The Chennai police on Friday morning whisked away the young director A.R.Murugadas after the writer Sujatha's body was taken to Besant Nagar crematorium. The director who flew down to Chennai from Mumbai after cancelling his shootings of Hindi Kajini film paid his last tributes to the writer. After the body was taken from the writer's house, some plainclothes men took him in their cars, however the director shouted publicly for help. The plainclothes men, taken captive of the director based on the complaint filed by producer Salem Chandrasekar. The plainclothes men took the director to the Chennai K.K.Nagar Police station. The police enquired about the complaint made by the producer Salem Chandrasekar. In the meanwhile, director Murugadoss' advocate who talked with the police about the case. Following, the advocate's intervention, the police had let off the director.

It has been said, director Murugadas has produced the Tamil version of the Kajini beyond the budget limit of the Producer Chandrasekar. Though the film was a box office hit, it did not bring much return to the producer as expected. Hence Murugadas has promised that the producer would be compensated through his next film. It is said, the Salem Chandrasekar started threatening the director since, he did not repay the money.

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Many film personalities including the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and other Tamil writers paid their last homage to the writer Sujatha, who passed away at a private hospital here on Wednesday. The writer who died of pneumonia and renal problems. The body of the Writer was kept till Friday morning for the arrival of the writer's elder son from the USA.

His body was cremated on Friday at Besant Nagar crematorium.
BJP L Ganesan, MDMK general secretary Vaiko, actors Rajnikanth, Kamal Haasan, Sivakumar, directors Balu Mahendra, Parthiban, Gnana Rajasekaran, writers Lena Tamilvannan among others who paid their last respect.

Film Director A.R.Murugadas flew down to Chennai from Mumbai to pay his last respects to the departed writer. He was in the thick of directing the Hindi version of Kajini film.

Chief Minister Karunanidhi with his wife Rajathiammal, daughter and DMK MP Kanimozhi visited the writer's house to pay their last respects.

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by N.Thyagarajan

Reema Sen recently refuted the news that the Ayerathil Oruvan director had tortured her during the shooting. She clarified that there was no such motto behind with the director Selvaraghavan when the film's shooting took place in Rajasthan and Kerala forest area. She had heard sometime ago that Selvaraghavan was a quick silvered mind and would be always serious with the artistes and film unit. But, this was proved incorrect. He and the film unit had exhibited a friendly atomosphere.

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Kannada Film 'Accident'is being dubbed into Tamil and soon the film is to be released in Tamil Nadu, says the film's director and actor Ramesh Aravind. He said earlier he directed two comedy films in Kannada language and this film Accident was an action thriller.

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by Mrs Karpagam N.Thyagarajan

The Sun TV Channel mega serial MAGAL has crossed its 100th episode on Thursday. As.per the story line, Kaveri (Meena Kumari) who as a responsible daughter of a family faces lots of problem by Easwari(Varalakshmi).Easwari’s husband Saravanan helps Kaveri by giving her a job in his company and house to live. Easwari doesn’t like her husband’s friendship with Kaveri family. Kaveri’s younger brother Seenu (Sridhar) who is an irresponsible person starts a business with the help of Easwari. He falls in love with Divya (Revathy Priya) who is the sister of Sarvanan(Rishi). Shanmugam (Kamalesh) younger brother of Saravanan falls in love with Kaveri and wants to marry her. In the coming episodes a lot of scenes with twisted story line will be taking place, says the Director Francis Papu.The serial produced by Nimbus Television

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Actor Srikanth celebrated his 29th birthday at his house in Kumaran Colony, Vadapalani with a large number of his fans. In the morning he took bath and appeared in dhothi and sought the blessings of his parents. His wife also wished him on his birth day. The fans also wished him by garlanding him. It is going to be a good year for the actor, since three of his films are to be released. However, Ettappa King family Ram Kumar Raja had sought the court's direction to stop the release of the Ettappan film as the name of the film disrepute the character of the Ettappan in the film. Hence, the Ram Kumar Raja had sought the court's intervention to change the title of the film.
With the three films, the arrival of Junior Srikanth in the family will soon take place, it is said.
It is to be remembered that the actor's last film was released in the year 2006 and there was not a single film of the actor was released.

