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The prestigious 2008 Spirit Awards, precursor to the Oscars, have been announced. And much to Bollywood’s surprise, among the independent films and their makers from across the world in line for this honour, is our Irrfan Khan.

He rubs shoulders in the Best Supporting Actor category with the likes of Steve Zahn, Marcus Carl Franklin and Kene Holliday. Irrfan, incidentally, has been nominated for his performance as Tabu’s silently progressive husband in The Namesake. Now the buzz is that Irrfan will also be nominated for an Oscar.

Speaking from New York, Irrfan could barely contain his surprise. “Mira Nair got the Gotham Award and I was there to watch this historic moment. Barely 24 hours later comes this announcement about me. The Spirit Awards to me is every bit as prestigious as the Oscars. But unlike the Oscars, they are totally independent and based entirely on merit rather than lobbying. I’m honoured to be alongside Don Cheadle, Frank Langella and Philip Seymour Hoffman (all nominated in the Best Actor category).”

Philip is Irrfan’s favourite actor. They met after the Gotham Awards at a party on Monday. “His versatility has always taken my breath away. He started with just two scenes in Scent Of A Woman . Somewhere I identify with him. When I met him, it was a dream come true,” said Irrfan.

Uma Thurman, too, interacted with Irrfan at a lunch hosted by the actress for Mira Nair and her The Namesake crew on Monday. They spent a good half hour chatting. “Uma had seen both my new films, A Mighty Heart and The Namesake . She said it was unbelievable that the same actor could do two such dissimilar films,” said Irrfan.


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(By N.Thyagarajan )

Chennai 28 fame Venkat Prabhu is going to direct a new film Saroja for D.Siva. This is Siva's 14th film.Earlier he produced films like Aravindan,Deivavakku, Chinna Mappilai and Rasaiah. SPB Charan, Premji, Amaran, Siva, Suman and Sambath and in important roles Jayaram and Prakash Raj are acting. Story, Screen Play, dialogues and direction are all handled by Venkat Prabhu.

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Film and TV serial fame Tarikaa is acting in the G.V.Samy's Karisalmun film. The film is about the Thanjavur District farmers who live in the delta area of the district. The co-producers are Ariyalur M.Pughazhendi and A.K.Arumugam. Saran Raj is the hero of the film. The shootings of the film are scheduled in Thanjavur, Pudhukottai and Keeramangalam.

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Oram Poh in which Aarya has acted with Pooja is released today amidst a lot of protests from various quarters.Aarya and the film's producer thank the Producers Council for paving the way for the release of the film.

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Actress Suganya frequents London by flying once in six months and returning back. The reason is very very secretly guarded. Soon the purpose of her visits would make known at a press conference to be held recently.

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(By N.Thyagarajan )

Action King Arjun is going to act in a film Durai, produced by P.L.Thenappan for Rajalakshmi Productions. Arjun is writing the story. The dialogues and screen play of the film are undertaken by A.Venkatesh. Padma Priya is doing the role opposite Arjun. D.Iman does the music direction. The song Raja Rajadhi Rajan in the film Agni Nakshithiram is remixed in the film and was shot in Pollachi with a group of junior artistes.

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( By Mrs. Karpagam N.Thyagarajan )

Noted writer, producer and a classic actor Parthiban is going to act in the film Vallamai Thaaroya, under the direction of Madhumitha. During the subamuhurat day of the film, Parthiban said that all women were directors, and without them nothing in the world would move. "I feel proud to act under the director" Parthiban said.

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Moserbaer has recently released a DVD titled Glorious Seventy-five-years of the Tamil film industry. The DVD will give all the particulars about the Tamil film industry's growth in the last seventy-five-years. Mainly, the DVD is focussed on the films of Late Shivaji Ganesan and M.G.Ramachandran. The films begin with the year 1953 to 2007 have the details about the hit films.

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Ajith after the release of his Billa film CD, has agreed to act in the film Akbar directed by Raju Sundaram. The script is ready and the shooting of the film will commence from January next year and will be released for the Tamil New Year's Day falling in April, 2008.

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( by Mrs.Karpagam N.Thyagarajan)

Vadivelu is only interested nowadays for the release of his film Indralogathil Na.Azhgappan film. He is showing his keen interest in dubbing of his voice for his roles, editing and other post production works. He is very confident that the film would fetch him a good name like his earlier one 23-M Pulikesi.

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Actor Sanjay Dutt walked out of the Yerawada Central Jail, along with his friend and fellow convict Yusuf Nulwalla, on Thursday morning. A private chartered plane was waiting for him at Lohegaon airport, about 3 km from the prison.

