Soon Rajshri Media will be launching in four 4 regional content video websites like Bengali, Tamil, Telgu, and Marathi. This they had analysed before they foray into regional/vernacular video content. They have also launched a youtube channel each for these regional sites.

On the youtube front Rajshri became the number one most viewed YouTube channel in India with more than 100 million viewers. Rajshri Media part of 60 year old Rajshri group which is one of the oldest and largest entertainment group has leveraged its offline content repository and even made tie ups to scale its online presence.

Rajshri Media has a huge collection of movies,archived TV content,original content on its website It also hosts content of various other languages like Bengali, Tamil, Telgu, Marathi which makes it N0 1 media channel with a huge audience base.

What makes them hit in India is their content repository which includes all time hit epics like Ramayan, Shaktimaan, Mahabharat etc which make them unique and front-runner in providing the content which may have lost with time...

.Rajshri has been able to draw lot of eyeballs for the Web Video content but we feel what is even more promising is the upcoming domains i.e mobile which will gain more traction with the introduction services like 3G etc. We had reported that rajshri is soon to launch which would be a mobile vas download site. Rajshri can very well encash its early mover advantage in the web video domain and use the same for mobile video once the technology (3G) is in place. As it has all the content and has the capability technologically as well (given their tryst with mobisodes)

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“I will not do glamour roles. That means I will not wear revealing clothes in films. I know that taking the glamour route is the easiest way to stardom, but you will not last long. I do not want to mention names, but where are the stars who wore revealing costumes? What are they doing today? The life of a glam girl is very short in cinema, while actresses of substance have a longer run, depending on the performance of their films at the box-office,” says Valmiki Telugu film Meera Nandan.

The actress has decided to act in the film in de-glam roles.

While talking about her role in Valmiki she said that her character was very strong in the film and the film's director Anantha Narayanan had brought best things from her. She hoped that audience would appreciate her role in films. Ilayaraja has done quite a fab job with the music; let's hope the story and screenplay is as great as the music.

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Small screen actor Chetan has become director for a Tamil movie to be produced by Sathya Jothi Thyagarajan. " Earlier I was working as assistant director for some films and I was waiting for an opportunity to be come a fullfledged director for a film. But my schedules with acting for small screen serials did not give me enough time. I told my own story to the director, who promised me to go ahead with the production of the film. Now I am writing the script and will soon start writing of dialogues of the film" said the small-screen actor Chetan.

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By N.Thyagarajan

This is the title of a Tamil film to be produced by Daya Nidhi son of Minister M.K.Azhagiri. It is the story of making fun on the films produced in Tamil for commercial purposes. Mirchi Siva has taken a vow to find out various idiotic that are going on among the producers to make their films successful. Wait for the day when this film will be released, if it is released then it will be a veritable tamasha among the people of Tamil Nadu.

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Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay and a leading film actors of younger generation will be announcing about starting of his new political party on his birthday. His father, S.A.Chandrasekaran who is also an actor, producer and director is the stickler for starting the party. Vijay who is acting in his 49th film Vettaikaran would yield him a good result and his earlier films were flopped. The actor who claims that he has more than 20 lakhs fans would be joining or supporting his new political party from outside. Following the foot-steps of MGR , Sarath Kumar and Vijaykanth this young artiste will be heading a political party.

There have been vast connections between Kodambakkam film studios and the young film heros to start a political party, but Vijay's political party would not contest in the coming elections. Like Rahul Gandhi who did not like to become a minister, but at the same time woo youngsters in the Congress party, this young Vijay would strive to do several welfare measures to poor and as a first step, the party would start computer cafes in three places of Chennai to make the poor people to browse and deal with computer languages.

Let us wait and see, what this young actor has to say after starting his political party !

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Veteran actress Lakshmi, known as " South Indian Oprah Winfrey" for her popular talk show 'Kathaialle Nijam', makes her debut on Kannada TV as the host of the talk show. The show, titled 'Idu Katheyalla Jeevana', is very similar to her hit show in Tamil. The show will go on air from June 22, every Monday to Friday on Suvarna channel.

'Idu Katheyalla Jeevana' aims to bring to light and discuss taboo subjects such as homosexuality, adultery, abuse at the work place, domestic violence and adolescent issues.

In each episode, a specific case will be chosen and those involved in the case will be featured on the show. It gives the audience a chance to stand witness to the many faces of truth and reality. The show also attempts to provide solutions.

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It is the story of love between four sisters. Punitha comes to city and she gets Rathnavel’s support and she stays in Ponnatha’s house. Punitha always expects good things to happen in her life but Ponnatha’s son-in-law Durai Raj madly falls in love with Punitha.
Surya who comes from Singapore comes to know through Punitha about Durairaj swindling money from the business runs by Surya. In the meanwhile Surya decides to marry Punitha. On coming to know the decision of Suseela decides to commit suicide because she loves him.
On knowing this, Punitha takes a vow to stay in a temple till the problems are settled down.The story goes around whether Punitha and Surya unites together.

The Story and direction are done by Sakthi Manohar. The serial is being telecast on all Mondays to Fridays at 1.30 PM through Sun TV Channel.

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