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The Madhya Pradesh High Court, on Tuesday ,struck down the state government's suspension of screening of the Jodha Akbar.Chief Justice Anang Kumar Patnaik and Justice Prakash Shrivastav ruled in favour of a plea — submitted by the film's distributor UTV Software Communication Limited — challenging the suspension.The bench turned down the government's contention that the screening might disturb peace.''By invoking powers contained in the Madhya Pradesh Cinema Regulation Act, 1952, the state regime restricted the Freedom of Expression enshrined in the Constitution besides affecting business interests of the distributor,'' submitted petitioner's Counsel Akshay Dharmadhikari.

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Actress Simran who was invited to participate at the Hindustan Unilever Kissan Amaze Brainfood art competition and exhibition in Chennai on Wednesday.

Each and every participant child wondered the actress with their answers when queried about the future plan of the Children.

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The shooting of the Kandasamy which was taking place at the Tharamani MGR Film City was stopped for sometime, due to a large gatherings which witnessed the scene of milk-like liquid was pouring down from a neem tree. Sreya and Vikram who were at the shooting spot, came to know about the people running towards the tree situated inside the Film City wanted to have wonderful look at the neem tree. Hence, after their shots were over, both ran towards the tree and watched the milk flowing from the tree. Similarly, the director, technicians and other light boys ran up to the tree and began to watch. They watched some women came out with eerie of laughter, stating that the spirit of the Goddess inspired in them. All, the scenes which went for more than an hour was watched by the entire film unit and following this the shooting did not take place for an hour. Then one by one of the film unit moved slowly and began to attend the work of Kandasamy shooting.

The film unit, in their next schedule has planned to shoot the film in Mexico.

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Vincent Asokan has acted as villain in many films. He is the son of actor Late S.A.Asokan. He is going to act in Sila Nerangalil produced by Sai Mira Entertainments and National Award Winner Jayaraj is writing the story, screen play and directing the film. Navya Nair is the heroine. In this film the Japanese fight Hajiro is introduced by the stunt master Super Subbaroyan. The film's shootings are over and it is likely it will be released by this month end.

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Lakshmi mega-serial has recently completed its 400th episode. The serial being telecast on all days, except Saturdays and Sundays, between 10 PM and 10.30 PM at the Sun TV Channel catches the eyes of many when all used to go to their bed to have a sound sleep. It is the story incorrigible Nethra who does a lot against Lakshmi to steal her love and property. Meena as Lakshmi does all patiently for the benefit of Nethra, however, it was not recognised gratefully by Nethra.

Nethra who is enjoying the assets of Lakshmi, looses some of her properties, because of Lakshmi. Nethra does not want Lakshmi to enjoy the properties and hence started spending the money lavishly with an idea of that not an iota of property should reach Lakshmi.

How Lakshmi comes out and saves her property, is the story of the serial directed by Balaji Yadav. The Story is written by Devi Bala. Dialogues by Amirtharaj. Camera by G.Viswanathan and music by Ram Kiran. Produced by Home Media.

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( By Mrs.Karpagam N.Thyagarajan )

TV serials have become popular not because of his background music or for its title songs, but the new ideas have started to come in with the introduction of suspenseful stories and new faces. For example, the TV Stories used to come using the double role subjects always. Now the roles have trebled, i.e., a person will act in three different roles for idiot boxes mega serials.

The latest one is Dharma Yudham, a mega-serial of the Mega TV Channel has introduced Kolangal fame Ajay in triple characters. Earlier, in Bandham the heroine had double role. Now Radhika in Arasi is doing double role. Hereafter, it is going to be trible role of the newly launched Megha TV Channel.

Now the TV serial producers are thinking of creating duet songs with good music background and fighting scenes by engaging stunt masters.

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The film technology has grown into considerable amount in the recent past and the latest development is that soon we will have our very own ‘Live’ movie on television. Channel V which is going to produce films will also making out scripts and direction and the same will be aired from the Mumbai MMRDA grounds, from where the film is to be produced, sources said to our Blog.
This will be a unique experiment as there will be no retakes. Now this is going to be some hard-hitting reality for the movie buffs for sure!
Andaz Apna Very Hatke, the reality film will star Neha Dhupia in the main lead. Besides Dhupia, the film will feature other actors who will be selected through a nation wide talent hunt.
It will be a satire and will feature a rich and coy leading lady, a destitute hero, scheming family members, ruthless villain and suggestive rain soaked scenes, in short a typical pot-boiler.