Sporting a well maintained beard, big tika on the forehead and white Pathani shirt and blue jeans, Dutt came out of the heavy prison doors at 9.45 am. Both Dutt and Nulwalla walked down to a van with a Pune registration number which was parked in front of the prison.

Barring media persons, no fans of the actor were present near the prison to see him off, unlike the first time when he was brought to the prison on August 2 and later released on August 23. However, the police authorities had stepped up security on the road leading to the prison to avoid any trouble.

The actor was released two days after the Supreme Court granted him bail in the case.

As he walked down to the entrance of the prison, Dutt looked skyward. He looked relieved and waved to media persons before boarding the van. However, despite repeated requests, he refused to speak to reporters.

Dutt was lodged in the prison on October 22 when he surrendered before the Tada court after securing a copy of its judgment in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case. Dutt had stayed in the prison for 22 days in August and was released from the jail on August 23, when SC had granted him interim bail.

Jail guard Milind Dinde (31) was suspended for shaking hands with Dutt when he was released last time, on August 23, and eight others had been issued show cause notices. Dinde was later reinstated after he submitted an apology to Ravindra Kedari, deputy inspector general, prison.

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By N.Thyagarajan

Singapore Airlines has obtained exclusive rights for the in-flight screening of Rajinikanth’s latest release, ‘Sivaji-The Boss.’

The movie, released in June this year, made news for being the most expensive Indian production to date. “This is the first time Singapore Airlines has purchased the rights of an Indian movie.

The film will be screened on all its international flights from December 1st,” said Mr Bharat Mahadevan, airlines manager- southern India.

The screening rights has been purchased from Ayngaran international, a London-based company that had the distribution rights of Sivaji for the overseas market. SC Babu, CEO, AVM Productions- producers of Sivaji, said that the film will be dubbed in Hindi and released in January next year.

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Pyramid Saimira has announced a strategic acquisition of Mumbai-based Dimples Cine Advertising Pvt Ltd and Dimples Cine Activations.

As per the deals, Pyramid Saimira group has acquired 51 per cent stakes in the company for an undisclosed sum.

Pyramid Saimira Theatre Pvt Ltd managing director P S Saminathan said, 'with the acquisition, the company will become a one stop entertainment super market.'

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Many movies have been made on political families. Now this latest one in Kannada called Mukhyamantri I Love You is based on the private lives of former Prime Minister Deve Gowda's family, and promises to be a pot boiler.

Kumaraswamy has been named Kumar. Devegowda's second son Revanna is Devanna and the man himself has been named Tantra Dowda, a take off on Deve Gowda's beliefs in voodoo and tantra mantra.

"For an artist costume is a must. The director has asked me to wear this costume so I am wearing it. If it is equivalent to Deve Gowda's costume I cannot help it," said Loknath, who plays Tantra Dowda.

In real life, Ex chief minister Kumaraswamy's alleged love for famous film actress Radhika was doing the rounds in media circles for quite a while so in Mukhyamantri I Love You, the celluloid characters of Kumar and Radha play out their parts true to the real life rumours.

"It's the story of a family where the Chief Minister's son becomes the CM after a coup, a rebellion and this man falls in love with a film actress," said Ravi Biligiri, Producer & Director.

Shooting for the film has begun and the director hopes to release it before the next Assembly Elections.

What effect the movie will have on the Gowda family's political future might be the theme for the director's next movie.

(COURTESY: ndtv)

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A good story idea and its distinct depiction on screen is more important than filming technique, film director Mani Ratnam has said. ‘When I write and make a movie, it is the story and its lucid depiction that is primary for me than the filming technique as it comes secondary. I believe that audience come to watch a film for its story and not for its look on screen,’ said Mani Ratnam.

