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Banner: Company Productions

Story, screenplay, dialogues, direction and production: M.Shashikumar

Music: James Vasantham

Cinematography: S.R.Kathir

P.R.O.: V.K.Sundar

Cast: Jai, Swathi, Kanja Karuppu, M.Sasikumar, Samuthirakanni

Subramaniapuram is a film about the goons whose photos we see in our daily papers. But what is their background forms the crux of this film. Five unemployed youth Jay, Shashikumar, Kanga Karuppu, Visithiran and Mari creates nuisance and gets arrested by the police only to be left off later on the intervention of the local political big wig. Jai falls in love with Swathi, heiress of a local bigwig. Since the local politician does not get the post of district secretary, he becomes frustrated. Samuthirakkani, the brother of this politician plans to revenge his brother's rival. He approaches Jay and his colleagues. He offers them a handsome amount to murder his prominent enemy in politics; if they do it, he promises to also bail them out from police custody. The group murders the rival. But the cunning politician fails to keep his word and the friends are imprisoned. They are aroused with anger but in vain. In the prison they get friendly with another gangster who gives them another assignment to murder. They come out and an also try to kill Samuthirakkani who fooled them. But mean while Samuthirakkani murders Jay who was in love with his niece Swathi. Jai's friend Shashikumar avenges his friend's death by killing Samuthirakkani. Shashikumar is hacked to death by another group. The film begins in 1980s and spreads over the period of 25 years.Jai, Shashikumar and Kanga Karuppu have lived the characters in the backdrop of 80s.The romantic scenes of Jai and Swathi will really attract the young audiences. Shashikumar who has also directed this film has also excelled in his acting especially in the scenes where he murders the Jai's murderer. His emotions have really worked well. Kanga Karuppu has really advanced in his acting and is bound to go places. 'Kangalirandaal' in James Vasanthan's music is a classic and mesmerizing number.

Director Shashikumar has proved that he is the disciple of Ameer and Bala.

On the whole Subramaniapuram is worthwhile to watch as it takes you down to the memory line.

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Staring: Rithik, Aadhira, Bagiyaraj, Nalini and others

Banner: Arul Movies

Producer: P.K.Chandran

Story, screenplay, dialogues and direction: S.P.Gnanamozhi

Music: Tashi

Camera: Selvakumar

Stunts: Action Prakash

Choreography: Ramesh Reddy, Masthaan

Editing: M.R.Srinivasan

Being good at studies doesnt alone help the youngsters, but cultivating good attribtues shapes up their futuristic life and Director Gnanamozhi has tried conveying this message to the masses especially of youth groups.

Malini well educates her son Rithik by running a road side snack bar and in turn Rithik wins the reputation scoring high marks at 12th Government examinations. Despites holding state rank, Rithik is unable to take up higher studies due to poverty and few good hearted entities contribute their donations for his higher studies.

Heading all the way to college in Chennai, Rithik is exposed to different scenario of city life and he gets into friendship with Adhira, his classmate. As days pass on, Rithik gets in touch with bad company where they induce him to consume narcotic drugs. As a result, he turns out to be a drug addict and getting to know about his bad activities, Adhira gets away from him. Well, Rithik is dashed with his hopes of Adhira not accepting his love and situations urge him to commit suicide and this point time journalist Raj (Bhagyaraj) rescues him and with all great attempts enlightens Rithik with good thoughts.

Director Gnanamozhi does a decent job conveying the right message without getting scattered with unwanted commercial elements. Debutant Rithik with his naturalistic and matured performance steals the show while Adhira comes up wiht a moderate effort. Bhagyaraj, though appears not in many scenes carries film on his shoulder. Thashi musical score is good and the melodious number 'Nilave' makes us hum along with the tune.

On the whole, Maanavan Ninaithal is a good movie to watch...

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Subramaniapuram, which was released without much hype, is creating ripples in the industry, and has received appreciation from all quarters. This only goes on to reiterate the fact that when the story and screenplay are powerful, it does not need big names to carry it forward. Industry sources aver that after a long time, a film of such

caliber has hit the marquee and popular theatres which did not screen this film earlier are accommodating the film now.

Director Sasi has plans to commence his next project in January 2009 but would be showcasing his talent in front of the camera as a hero in a film titled Nadodigal produced and directed by Samudirakani. The rest of the cast and technicians will be finalized shortly and the official announcement will happen on the 15th of August. Good luck Sasi!

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Q: Please give about your family background.A: I was born in Russia, brought up in Mumbai and Visakapatinam. I passed out in bio-technology but started my career as a television anchor and did a talk- show. Director Krishnavamsi approached me with an offer to act in his Telugu film Danger. It was followed by Selvaraghavan’s Adavari Matalukku Ardhalae Verulae. Impressed with the performance in that film, Sasikumar wanted me to act in Subramaniapuram.