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A bomb blast ripped through a cinema theatre in Panvel town near Mumbai on Wednesday evening when it was screening Jodhaa Akbar, police officials told IANS. There were no casualties.

When the blast took place the afternoon show was about to end at the Cineraj theatre in Thane district's Panvel, about 100 km from Mumbai.

There were no casualties in the blast, according to preliminary reports. Investigations were on, the police said.

In a precautionary move, another theatre in the locality was evacuated and searched by a bomb detection squad and sniffer dogs. The police were combing the whole area for suspicious things.

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Veteran Journalist Abraham Lincon has drawn the cinema map on the life history of Great Pasumpon Thevar who as a freedom fighter with Subhas Chandra Bose movement, had done a lot for India's freedom. Not much known about the contributions made by Thevar, Lincon has made an indepth analysis and visited several places of Thevar's and had brought out a thesis. This is made into film title Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar Varalaru.Recently in press-release the following contents about the Pasumpon Thevar was issued.

I B Karthikeyan’s Papillon Communications which has several years of experience in the advertising industry has made a documentary on the life history of Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar. The documentary is being released on the occasion of Thevar’s 100th anniversary.

Titled ‘Pasumpon Thevar Varalaaaru’, the documentary narrates the story of Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar who worked for the poor and downtrodden people. Muthuramalinga Thevar was born in the Pasumpon Village in Madurai district and had worked with Netaji Subash Chandra Bose for the freedom of the country.

Thevar who was in possession of more than 32 villages, shunned luxury and worked for the freedom of the country and to redeem the people who were suffering in slavery. He also donated all the lands belonging to him without showing any partiality towards any particular religion or caste. However the life history of Thevar who was a national leader and who showed keen interest in spiritualism has been kept in the dark all these years. All the great deeds that he had done have all been hidden from the public eyes for the sole reason that he was born as a Tamilian.

To present the true picture about Thevar’s life history, Papilon communications has made a documentary after carrying out meticulous research on his life. The documentary running for about 75 minutes narrates with proof the service of Thevar in the freedom struggle and his contributions after the country became free. Advanced 3D technology and animation have been used to depict some of the sequences where no video footage is available.

The documentary has been filmed extensively at several places including Madurai, Ramanathapuram, Tiruchy, Uraiyur, Pudhukottai, Thanjavur, Aaduthurai, Vellore, Kallupatti, and Pulichikulam where Thevar had lived and visited. The Muthukulathur incident which is recorded in history has also been filmed without any deviation from the truth. The Aimuga Vinayagar temple built and consecrated by Thevar is also featured in the documentary. The documentary features three songs penned by Yugabharathi. The music has been scored by Vijay Antony and actor Vagai Chandrasekar has lent his voice for narration.

M P Abraham Lincoln who has served as a correspondent for several years with various dailies including Daily Thanthi, Dhina Bhoomi, Kathiravan, Dhinamalar, Dinakaran and Tamilmurasu and several weeklies has taken care of the research, compilation, script and direction of the documentary. The documentary is based on solid research backed by sufficient evidence for all the incidents narrated.

English Subtitles – I B Saravanan
Joint Direction – Manikandan
Cinematography – Jeeva Shankar
Editing – Thanikachalam
Lyrics – Yugabharathi
Singer – Jayadev
Public Relations – Nikhil
Administrative production – Kasilingam
Production supervision – Praveen
Animation – Ashok Reddy, Prime Focus
Title Animation – V Karthikeyan

Technical head- Joint production
R Monitha

Production – K Kalaiselvi
Ceel: 9884133033

Research, Script, Direction – M P Abraham Lincoln
Cell: 9962045044- 044-45542209


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By Mrs Karpagam N.Thyagarajan

The shooting of Oscar Movies Ananda Thandavam is taking place in the USA. It is the story of Writer Sujatha's Pirivom Sandhipom is being produced as film. Gandhi Krishna who is directing the film had made out the screen play without changing the main story. He has also included his ideas. The dialogues of the film is written by Sujatha and Gandhi Krishna, however, the dialogues are corrected by the Writer Sujatha.