‘It is more important for me to tell the story convincingly, backed by good performances from actors. A good story without the support of good acting will have no impact on people. However, story is bigger than stars,’ he said.
A filmmaker has to strive for giving a different angle to a concept by exploring newer ideas borrowed from real life incidents, the director of films like Nayakan, Roja, Bombay, Dil Se, Thalapathi, Anjali,Yuva and Guru said. ‘When I see potential in a concept, there is an urge inside me to take it away from the cliche and give a different treatment, something what others have not thought of,’ he said.
‘When one is writing, he has to take inspiration from everyday incidents to get better story ideas. One must also read as much as possible to be able to give contemporary touch for audience to relate with the subject,’ he said.
Ratnam himself has been an exponent of depicting current issues through his films - Roja (Kashmir insurgency), Bombay (post Babri Masjid demolition riots), Dil Se (North East problem), Yuva (youth entering politics) and Guru (depicting India’s journey from a Nehruvian socialist to an emerging capitalist nation).
‘An idea doesn’t come to you overnight. It takes time to germinate and develops over a period of time. Even after staying in the mind for long, if the thought still interests me, then I get the impetus to go ahead and make a film out of it,’ he said. A management graduate, Ratnam began with no formal training in cinema. Yet he is counted as one of the most reputed directors in the country today. But, he still believes that he has not fully evolved as a complete director.
‘I had no guidance, literature to start with. But I had a management background which taught me to conceptualise and execute my ideas. I write bare minimum. I have been always amazed by directors like Satyajit Ray who could write out an entire story board and then shoot accordingly,’ he said.
‘One of the main reasons why some of my films like ‘Dil Se’ and ‘Gitanjali’ did not do well inspite of a good story was abrupt ending. The entire story that has been narrated for two hours, has to end logically as it is the ending for which a movie is remembered by the people,’ Ratnam said.
Ratnam is also known for introducing A R Rehman in the film industry as a composer. All his films starting from Roja in 1992 have music compositions of Rehman and the director now shares a special bonding with him.
‘I have worked with two very classy composers -Illayaraja and Rehman. Both are from two different schools of music composition. While Illayaraja is more spontaneous in his response, Rehman takes time to think over tunes and story situation and labours over it,’ he said. According to him, Rehman, if pushed a little, is willing to think laterally.
‘The greatest challenge for a filmmaker working with people who have had a successful association with him is to motivate them to explore new avenues, without being repetitive,’ Ratnam said. Pushing for the unknown can eventually bring out greater results, he said, adding his films were meant for people and not for awards.
‘My movies are for people. I am hungry for their appreciation. If in the due course any award comes in my way, it is welcome.
However, all awards, especially the Oscars don’t have any value. In fact, Oscars have become a racket where you have to spend lakhs to impress the jury for just nominating your film,’ Ratnam alleged. The intent should be to make good meaningful mainstream films and not look for awards, he said, in his message to budding film writers and directors.


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The Bollywood Super Star Sanjay Dutt,was granted bail by apex court Tuesday giving a big relief to not only the actor and his family but also to the Indian film industry. The film actor is involved in different Bollywood projects worth more than 100 crore rupees.

A Supreme Court bench comprising Justices K.G. Balakrishnan, R.V. Ravindran and J.M. Panchal granted bail to Sanjay Dutt. Dutt is presently serving a jail sentence in Pune’s Yeravada jail.

The Bollywood superstar who has acted in some of the most successful movies over the last two decades is serving a six-year jail sentence under the Arms Act in the 1993 Mumbai blasts case. Dutt was convicted for buying AK-56 rifle and a pistol from underworld dons linked to the bombings in which 257 people were killed in Mumbai in 1993.

Sanjay Dutt, son of late Sunil Dutt, who was one of the best actors the country has produced and a Congress party leader has challenged his conviction by TADA court late last month. He has sought bail until the petition was heard.The actor who has been serving his sentence in Pune's Yerwada Jail.

Sanjay Dutt had also sought his release on bail pending a decision on his plea.

Priya Dutt, a Congress MP and Sanjay Dutt's sister Priya Dutt expressed her happiness over the release of her brother saying, “''We are happy that he would come here soon. We hope for a better tomorrow and want to thank all who have supported us to overcome the situation”.

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( by Mrs.Karpagam N.Thyagarajan )

It is after Shivaji, the AVM Productions is planning to produce a new film with Suriya as the hero. Story wise, according to the film's productions, something new and different one. The new film is to be directed by Cinematographer K.V.Anand and the music of the film will be scored by Harris Jeyaraj. The shooting of the film likely to commence in the coming January and will be released in the next Deepavali festival. Producers of the film are M.Saravanan, M.S.Guhan, Aruna Guhan and Aparna Guhan.

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By Mrs Karpagam N.Thyagarajan

The young Madhavan is acting in Yavarum Nalam produced by Atlaps Production. The film is simultaneously produced in Hindi version. The heroine of the film Mumbai beauty Neetu Chandra. The story, Screen Play and Direction of the film are all undertaken by Vikram K.Kumar.

The producer has made a big set of an apartment at a cost of Rs.45 lakhs in Chennai Egmore.

According to the story-line Madhavan and his family occupies the apartment in Chennai. The entire family faces shocking events in the house and how they get rid out of the problems is the basic story.

