andhra Government. He was the recipient of Nandhi award five times, six times Andhra Film Fans Union award, and nine times Chennai cine Fans Association Award. He was recipient of Bangaru Pancharam by the Union Government in the year 1970. Though he was a famous actor he did not allow his children to take up cinema. Whatever he earned in films was invested in Real Estate business.

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Classic actor Raj Kiran is going to produce Malai Kallan. Earlier, the late MGR has acted in the film with the very same title. The film was, then was a great success. Keeping this in my mind Raj Kiran is going to produce the very same film, with the mixture of present day politics, social and economic life by giving importance to sentiments in the story-line. Earlier the actor produced Ennai Petha Rasa, Rasavin Manasulae and two other films. His Red Sun Arts Creations is producing his fifth film. The shooting of the film is likely to be started in May and the release will be for Deepavali in November.

"I am producing the film and acting as the hero, because by keeping in my mind the late M.G.Ramachandran who reached the pinnacle of his career after the release of the film" says Raj Kiran.

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After a long hiatus, Nagama is acting under Balu Mahendra's direction. She has been asked to do the role of heroine in Balu's film Anal Kaatru. Talking about her role in the film she said, that she was fortunate to continue as heroine in films. She said, that Balu Mahendra's film always carried the importance given to heroines. Hence, she had accepted to act in the film and added that she wanted to act the director like Balu Mahendra. Jothika's daughter Thea is in very much love with her and she spends her time with the baby.

The actor said, she completed all the Jodhpuri films in which she was acting for sometime.

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Pepsi Uma who was doing Pepsi Ungal Choice for more than 15 years for the Sun TV had quit the channel and joined in the Kalaignar TV Channel. She had been continuing her job with it for the last six months. But, her expectations from the newly launched was something more. But, she was asked to do the very same job which was she was doing in the Sun TV Channel. Hence, vexed with her the repetition of the same job, she said good-bye. When contacted Uma she said, her job was very much boring and thought to come out of the channel. She denied that she had any misunderstandings with the channel or any other person working in that and affirmed all were her friends.

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SUN TV Channel’s Megala, has crossed 200 episodes successfully. It is a mega soap being aired between 8.00 PM and 8.30 Pm from Mondays to Fridays. Megala takes the responsibility of her father, Kalai Arasan after he runs away from the family due to heavy debts incurred while promoting his flat construction business. He leaves his four daughters and a son along with his wife.
From the very day Kalaiarasan leaves his family, the debtors and the people who gave money for the construction of flats start troubling the family. Hence, Megala takes the challenge to complete the construction work of the flats which her father had left in half way
In between Megala faces a lot of obstacles. She fights it out. She also looks after her family’s problem. How Megala is going to fulfill all the demands she meets from various corners in her life?

The serial is running with a good story theme, and each day the channel shows the highlight of the next day episode. This alone makes the viewers very attentive before the idiot boxes.

E.Vikramadityan does the direction and his way of narrating the story line is something stupendous. The director deserves more for not showing unwanted things in the serial. Sure Megala has to be watched by everyone for the serial is a lesson to all women who wanted to reach high in their lives with patience and perseverance.

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Porandha Veeda Pugandha Veeda is the mega-serial being aired through the Sun TV Channel in the prime hours. Director Sekar who is producing and directing the mega-soap with his own style of producing family subject films. Actress Bhanu Priya who has been acting in the serial as the daughter-in-law of Nalini who appears as a politician. The people were enjoying the soft spoken acting of Bhanu Priya whose brother was recently married to actress Vindhya. The actoress has been staying in Chennai leaving her children in Hyderabad with her husband who is a computer engineer running his own business. Then came the announcement, that instead of Bhanu Priya her role would be done by Priya Raman. There was no public announcement about why Bhanu Priya quit the acting in the serial.