As per the story, the lovers wanted to make love and live in a secluded place like island. That is why the film is shot in a natural environment near water falls and hilly area in the US. Debutant Sidharth and Tamanna are acting in the film. Earlier he has been doing modelling and also an IT engineer was working in a Coimbatore company. He has resigned the job and has come for acting in this film. Another important news about the film is that actor Kitty who has not been seen for the last five years in films, is now acting in this film. Madan Bob, Bala Singh, Kalai Rani are acting in the film. Jeeva Shankar handles the camera and music is directed by G.Prakash Kumar. Lyrics of the film are written by Vairamuthu.

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After Guru the movie-making maverick, Mani Ratnam, was bound to return to his favourite actor. It comes as no surprise to know Abhishek Bachchan and Mani Ratnam will team up again for their third film together.

After the terrific tuning that they shared during Yuva (which Abhishek describes as his career's first turning-point) and Guru, it doesn't require much calculation to see the creative and commercial viability of the Mani-Abhishek pair. Abhishek's better half too is back in the Mani- fold.

Coming out of his bereavement (Mani lost his brother earlier this year), Mani Ratnam is all set to announce a supple romantic film featuring filmdom's foremost marital pair.

Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan will come together in Mani Ratnam's film that starts shooting in September.

According to a source very close to the project: "It's going to be a very intense love story. Where Guru was more a bio-pic with a cavalcade of characters claiming screen space, this film will focus primarily on the romance. It's a very intense film. Mani's most romantic film to date. And yes, it's again based on real life characters."

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For the last two months Actor Vijaykanth has been touring throughout the Tamil Nadu in connection with his newly formed Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam's upliftment for the coming election. The actor by his various questions posing the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister has earned a sizeable amount of people towards him and many say his political campaigns have attracted a large number of people, thus making his films to be success. Follwing the trend many producers beelining the actor's office.

However, some of the DMDK party people refuse to accept the statement. They say their leader has the real charm of becoming chief minister of Tamil Nadu, like the late MGR. But, MGR's films in those days were success except one or two other films of the late Chief Minister M.G.Ramachandran drew a large amount of crowds whereever his films were released and it is still practical, MGR's films if screened even now in Tamil Nadu, go with House Full.

Many producers who are interested to produce films with actor & politician Vijaykanth are bee lining the doors of the actor. Despite the fact, the actor who has taken up politics and his new party to become popular, he pay heeds a little time to acting in films. Now Vijaykanth is acting in Arasangam directed by Madhesh. His next film will be under Selva's direction. Vijaykanth himself has decided to produce a film after which he will give call sheets to his friend Sundara Travels fame Thangaraj's film.

There are reasons why Vijaykanth is most sought after. With his sincere work, he is able to form a party and some leading politicians who considered him a worm early have started answering to all his questions posed by him at various meetings took place in various places of the Tamil Nadu. The actor without acting in films has earned a sizable amount of publicity. More over, Vijaykanth films so far have not created any loss in the B & C area.

Hence, keeping all these in minds, the producers are queuing up the actor's office for call sheets.

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Keerthi Chawla, the young, charming and budding actress is going to act in a duel role for Thirumathi Thamizh with Rajakumaran. Keerthi Chawla said, that she does the roles of a family girl and glamour role as well in the film. Chawla who is always fond of doing character roles in films, gave an exception in this Thirumathi Thamizh. Recently, she has been asked to do special guest role inMahesh, Saranya Matrum palar. Says Chawla, the role will fetch her good name. She got offers in Malayalam film produced by Balachandra Menon, but rejected the offer since she is busy with the schdules of the above two films.

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An allegedly fudged residence certificate and the absence of divorce documents have put a question mark on the legal validity of Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt's marriage with Manyata in Goa.

According to the state government, a residence certificate submitted by Manyata for registration of the wedding has been kept under suspension until the completion of an ongoing inquiry.

The inquiry into the authenticity of the residence certificate was ordered earlier this week by South Goa collector G P Naik. The marriage registration cannot be legally documented without the couple furnishing "certain papers" that are mandatory, officials said on Saturday.

Sub-registrar of Salcete (South Goa) Chandrakant Pisurlekar said the office of 'mamlatdar' (a senior revenue official) has issued a letter, which says the residence certificate of Manyata should be kept under suspension pending the completion of the inquiry.