Cinematographer P.C.Sriram handles the camera for the thrilling film. There are three music directors ---- Shankar, Esan and Loy-

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(BY Mrs. Karpagam N.Thyagarajan)

For the first time Director Hari and Bharath will be joining for a Tamil film produced by famous film distributor M.A.Jinnah. The shooting of the film will start in the coming December and it has been planned to shot the films throughout Tamil Nadu and in the USA or Australia.

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Now it is Sandai not Mahamagam

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( Mrs. Karpagam N.Thyagarajan )

Earlier the film was titled as Porukki and was rechristened as Mahamagam. Now it has been changed as Sanda. The film is produced and directed by Shakthi Chidambaram. In the film Nepoleon is acting as an IAS officer. In another film Nepoleon is acting as IPS officer. In both the films Sundar C is the hero.

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Jaya TV Channel is going to air 'Duplicate', a programme in which a lot of artistes having the similarities faces and voices of various actors, actresses and singersould be appearing on the screen. The programme is scheduled to air in the channel as early as possible. The programme is to be anchored by the film comedian Mayilsamy who has invited all those who have the simlarities of faces and voices of leading film artistes and singers. The programme will last for 45 minutes on every sundays, it is said.

While Sun TV airs on all Sundays the very same programme with a different title, " Super Duper", the Jaya TV channel too joins in the bandwagon of the theme.

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It's absolutely Dullsville as far as the presence of delegates is concerned at the 10-day International Film Festival of India currently on its fourth day in Goa.

No recognisable face has shown up at the INOX complex, the venue for the fest. Paresh Rawal took a break from his day’s shooting in the city and was looking around for a delegate card when he was besieged by the print and the electronic media.

The selection of films, by contrast, has been excellent, particularly from the east European countries.

Hollywood continued to boycott the festival for the last five years, as the major studio companies have insisted, as IFFI does not give them any commercial benefits.

Also, since film censorship rules continue to be stringent, Hollywood honchos feel no need to get into the film festival spirit here.

The attendance at the screenings has picked up. But not many locals are seen at the venue, which is mainly packed with delegates, students and journalists. Incidentally, the media has never has it so good. A popular brewery has started an open bar serving beer, rum, the works for journos in need of a drink in between movies. Not surprisingly, the booze stock runs out by early evening.

Last year’s free breakfasts in a launch on the Mandovi, however, are being sorely missed. There is an inordinately high number of food stalls at the complex — ranging from Bade Miya’s kababs to idli-dosa counters. Oddly, Goan cuisine is not represented.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s Khuda ke Liye — which bravely criticises fundamentalism and religious bigotry — has been appreciated by the audience. The other two top favourites, so far, have been Romania's Four Months Three Weeks and Two Days that discusses the issue of abortion sensitively and Poland’s Tricks, an imaginative child's search for his estranged father.



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" Kamal Hassan's Narpani Mandram" will always strive for the growth of the Tamil language and honour the people who were interested in the growth of the language", said Kamal Hassan at the felicitations offered to the noted Kavignar Puviarasu on receiving the Sahithya Award for translating the novel Puratchikaran.

Kamal Hassan said that he came into contact the Kavignar when he was hardly 21 years. Kamal said it was the Kavignar who certified him that he would become a great actor and instilled faith in him.

Kamal underlined and answered the Kavignar's speech that the Tamil scholars, lyricist and writers were not treated properly and respected. Kamal assured that his Narpani Mandram would do all the needful in support of various Tamil scholars who toiled day and night for the upliftment of the language in the society. He also recalled, that when Narpani Mandram was formed, he said that many scholars would participate in the Narpani Mandram functions. "That has started becoming true" Kamal said.

The other participants of the felicitation programme were Abdul Rahman, Thilagavathy IPS, AIR Station Director, Coimbatore J.Kamalanathan, Professor K.Gnanasambandham, Kabilan and Na.Muthu Kumar.

Kamal Hassan lauded the speech of Prof.Gnanasambandham said that the professor had brought everything about the conditions of the Tamil scholars in a comedy way. He told many things and were taken into account, Kamal said.

Many could see, even today that in Kamal's writings one could see the literary work of the Kavignar Puviarasu's work, for he learnt many things on reading the Sahitya Academy Award Winner writings. "Many say that I do not belonged to any political party. It is wrong. I have politics in my mind" Kamal said.