Q: Did you work hard for the Subramaniyapuram?A: I learnt a lot about the people of Tamilnadu, their culture while working in the movie. In Madurai and Dindigul where we shot the film, people showered boundless love on me. Initially I faced some trouble since I was not fluent in Tamil. However, thanks to my director, I understood the character and its demands. The whole unit worked with vigour to make it a successful film. It has turned out to be a movie to reckon with in my career.

Q: Which vernacular you prefer Telugu or Tamil?A: No, I would like to act in both in Tamil and Telugu films. Art knows no language barrier. If I come across a meaty role, I would take it up immediately unmindful of the language.

Q: About performing glamour roles in films and present film in which you act?A: An actress has to perform all kinds of roles. I am ready to do glamour roles, provided they are within limits. I am acting in Ashta Samma, a Telugu movie It is directed by Mohan Krishna. I am choosy and waiting for right script in Tamil. Hopefully I would get one soon in Tamil.

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It looks like Kuselan will not release in Karnataka, causing a loss of Rs 1.50 crore to its distributors Pyramid Saimira. The chauvinist organization Karnataka Rakshana Vedika (KRV) is determined to block the release of the film scheduled on August 1.

Their grouse is that during the Tamil Film industry's protest fast opposing Karnataka stand on the Hogenekkal project, Rajinikanth had come down heavily on Karnataka. He had warned the state not to politicize the issue.

Rajinikanth in typical style seen in his films had said: "Karnataka should not test our (Tamilnadu) patience by not letting us draw water from our own land." This made Rajini a hero in the land where he became a superstar and a villain in his own home state.

KRV is demanding an apology from Rajinikanth, failing which his films will not be allowed to be screened in Karnataka. Rajini at that time expressed regret if he had hurt the sentiments of anyone, but also added: “If my films do not release in Karnataka, it's not a problem for me."

Meanwhile Karnataka Chief Minister B.S Yedurappa, has said he would convene an all party meet in Bangalore to discuss the Hogenakkal issue. The state is ready to pass a resolution in the Assembly opposing the project and is willing to take an all party delegation to New Delhi to halt the project.

Remember Yedurappa was the first politician who visited Hogenakkal before the assembly elections and made an "issue" out of it which paid off handsomely. Now with Lok Sabha polls looming large, all politicians in both Tamilnadu and Karnataka are going to make a blockbuster out of the Hogenakkal issue!

And Rajinikanth knows that he cannot play neutral, he has to be seen as 'Tamilnadu pro-active' in his talks. The best way out for Rajinikanth is to reimburse Pyramid Saimira their cost of Kuselan Karnataka rights, and never release the film in the state.

This will ensure that he is not dragged into unwanted controversies, something which he has been trying to keep his superstardom afloat.

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Dhanush is one hero in Kollywood who has never depended on the two kings of comedy Vivek or Vadivel to piggy back ride on. He has done 13 films so far but has never been paired with these two top comedians of Tamil cinema.

Remember that in all his films, Dhanush has done comedy himself or had little known comedians with him. So when Vadivel was signed up in his latest film Padikkathavan it was news. But now the twist in the tale is that Vadivel has been dropped by the unit like a hot potato as “he was too difficult to handle”.

In fact Vadivel, the highest paid comedian ( Rs 7 Lakhs per day!) shot for two days in Hyderabad when he started throwing his weight with director Suraaj. A source close to the unit say that Vadivel was unhappy about the comedy track written for him with Dhanush including a scene which had the hero beating him.

After all, how can the king of comedy get beaten by a young hero when he says that superstars like Rajnikanth and Vijay waits for his dates, pleads with him to come on time and is treated like a hero himself on their sets! It seems on the Padikkathavan sets, Vadivel openly shouted at the director and asked his Chamchas to write his lines, which saw the hero and the unit see red.

And the latest news is that director Suraaj has decided to replace Vadivel with Vivek who is his arch rival. Vivek who is also busy has given immediate dates and is all excited to replace Vadivel and be a part of a Dhanush film for the first time.

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Many big cutouts of Super Star Rajinikanth have been placed on the entrances of many cinema halls in the USA, announcing that the release of the Kuselan will be taking place on August 1. This is the first time in the history of the USA and Tamil cinema that the 20-feet bigcutouts were placed in theaters. Many of the fans in the USA after seeing those cutouts were overjoyed on knowing the release of the Kuselan taking on August 1.

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V.P.Films maiden venture is titled Kandan. Karan is donning the lead role. Mithra a keralite will be pairing with Karan. Mumbai model Megha is also doing a pivotal role in this movie. Niamath who was introduced in the film Bomallattam by Bharathiraja is donning the villain role. Babu K Viswanath who was an assistant director to Cheran is directing this film.