The residence certificate of Manyata is under investigation as it didn't have the signature of the 'mamlatdar', the official who issues the certificate. The residence certificate, submitted by Manyata saying she had stayed in Goa for six months, has only the signature of 'talathi' (a lower level revenue official). The 'talathi' has been suspended for issuing an "illegal" residence certificate.

Pisurlekar said along with the residence certificate, both Dutt and his wife require to submit documents of their divorce as well. "Both are divorcees. So the documents should include divorce papers too," he said.

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Podhigai and DD 1 airing the comedy show Siri Siri Dhinasari on all Tuesdays at 7.30 PM. The show asking the viewers to laugh at their daily happenings that are taking place in one's life.Comedian Nagesh, Y.Gee.Mahendran, Charlie and Chinni Jayanth will be appearing in the programme and would come out with their jokes. Actors Pandu, Kathadi Ramamurthy, MRK, Manager Seena, Adade Manohar, S.N.Parvathy, Nagalakshmi, Sobana, Mullai Malar and Sreemathi will participate in the programme. In between, the comedy clippings of various films would be shown for the viewers.

DD director N.Jayaseelan is directing the show.

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(By Mrs Karpagam N.Thyagarajan)

For the first time in Indian Television Mulla Naasreeudin comedy stories will be aired in the Jaya Plus TV Channel. Ace Producers R.S.Somanathan and A.Padmaraj are going to produce this for Srivari combines. Comedian Manorama is going to act in the serial in an important role. For the first time comedian S.S.Chandran will make his debut through this serial. K.B.Arivanandam writes the screen play and the dialogues by GK. Lyric of the serial is done by Poovai Senguttuvan and the music by Sasi and cinemtography by Logu and Sridhar.

The serial is directed by A.Padmaraj and S.A.Janakiraman.

The other actors include Vaiyapuri, Balaji, Siva Balaji, Bonda Mani, Kulla Mani, Vadivukarasi, Nalini, Sumitra, Jayalakshmi, Devi Priya, Kalidas, and Mumtaz are going to act in the serial.

The serial is likely to be telecast from March onwards on all Sundays at 9.30 AM.

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( By Karpagam N.Thyagarajan )

From February 24th on all Sundays the Vijay TV Channel is going to air the family of music. Each and every week, at 10 AM various musicians will take part in the programme who are all going to lend their voices with their talents. The show will have two groups headed by established singers and young singers who want to make it big in playback singing. The show will have various rounds like my songs, comedy rounds, dheem thanana, aadaludan paadalai kettu says K.Sri Ram of the Vijay TV Channel. Singers like Pon Magal Vandhal famous Mohamed Aslam, Padma Latha, Prasanna, Mega alongwith super singer juniors like Kaushik and Kannan are the few of the contestants. Anchors are Yugendran and his wife Hemamalini. Judges are A.R.Rahena, Vijay Antony and director Saravana Subbiah.

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(By Mrs Karpagam N.Thyagarajan)

Namma Kudumbam directed by Sundar K.Vijayan for the Kalaignar TV Channel has crossed his 100th episode.
Actress Kushboo doing the Nandini role marries the elder brother though she loved the younger one.The lover turns as villain and put her into a lot of troubles. Untolerated by the troubles of her husband's younger brother, Kushboo herself attacks him literally, but unfortunately her husband receives all her severe blows. He was rushed to the hospital due to injuries sustained in the fight.

But Kushboo's trouble from her erstwhile lover continues and how she manages and escapes from those hurdles is the story well written.

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( N.Thyagarajan)

Hindi film Gajini, is sold for Rs.90 crores. According to information, the shooting of the film is yet to complete his work and the release of the film might take in June or July this year, was sold for a big sum. It has been said that the film was sold for Rs.50 crore to release throughout India and Rs.40 crore was paid towards the film's foregin rights including the audio and video and satellite rights.

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Actress Kajala has been chosen as the fifth heroine for the film Raman Thediya Seethai produced by Moser Baer jointly with Global One Film. Jagannathan is directing this film in which Cheran, Pasupathy, Nitin Sathya, Navya Nair, Vimala Raman and Karthika are acting. Now, the production companies have included Kajala as the fifth heroine of the film. The character of Kajala in this film will take a turn in the story of the film. The first schedule of the film were shot at the Nagerkovil and the second schedule is going on in Pondicherry.