He assured his Narpani Mandram would do wonders for the upliftment of the Tamil language after giving away the Sahitya Academy to Kavignar Puviarasu. The Kavignar received the Sahitya Academy by post from the Delhi Government, since he was an inabsentia for the award function that took place in Delhi. He also wanted to receive the award through Kamal Hassan at a public function arranged for him. Kamal said, that many scholars would be honoured in the near future and reiterated his Narpani Mandram would

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Tightening the noose around the film and music piracy industry, the social service branch of the Mumbai police seized pirated CDs, DVDs and equipment worth Rs 1.6 crore from Parel on Saturday night. This is the biggest crackdown in recent times.

The seized material included CDs and DVDs of Hollywood and Bollywood films and equipment such as eight DVD writers, DVD sets, TV sets used to make the pirated copies. The raid yielded about 10,500 such pirated prints in addition to 2,500 blank CDs.

Computers and printers used for printing the inlay cards were also seized as part of the raid. Two persons, Swapnil Achrekar (32) Ruchik Gadyagli (32), involved in the business were arrested from Nirvanji chawl near KEM hospital at Parel.

“The seized copies were mostly of English movies, there were also some blue films,’’ said DCP Sanjay Mohite. He added that costly master prints, that were used to create duplicates, were also found at the time of the raid.

“These cost upto Rs 2,000 each and are copyright material,’’ he said.

TOI had recently highlighted the booming market for pirated prints with CDs of new releases like Om Shanti Om and Saawariya being available at throw-away rates within 24 hours of its release.

Saturday’s crackdown which yielded Rs 1.6 crore is the biggest this year considering the fact that in 10 months till October, 2 lakh CDs and DVDs worth Rs 2.5 crore were seized.

Last year, the Social Service Branch only seized pirated CDs and DVDs worth Rs 1.32 crore.

The Hindi film industry has an annual turnover of Rs 5,500 crore, of which 27% - about Rs 1,500 crore - is lost due to piracy.

( Courtesy: The Times of India )

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Next person to act in the film from Vijaya T.Rajender's house is his second son, Kuralarasan. Like Rajender's eldest son Simbhu who has carved a niche for himself in the field of acting, writing and directing films, Kural too will be introduced in films by T.Rajender on the same line of thought.
Going back to the history of Vijaya T.Rajender who rose high in the filmdom without anybody's support, but with his only ability in writing good stories, dialogues and direction. Then his stories were well appreciated by many. Now T.Rajender is producing Karuppannan Kadhali. After completing this film he is going to produce another film in which Kuralarasan will be introduced. This film will be like TR's Uiyer Ullavarai Usha, it is said. It is also said that his eldest son Simbhu will appear in a character role.

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Actress Kushboo urged the need for more women as film directors in the Tamil film industry.By coming forward to direct films would instil them a self-confidence in them. She also pointed out that there were veru few women directors like Suhasini Manirathinam and B.R.Vijayalakshmi who had been directing the films behind the curtains and appealed that more and more women should take up the assignment in directing the films. She also pointed out that the films in which women were directors need not the stories based in support of women and hence they could go in for directing films based with good messages.The woman directors would become successful was proved through the film Kannamoochi Enada, Kushboo underlined the success of the film.

Kushboo was addressing her speech in support of women directors at the Vallamai Thaaroyo film subumuhurat function held in Chennai recently. Parthiban and Chaya act in the film. The film is directed by Madhu Midha who is an Assistant to Gautam Menon and is produced by Nalini

During the pooja of the film function, many women celebrities like Thilagavathy IPS, Writer Siva Sankari, Dr.Kamala Selvaraj, Advocate Sumathy and many other women from different walks of life.

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By N.Thyagarajan

"I am prepared to act as MGR if any one produces the film" said Sathyaraj to a group of newsmen recently. The actor recalled that his appearance as the DK leader E.V.Ramasamy Naicker, had fetched him a good name, and if he act as MGR in a film, depicting the life history of the late actor, he would set a imprint in the history of MGR. He said, he would not accept money for acting as MGR.

He said that Poo Mazhai song of the MGR's Ninathathai Mudippavan was remixed for the film Thangam in which he appeared in MGR's get up would bring him a good name. When a reporter asked him about his acting in commercial films, he said, he wanted to act in commercial films too. This he narrated with an illustration. Shivaji Ganesan acted in Vietnam Veedu in the old man get up, but his next film was Sumathy En Sundari. He acted in Thiruvarut Chelvar and the next film he acted in was Galatta Kalyanam. Sathyaraj wanted to follow the very same idea of the late actor who did commercials as well some historical and myths roles.

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The audio release function of the Billa film in which Ajith had acted took place in the Super Star Rajinikanth's house. There were a very few invitee who attended the function. The video shops in Tamil Nadu soon expect that the audio might bring them good sales, but to their disappointment not even a single CD of the film distributed in big shops.