It was smelt, that the actress Bhanu Priya wanted to settle down with her children after the serial was over. But even before that she had quit the serial and is seriously thinking of settling down in Hyderabad. Another version of report says, that Bhanu Priya is in the family way, who wanted to take rest till the delivery of her baby. However, hereafter one can't see the actress acting in Porandha Veeda Pugandha Veeda mega-serial. Priya Raman actress is equally good, but she is very young when compared to Bhanu Priya. Priya Raman has the eyes of charming to do family subjects, though it may not be accepted by the mega serial viewers initially to see her in the place of Bhanu Priya, but there is going to be a day for accepting Priya Raman as the daughter-in-law of Nalini who appears in the serial as a politician.

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Super Star Rajnikanth who is in Hyderabad now was shocked to hear the sudden demise of actor Raghuvaran.On Wednesday the Super Star Rajinikanth, director P.Vasu and other film unit members were taken aback when the death news of the actor was conveyed. Then the shooting of the Kuselan was going at the Hyderabad Ramoji Rao Film Studios.Rajnikanth has given his call sheets till April 21 for the film, in which he is appearing as Super Star Ashok. Hence, the actor could not come over to Chennai to pay his last respects to the departed actor.

Hence, the shooting of the Kuselan went till afternoon and the shooting of the film went pack off for the rest of the day. All the film unit members observed silence and prayed for the actor's 'atma santhi'- soul rest in peace.

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A pall of gloom descended on the Tamil film industry following the death of actor Raghuvaran.

The film fraternity gathered in large numbers to pay their last respects to the actor who had proved his mettle in character and baddie roles in over 300 films in various Indian languages.

Expressing shock and grief over the death, actor Vincent Ashokan, who had acted with Raghuvaran in his last film Sila Nerangalil, said, ‘I am at a loss for words. He was a committed actor and advised me a lot on how to choose my films and conduct myself in the industry’.

‘A great human being, Raghuvaran was a inspiration to many up-and- coming actors. His death is a great loss to the industry’.

Srikanth, who was working with Raghuvaran in under production Indira Vizha, said, ‘He was one of the few actors who had great charisma. I first worked with him in Roja Kottam. His dialogue delivery and body language deserve special mention, besides he conducted himself well in the sets.’

‘I was supposed to shoot with him for Indiravizha from next week. His death has robbed the Tamil industry of a versatile actor, who can do any role with ease’, he added.

Playwright and dialogue-writer Crazy Mohan, who penned the dialogues for Raghuvaran’s Aha, said, ‘He was a dedicated artiste. His understanding of the nuances of acting was great. He set a new trend among actors playing villain roles. The industry will miss him a lot’.

Jeyaraj, who directed Raghuvaran for Sila Nerangalil, said, ‘he was a tireless actor. He gets his act right without much fuss. An actor gifted with immense talent, Raghuvaran’s loss has lefty a void in the South Indian film industry’.

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By N.Thyagarajan

Villain actor Raguvaran on Wednesday died at a private nursing home in Chetpet. He was ailing for sometime, and his end came this morning. Born on December 11, 1948 the actor had entered filmdom through the film Ezhavadhu Manidhan and acted in Poovizhi Vasaliley, Mister Bharath, Anjali, Mudhalvan, Basha, Sivaji, Bheema. His last film was Sila Nerangalil which was released last month. Besides the Tamil films he has acted in Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi films.

He married actress Rohini and was blessed with a son. Due to misunderstandings between the actor and his actress wife, the court gave them divorce. However, Raghuvaran used to frequent Rohini's house and Rohini was also visiting his house with her son.
On hearing the death news of the actor, actress Rohini was shocked and immediately visited the house of Raguvaran. She wanted the body of Raguvaran to be handed over to her for cremation.

Many film personalities who came to know about the shocking news immediately cancelled their shoots to pay homage to the villain actor.

Raghuvaran was living alone at his T'Nagar house in Chennai. The actor had carved a niche for himself with his style of acting different from the earlier Tamil film villains.

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