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Hello film Preethi Johnson is getting married next month. She had earlier acted in various Telugu and Hindi films. The bridegroom is an actor. The marriage will take place next month in New Delhi. After marriage Preethi has decided not to act in films.

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After fighting the bad guys in Jackie Chan’s action flick – The Myth, bollywood beauty, Mallika Sherawat would be soon spotted in yet another Hollywood film, The Aquarian Gospel – a film that focuses on the life of Jesus Christ.

The film looks into Christ`s life, from the time he was 13 years of age till the time he turned 30. The film shall see Mallika donning the role of Christ’s confidante during his visit to Kashmir, India. Australian born Drew Heriot, director of the widely acclaimed – The Secret (2006), is at the helm of the film.

The Bible does not speak much about Christ’s younger years and many stories have been constructed as to what he did during these years. Heriot ‘s film would be a chronicle of Jesus` journey from Israel as a young boy, through India, Tibet, Persia, Greece and Egypt.

Mallika who has time and again experimented with different roles shall play the role of Saraswati, one of Yeshua`s (Jesus) loyal friends whom he bonds with while he travels through India.

Heriot, who is all praise for the Indian beauty said, "Mallika is not just a pretty face, she is versatile, has a background in philosophy, so she will convey the richness of the subject matter in the story."

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There is not even a single distributor from the Tamil Nadu to buy and release the Jodha Akbar dubbed into Tamil language. According to sources, the producers wanted Rs. 3 crores for the dubbed version of the film. Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Bachan have acted in the film is getting released today in Hindi and Telugu in various Northern and southern parts of India. The film runs for more than three hours and thirty-six minutes. Some of the Tamil film distributors feel, that the audiences will not have patience to watch the film for three hours. Besides, they also say, that the Dhoom Two was sold in the Tamil Nadu for only Rs.2 crores. The film had kissing scenes of Aishwarya Roy with Hrithik Roshan.

The story of the Jodha Akbar is the story of Emperor Akbar with his wife Jodha.

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( By Karpagam N.Thyagarajan)

The famous Malayalam villain Devan who has done role as villain in Tamil films like Basha and Vijayakanth's Honest Raj, is going to act for a mega-serial titled Latchiyam for the kalaignar TV Channel. The channel began to telecast the serial since last week is being aired between 11 AM and 11.30 AM. The serial is produced by V.S.Kumaran and A.M.Vasagam and directed by R.Ganesh. The story, screen play and dialogues of the serial is written by Devi Bala.

Devan, Deepa Venkat, Lakshmi, Manjari, Sai Prashanth, Azhagu, V.R.Thilakam, Auditor Sridhar and Venky.

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Karnataka's latest heartthrob, Golden Star Ganesh tied the knot with his girlfriend of two years, Shilpa Barkur at her residence in Bangalore's JP Nagar late on Monday night.The star had originally planned a grand wedding on February 18, but owing to calls by his female fans allegedly threatening suicide, Ganesh and his family opted to change plans, leaving scores of his fans shocked.“We are shocked. We think he married a bit too early,” a fan lamented. While another fan said, “We are happy for him and wish him a happy married life. But we did not expect this.”The couple got married in a small ceremony, which was attended by family and close friends.
Ganesh shot to stardom with his 2007 film Mungaaru Male which broke all records, earning Rs 75 crores. His other films like Chellata and Gaalipattu were also box office hits. But is this hasty marriage going to affect his acting career? His fans think otherwise. “No I think he has is talented and the marriage will not affect him,” a fan said. However, not everyone was as charitable to the actor. “Hereafter no girl will watch his movies, maybe boys will go for his film,” an angry fan said.

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The interim injunction not to release the Veda film was lifted by the chennai court after the producer and the financiar reached an agreement. The producer has promised the financiar to return a part of money and the rest of the money after the release of the film Veda. The judge gave direction, that the Veda film could be released and lifted the interim injunction.

Veda is the real story that took place in Malaysia. The story of love which did not take place in the lives of a person who loved a girl. He lead the life without marrying anyone.