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By N.Thyagarajan

Kamal Hassan's daughter Sruthi making her debut as an actress will act opposite Madhavan for the film produced by Gnanam Films Productions new film. Nishi Kanth Kamath is going to direct the film and the shooting of the film will commence in January next year, according to informations reaching here.

Following the foot steps of her father Kamal Hassan, Sruthi had given nod to act in the film, according to information from sources, however, when a reporter contacted the young Sruthi she never talked about her acting in films. Any way let us wait till January 2008 !

Kamal Hassan his brother Charu Hassan and his daughters Suhashini Mani Rathinam and Anu Hassan were all actors is now adding one more feather to their acting family with the introduction of Sruthi.

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Following the comedians Vadivelu, Vivek, Santhanam, Kanja Karuppu who have acted as heroes, Sendhil too have decided to become hero through the film Adhivassiyum Asiapesiyum, directed by Malan. Sendhil in this film appears as a tribe who is the hero of the film finds a cell on the road-side. The cell phone disturbs his routine job and gives him a lot of trouble. This is outline of the story.

The film is to be shot in the forests of Malaysia and South Africa, according to the director Malan. There is a proposal to produce the film in the Japanese language also.

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No fights. No viloence. No place for 'A' scenes in the Cosmic Film Entertainment Company's Kanna directed by Anand. Prakash Raj who heard the film's story with brief narration and his character has accepted immediately to act in the film. Telugu film Raja is the hero and Shella is the heroine of the film. Ranjith Barod is the music director of the film.

Talking about the background of the story, that there is a thin line divides between love and sex, and a 16-year-old girl understands where she stands with her own self realisation.

A father of family having responsibilities looking back himself. The family in the film is exhibited as a holy one and everyone eye on the family like each and every individual in the present day life expects that there family would be like that of the family shown in Kanna.

The film is entirely filmed in the area having green vegetation like Ooty and Coimbatore.

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By N.Thyagarajan

Ammuvaagiya Naan Bharathi who is acting in Nenjathai Killadhey film expects good actress awards for the film Ammuvaagiya Naan which has been selected as the award winning film. During the shooting of Nenjathai Killadhey with Vikranth in Chennai she said that she had given her life to do the weighty role in Ammuvaagiya Naan. When the film's shootings were going on, she refused many offers that came to her. But the offer to her had been increased after the film was released and she had chosen Nenjathai Killadhey. She also hoped that her present film, Nenjathai Killadhey would bring her good name after its release. The film is directed by Kadhal Kottai fame Agathiyan. " I saw the film Kadhal Kottai very recently and I liked the direction of Agathiyan" says Bharathi.

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Thangar Bachan, the director of the Onbadhu Rupa Notu, speaking at the cassette release of the function said, that many claimed that they were superstars. Actually, the real super star was Vijay who showed the identity of the Tamils through many of his films. Now the identity of the Tamils should be traced out and it was time for all to unite together, to bring out the Tamils' culture to outer world. Speaking about his film, Thangar said, "I have made the lives of my father and mother and their way of life in the film. The dialogues of the film were entirely spoken by my parents when they lived with flesh and blood".

He criticised, that the present-day economy helps out only the people who lived on the highest rung of their lives. To cite, that even in cine theaters the seating arrangements were made only to help out rich. But, there was none to give a life to the people who live and sleep on platforms, Thangar said. No one thought about the problems of the Tamils, Thangar said. " We should make the Tamils to go after good films and it must be our motto" the film director said.

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Actor Bharath Interview

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By N.Thyagarajan

The young and budding actor Bharath who came to acting through the film Boys simultaneously did his excellent performances Chellame, Four Students, Kadhal and Koodal Nagar. Now he is acting in Nepali and Pazhani a film likely to be released in the near future.

Question : Please tell about Pazhani film in which you are acting ?

Answer : Shakthi Chidambaram is the producer and Perarasu is directing the film. The entire story-line is new to me and it is purely commercial. Normally, Lingusamy, A.R.Murugadoss films will have commercial with story. But this Pazhani is having a lot of commercials.

Q: Tell story about Pazhani ?

A : I act in the film as Pazhani who is a driver in Kushboo's house. I see a lot of problems while I work and how I manage to surmount the situations.

Q: Tell about Nepali...

A: In Nepali I appear in three different roles. I have reduced my weight for a character of the film. I have different hair-style and act with Meera Jasmine.

Q : Do you expect any particular mode of story for your films?