The film is an action film and has the backdrop of Thanjavur and hence the entire will be shot in and around Thanjavur. Sakthi R Selva is composing the music for the lyrics penned by Pa Vijay, Snegan, Tamarai, Yughabharathi and Eknath.M.Simeon wields the camera while Suresh Urs does the editing for this film.

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Vishnuvardhan, the talented director of movies such as 'Arindhum Ariyamalum', 'Pattiyal' and 'Billa' wrote the story of 'Sarvam' with Suriya in mind. However, Suriya could not accommodate dates for the film and so Vishnu's favorite Arya was roped in.

Then a major setback happened when two members of the production unit died in an accident in the shooting spot. All these events upset the director a great deal and now the latest news is that he is not happy with the name 'Sarvam' and is going in for a name change. The new name however is being worked on and not yet revealed to the press.

The movie which is expected to be action-packed would feature Arya and Trisha in lead roles. Chakravathy will be playing the villain. The movie is produced by Ayngaran International.

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Rajini starrer Kuselan film will be released on August 1. Earlier the film was scheduled to be released on July 25, but due to the film's rerecordings and other touch up work, the release of the film is postponed. Rajini in this film in a guest role will appear after three reels of the film. Pasupathy is the hero also a friend of Rajinikanth who appears as a Super Star.

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Name: Chetan
Sex: Male
DoB : 30/09/1970
Marital Status: Married
City: Chennai
State: Tamilnadu
Country: India
Educational Qualification: BBM
Weight: 70
Height Feet: 5
Height Inches: 6
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black
Skin Colour: Brown
Languages Known: Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi ,English.
Experience : YES
Films : 8 films in kannada
Album : sang for a film in kannda and also for a serial in tamil

Television : 25 serials in tamil
i am an actor who has done around 8 films in kannada and more than 25 tv serials in tamil.i got my first big break in the superhit serial 'marmadesam',directed by naga and produced by minbimbangal.After this,i worked with all the leading directors, like c.j.baskar, sundar.k.vijayan, thirumurugan to name a few.Right now, i am doing the main roles in 'metti oli' and 'aadugiran kannan'.i am looking at the poosibilities of doing some good roles in films aswell. i am really looking forward to do roles differently. Right from the time i started acting,i also started working as an assistant director. i have worked in several films and serials. I have also directed some tele films in kannada.In tamil, i hav dircted some epiusodes of 'veettukku veedu looty' for minbimbangal.I am working on some film scripts right now and would like to direct them.I am also a singer who has sung for music director hamsalekha in kannada for a film and title songs for several serials in kannada and one in tamil.
Interested to become an : ACTOR

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It is apt role for the actress Simran who has been dissuaded by various film directors and producers who have been refusing the role of heroine, after she got married and has become mother of a child. There is no one after the veteran actress K.R.Vijaya to do the role of Hindu Goddess in Tamil films. Somehow actress Nalini has been doing the role, but because of her fatness she is not given the role of Goddess. Even after marriage and has become mother Simran is slim and more active like young college girls having bewitching eyes has been offered to do the role of Goddess in Simran Chinnathirai to be telecast through the Jaya tv channel. The actress when spoke to our Blog she said that she was happy to do the role. She also felt happiness that instead of acting as mother or the elder sister in films, her new role as the Goddess would bring her fame and name.
Hence, she said she had accepted to do the role in Nava Velli. As per the story line a negative character man claims himself that he is an reincarnation of the God and begins to rule the roost with his magical powers used under the influence of evil spirits but forgets to think that those evil spirits alone give him the Goddess status. As per Bible, the evils spirits will also have power to fight with God, but in the end the God alone wins.

The co-stars are Poovilangu Mohan, O.A.K.Sundhar, Anuradha Krishnamoorthy and many others. Watch Jaya TV channel on weekdays at 8.30 Pm.

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After Veyil, Vasanthabalan is all set to shine once again. According to sources, the director of one of the most talked about films, which had a field day in various International Film Festivals is now directing a film titled Angaadi Theru

If sources are to be believed, the movie, which is being produced by Ayngaran Films would have a 12th standard student as hero, while a new face heroine playing opposite him.

The film is to be extensively shot in and around Tirunelveli. It may be recalled that it was Virudhunagar, which formed the backdrop for Veyil.

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Actress Ramya Krishnan who has come to the TV serial Kalasam being produced by Kutti Padmini's daughter will appear in the Neelambari style role of Padyappa. In Padyappa Ramya Krishnan excelled in her acting and has equalled her talents with the Superstar Rajnikanth, in the new Sun TV Channel's serial will appear and sit and raise her legs just she did in the Rajini starrer film Padayappa.

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