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The Chennai Family court on Monday gave divorce to the music director and Ilayaraja's son Yuvan Shankar Raja who married Sujaya, a nationality of the UK, in the year 2003. Both were leading good life but sudden there was a change in their friendship. Based on the mutual consent of Yuvan and Sujaya the judge gave them six months period to see that the divorce does not take place. The case was heard again after six months and both of them told that they had no inclination to lead their married life. Following their desire, the Judge gave them divorce

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The Judicial Majistrate of the Kumbakonam dismissed the case filed against the actress Kushboo for attending the subamuhurat function of the Vallamai Tharoya film. The actor was sued by the Hindu Front of the Kumbakonam wing general secretary Gurumurthy. In his petition he had stated that the actress by appearing on the dais with her slippers and without any respect she was seated near the Godesses statues. The action of the actress had affected the sentiments of the Hindus and hence appealed to take proper action against the actress.

The judge on verifying the counsels arguments on several occasions dismissed the case. Following the Judgement of the Kumbakonam court, Gurumurthy said that he would again proceed the case with Higher court authorities to find out a solution.

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Jeb Karvin is the zoological research fellow,who finds that most of elephants living in Australian forests are saving themselves from the hunters bullets. Jeb accounts the detailed information about the elephants behaviour in escaping from the hunters with its mere smelling capacity. Sometimes, the elephants come in group and attacks the hunters to threaten them and scare them away. Jeb Karvin who is interested in the wild life animals existence train all the elephants to retort its enemies from hunting them. The detailed film about the elephants, its behaviour and training by Jeb are filmed in a beautiful forest locales and are aired through the Animal Planet on Tuesdays at 9 PM. Don't miss to enjoy Jeb and the elephants.

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Kalaignar TV Channel is airing Maharasi, a mega serial, from Mondays to Fridays between 1.30 pm and 2.00 pm. The serial has become popular among women folk, since the Heroin Maharasi want to achieve many things in her life without the help of her family members. But her parents want her to settle in her life marrying a good boy. The parents arrange her betrothal. But, Maharasi runs away from the house to avoid marriage. She meets the business magnet Chandramohan, who understands her ambition and promises to help her.

He makes her as the MD of his company. Maharasi works hard with sincerity. In the mean while she faces many problems from Chandramohan’s family members.The story revolves around whether Maharasi fulfills her parent’s desire.

Abhishek, Pushpalatha, Prabhakar, Viji kitty and Nesan are acting in main roles.

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“Entertaining the crowd is not that tough but speaking sense is what matters the most…,” director-cum-actor Cheran spoke sense reflecting his reel image in every single action of his.

The three time national award winner was speaking at a function to distribute laptops to students of Raja College of Engineering and Technology here.

Reminiscing the days he spent at Industrial Training Institute, he urged the students to set a goal for themselves and go heart out to achieve it come what may.

“Don’t forget your roots. For, they will keep you grounded,” he exhorted. Expressing concern over the craze for courses in information technology, he said that people had became so self-centred that they dreamt of constructing their own house, car and other facilities forgetting the necessity to raise crops to feed them.

“Farming activity is not only a profession but a necessity. Many farmers have lost interest in agriculture and are migrating to urban centres looking for greener pastures. Under these circumstances it becomes imperative for people to create an awakening among the public on declining farm activities. As a son of the soil, I have started to practise what I preach in my life,” he said.

Relying on simplicity, Cheran said: “What I am now is an outcome of 15 years of struggle.” He urged them to spare a thought for the society, which had contributed a lot to their development. “What are you going to do for your society? Design your life in such a way that you can contribute something to the welfare of the society.”

He was very particular to note that the real taste of success could not be felt unless the society to which a person belonged to acknowledge the effort. “A person will be remembered as a thinker only when his society benefits from his or her contribution,” was his parting shot.

The college management arranged for distribution of 600 laptops in easy repayment options for the students. G. Nagarajan, college chairman and S.M. Sekkilar, Principal, were present.

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Actress Meera Vasudevan's husband Vishal on Saturday appeared in the Chennai Family court and submitted a petition stating that he wanted to live with the actress and in no way interested to divorce the actress. Vishal is the son of ace cameraman Ashok who married the actress sometime ago. Meera Vasudevan does not like to live with Vishal due to frequent quarrels that arose between them. Following the altercations, the actress sought compensation and divorce from Vishal. The Judge on accepting the letter from Vishal postponed the case for further hearings.