A: I could be suitable only for Love and Action stories, I believe. But, there are many intelligent directors who could make me to appear in a variety of roles.

Q:What is your next film?

A: Muniyandi Vilangiyal Moondram Aandu and under Hari's direction another film. I expect the Hari's direction film will give me a good turning point in my life.

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By Mrs. Karpagam N.Thyagarajan

Coming summer in Chennai the artistes of small-screen and big-screen will doff their shooting make-up and stop acting before cameras for a day to participate in a Test Cricket match to be played in the Chennai Chepauk Stadium.

The talks between the Small Screen team and the big-screen is taking place and will arrive the exact date when the match will take place, sources said.

The small-screen cricket team "Play Boys" consisitng of more than 15 players, with P.K. Kamalesh as captain played earlier 16 matches with various corporate companies and banks. Play Boys so far won in 12 matches and aftermath the team did not participate in any matches due to busy schedules of their shootings.Their recent trip for a month to the USA and UK for some cultrual programmes for the Tamils living in those countries had brought them laurels and gave confidence that they too could make out programmes with a huge crowd pulling.

When asked about the Play Boy cricket team, Kamalesh said that Vijay Adhi Raj and Kamalesh himself had started the team with Vivek, Vinay, Kamalesh, Prem, Dev, Venkat Babu, Arvinder, Charan, Selva O.A.K. Sundar all are considered good batsmen of the team. He said these players would play against the artistes of the big-screen.Small Screen Bhanu Prakash is considered as the good Wicket Keeper in addition to Vivek who would also be asked to do wicket keeping, the team's captain Kamalesh said. Chethan, Prem, Vivek would be given the bowling chances,since, they are considered good spin bowlers. Vinay & Vijay Adhi Raj are also good bowlers and it is expected they would also take wickets at the Chepauk stadium in the coming match, kamalesh said. The cricket is likely to be day and night match and a part of the ticket sales would be given for a good cause, Kamalesh said.

It is said that Film PRO Diamond Babu ( son of Film News Anandan)was approached to have detailed discussion about the ensuing match with the big screen artistes and Kamalesh is certain that the Test match would take place in the coming summer. Who are all the players of the big screen would make known in a couple of days, after ascertaining the dates and availability of the artistes of the big-screen, Kamalesh said.

Ealier, a group of small-screen artistes Kamalesh his wife Sindhu, Chethan his wife Devadarshini, Venu Aravind and his wife Shoba, Mohan Ram, Abhishek, Prem Sai, Deepa Venkat, Uma Padmanaban, Pooja, Shrilekha Parthsarathy, Shri Ram all visited the USA and UK and performed eight cultural shows totally in the USA Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Florida, and in Canada Montreal, Tampa and some other places.

"All the Tamil speaking people who were watching our shows gave us a grand reception and many in those auditoriums not minding about standing in the halls, due to full packed to seats, for a long hours watched our dramas, singing and acting for skids. We have been asked to stay freely in the organisers houses and in Canada we all stayed in lodges. The Tamils living there never treated us as artistes but as their own kith and kin of their family members" gratefully acknowledges Kamalesh.

Kamalesh says, that after his marriage which took two months ago in Chennai took his wife with him and celebrated his foreign visits as 'Honey Moon'. He also said, that his wife Sindhu and Venu Aravind's wife Shoba looked after the 'sound effect' of the stage on shows, since many of those living in abroad did not have the knowledge about it.

Last Sunday, a sum of Rs.25,000 ( Rs twenty-five thousand) was donated by the TV artistes to Shivaji Relief Fund, a Charity started by the AVM Productions to help downtrodden people under the late actor Shivaji Ganesan's name. "What we earn should go to charities, is our motto" gleefully tells Kamalesh. He said the money was handed over to A.V.M.Saravanan at the MCC Club in a small function in which Sathya Jothi Film Producer T.G.Thyagarajan and Director Viduthalai participated.

Millions and millions of people watching our Tamil channels' programmes in India and other countries had proved, with the attendance a large gatherings wherever the small-screen artistes performed stage performances, Kamalesh said.

The very same team has been planning to visit Australia to perform on the stage, Kamalesh said. His younger brother P.K.Hemant who is looking after his own event management office had been busy in organising various programmes for the Chinna Thirai artistes, Kamalesh said.

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The popularity for the AVM's mega soap Vaira Nenjam has been increasing with a lot of feed back from various Kalaignar TV viewers. It has been said that the story-line of Sekizhar had been bringing an increased number of audiences to it.

