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A comedian who had made rib-tickling laughter with his mannerisms in comedy like the Western comedians and the comedian who made all of us weep through his penchant for acting through the film like Neerkumuzhi and proved his excellence as villain in Michael Madana Kamarajan and the comedian who had not wasted not even a single frame in Edhir Neechal adding his comedy through the films like Server Sundaram, Thiruvilaiyadal, Kadhalikka Neramillai died this morning at a Private Nursing Home in Chennai after a brief illness. Known as Nagesh, who had matched his acting with the two super film actors like Sivaji Ganesan and MGR and other film heroes like Jai Shankar and Ravichandran in the later years. Nagesh, whose original name is Gundu Rao changed himself as Nagesh after he came out of his house in his younger days stayed in a room along with Sri Kanth and Major Sundararajan. He started as a stage artiste in a drama representing the Ramayana and did the role of a stomach-pain patient. People began to laugh whatever he uttered in the public and Nagesh sometime ago used to say, "the comedy lies in me. I never knew, that there are a lot of things in me to do comedy". He always used to say, that if at all he had earned money, it was from Sando M.M.A.Chinnappa Devar who produced a lot of films then. On taking a lot of money in a box, once the comedian told me, that he wanted to go back to his native place Dharapuram, which is very close to Coimbatore. While his car was passing through a bridge, he saw a lot of people were crowding at a person who was in sub-conscious stage, the comedian thought. But, the very same person was his mother who had breathed her last.

Nagesh never belonged to any political party and he had never grown up as a great actor with the support of any politician individually to come up in his life. He had acted in more than 1000 films which include Kannada and Telugu vernaculars.

He was always used to give bried comment always about death and used to sing the song for which he had acted in Tamil film Neer Kumuzhi. Aadi Adangum Vaazhkkai yada, Aradi Nilamey Sondhamada. ( In life one will play and finally reach his six-feet tomb). At any time, the actor never had the ego, that he was the best comedian. He loved the comedy acting of Thengai Srinivasan.

The actor's combination with the late comedian V.K.Ramasamy and Manorama was appreciated in those days. He was the only comedian who was dearingly called the late actor MGR as Vaa and Poo. MGR liked the actor calling like that, Nagesh used to say. However, both maintained a decent friendship. The actor never wounded anyone's feelings till the day he acted with Kamal Hassan and Kamal liked the actor's acting very much.



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Mangalore-born, actress Anushka was recently in Visakhapatnam. The actress has well-entrenched in Tamil film by acting with Madhavan for the film Rendu and some Telugu films which were superhits. Now, Anushka is starring with Vijay for the film Vettaikaran. The film is supposed to be the 49th film for Vijay. The actress entered the filmdon in the year 2005 through the Tollywood with "Super".

(Photo courtesy: The Hindu)

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Now the toofan is over. Padmapriya, the award-winning artiste who had acted in film Mirugam, is appearing in a different role in Pokkisham. The photo seen here is a still from the film.

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Actress Anuska has become a busy artiste, she

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Drector Shashikumar is doing the lead role in the film Nadodigal. It is after the hit of Subramaniyapuram,he started producing Pasanga with Pandiarajan, who is an assistant to director Cheran. Shashi who was impressed with the script readily agreed to produce the film. He will not be acting in this film. New faces will be starring in this film. Shashi will also be directing his own film after completing Nadodigal. Pre production work is going on in full alacrity.

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Popular South Indian actor Jayaram's latest Tamil venture Panchamirtham (also spelt Panchamritam), the maiden effort of director Raju Iswaran and producers Abhirami Ramanathan and Nallammmai Ramanathan, is a socio-mythological fantasy which has already earned a very good response from audiences in Tamil Nadu. Released on December 25, 2008, the film has now been dubbed into Malayalam and released in Kerala by Central Pictures.

Panchamirtham's script is based on the popular television serial 'Mayavi Mareechan', telecast on Sun TV. The storyline is taken from the Ramayana. It revolves around Hindu mythological rivals Mareecha and Idumban who both love Mandakini. But Mandakini loves Mareecha. In this film, Mareecha and Idumban come alive and take sides in the battle between love and greed!

Prakashraj plays Ravana and Jayaram, Mareecha. Director Raju Iswaran dons the role of Idumban, a demon who gets punished by Mareecha. Samiksha is the heroine. Also in the cast are Aravind Akash, Saranya Mohan, Tamil comedians Karnas, Ganjakaruppu, M.S. Bhaskar and others. Panchamirtham is produced under the Abhirami Mega Mall banner. Music is by Sundar C. Babu. Debutante Pramod Verma is the cameraman.

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