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Produced By: Lotus Film Company (P) Ltd

Story, Screen Play & Direction: Prem

Music Direction: Sabesh - Murali

Cinematography: Om Prakash

Editor: Bhaskaran

PRO: Vijay Murali

Actors: Prem, Anusri, Pooja Bharat, Raguvaran, Rajeev, Anand Raj.

A commander-in-chief saves the life of the Indian Prime Minister who comes to Coimbatore from a terrorist group. This is the single line of the story narrated in a beautiful way without any ingredient for reaching the point of satiety. The story is narrated with various chains of reactions. From the scene of the PM getting admitted to a hospital after receiving bullet injuries and with a flashback of a military officer Raguvaran who looses his job in the 1971 Pakistan War taking revenge against his own mother country and the government with his association of another villain Anand Raj, the scenes of the film move fastly. Ananda Raj dialogues in this film saying that there might be a lot of diversions and differences in India due to various religions and castes, but once the people come to know that India is being attacked, they all would sink their differences and act unitedly to fight for their country, receive thunderous applause's from the audiences for each show.

Anand Raj, Raghuvaran and Rajeev have done their role well. Prem as commander-in-chief in this film does a lot of action equivalent to western films. Anusri and Pooja Bharath who are portrayed in this film as beautiful angels have also done their roles naturedly. Debutant hero Naveen shown in this film as a person who reaches the stages of death and comes back to his life is something new in the Tamil film history. Sabesh-Murali music is good.

One can call the film is a serious film without any item songs or duet songs. To Prem you can say "Zinda Baad".

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Vivek has been cast to play the comedian in Rajnikanth's forthcoming movie Kuselan. Produced by veteran director K Balachander, Kuselan, a remake of Malayalam hit Katha Parayumbol, is directed by P Vasu.
Vivek had earlier teamed up with Rajnikanth in Sivaji to evoke laughter.

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Many had witnessed the scene of the dark cloud giving way to the shooting of Ayya Vazhi when there was heavy rain in other parts of the Tamil Nadu.The eye witnesses of people who watched the shooting of the film near Nagarkovil said, the Ayya Vazhi is the life history of Vaikuntasamy.
According to the history Vaikuntasamy was arrested by the king Kalineesa and was tied with a chariot and made him walk on the road. Many who was witnessing the shooting of this scene recently came out with tears. When this particular scene was about to be shot, the black clouds covering the exactly in the shooting spot vanished. The shooting was not disturbed. But, the rain began to start with thunder in the other parts of the shooting area, one of the witnesses said.

Earlier, the Rudra Dhandavam of Lord Shiva was filmed on the Thanu Hilly area. Actor Abhishek and Pratiksha acted as Lord Siva and Parvathi in the shooting. Dance Master Siva Sankar and Stunt Master Jacquar Thangam are acting in the film in important characters.

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Devayani recently gave birth another a girl child. One and half years ago she was blessed with the first girl baby Iniya. Last week, Devayani in a private nursing home delivered the second baby.

The news came as surprise, when a section of Tamil news papers carried out the news item. However, it was confirmed that the actress gave birth the second issue.

The actress has been acting in Kolangal for the last five years. She gave birth the first child when the serial had hardly crossed his 225th episode. In the meanwhile, Devayani left for the Kalaignar TV Channel to act in Manjal Mahimai. Due to non availability of enough sponsors for the serial, the Kalaignar TV Channel has abandoned the airing of the Manjal Mahimai. Now Devayani is fully attentive with the work of acting in Kolangal. Of course, with the development of modern medical advancement in India, it may take a short time for the actress to come back for acting for the Kolangal. Till then, its director Thiruchelvam had learnt to manage the serial for the time being without the actress.

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Vijay TV Channel's mega-serial Madurai has crossed its hundreth episode recently. It is a story of relatives who separated due to quarrel over the property issue. Meenakshi who falls in love with Saravanan is making severe attempts to unite the family. Indirectly, Saravanan helps her out to bring the families together. Are they succeed in their attempts is fully focussed by the writer.

Recently, big banners and posters in Chennai are decorating the walls of various streets, stating that the serial has completed its 100th episode. The serial is aired on all Mondays to Thursdays between 8.30 PM and 9.00 PM.

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