Recently, the AVM Productions have come out with an announcement to select the best letters and give them prizes to all connected with its film Sivaji which was released a few months ago. One may surprised to see that if a person had written a letter in appreciation of the Vaira Nenjam he would receive a cap with Rajini's Sivaji style emblem on it. A person might receive an FM Radio or the cooling glasses that of Rajini used in the Sivaji film. Also a key chain with Rajini Sivaji photos or an audio cassette of the Sivaji film. Beside various prizes, the photos of the persons who had won would also be shown, before the Vaira Nenjam being telecast on all working days between 8.00 PM and 8.30 PM.

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( by N.Thyagarajan )

It is expected that Urvasi award winner Archana will be honoured with one more award when Onbadhu Rupa Notu is released. Earlier Archana who had won thrice the Urvasi Award had acted with Sathyaraj in the Onbadhu Rupa Notu directed by Thangar Bachan. Earlier her Veedu had brought her good name in the industry.

It is after a long hiatus Archana is appearing in this film in a good role. Archana who is interested in the welfare of her family, laids out condition whenever any producer approaches her. She is willing to act in their films, provided they recognise her as a senior artiste with a lot of awards decorating her almirah in her house. If the status is refused or denied then her next action will be not to act in the film.

Since, Archana has been concentrating only on doing good roles, she forgot to marry. When asked about her idea of marrying at least in the near future, she comes out with firm answer, she had decided not to marry anyone. She also told many reporters, that she would not become a monk, because she had decided to lead her life without marriage. She said, had she decided earlier about the marriage, by this time she would have four children to her rescue, but being only interested in the family welfare, she decided to be spinster always.

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Actress Tarikaa is of opinion that 'acting' in serials is just for living. If one wants to achieve something in acting career, it could be achieved through only by acting in films, for the films could be seen at any time at any day even after decades of its release. Whereas once the serial is over, there ends the life of the serials. "That's why I called acting in serials is just for living and also to improve one's efficiency in the career of acting. "I have seen a lot of people praising me after they watched my acting for serials, with that there ends the recognition of the actors. But in cinema it is not so" says Tarikaa.

Tarikaa started out her career in Bharathi Raja's Eera Nilam in a small role as a Village girl appeared in black colour with full make ups. Bharathi Raja's son Manoj who is her friend asked her to go and meet his father who is producing the film. The director refused to give her role, for she is very fair in colour and she could not be matched to act as in the village girl role. However, she begged that she was prepared to act in the role by giving black touch throughout her face. " In only one shot I have successfully completed the scene amidst claps from the film unit people including the ace-director" recalls Tarikaa.

"I always want to do different roles either for TV or for the big-screen. Going on doing something as heroine and falling in love with someone and getting married the same person is a boring subject always. I am acting in the Raj TV Channel's Meenakshi, I act in the main role Meenakshi who is getting married an old man. I face a lot of problems from public. I boldly save my old husband by fighting with the people. Delhi Kumar is doing the role of the old man who marries me in the serial. This character I like most" says Tarikaa.

Tarikaa has so far acted in thirty different serials, besides she does her dance in Jodi No. 1 for the Vijay TV Channel and also dance in Masthana Masthana for the Sun TV Channel. “Everyone hopes that I might win in the Masthana dance. I don't know what will happen and I am prepared to accept anything whatever comes in my way".

Recently, Tarikaa was given an opportunity to act in Manjal Veyil film as Kadhal Sandhya's sister. The film was directed by Raja, a one-time assistant of director Adhiyaman.

She recalls, that when she did K.Balachander's Veetukku Veedu serial, she was scolded by K.B. to do her comedy role perfectly. " I take the K.B's scoldings as the scoldings of a teacher to a student. After acting in the serial, I began to wonder that I could do comedy roles and I am waiting for another opportunity to do comedy roles" says Tarikaa.

In Appa, she does the negative role. She falls in love with and marries the boy who hails from middle in come family. The boy's disappointed father files a case against the girl, stating that she must compensate the family, since they had given him education with an idea that he would be helpful for the marriage of his daughters.

In Thavam, she acts as a nurse, the daughter of a cook Y.Gee.Mahendran. " I am shown as a good daughter with boldness to tackle the difficulat situations" Tarikaa.

Tarikaa who wants to do a negative role for a change approached the Lakshmi serial producer ( Sun Tv Channel)and is now acting in the role as Vijay Adhiraj's aunts daughter. Though Adhiraj marries someone, Tarikka never minds about the marriage, but welcomes and supports it.

Tarikaa, who is the daughter of Zallaluddin who retired as the Inspector of Central Reserve Police Force. Her mother is a native of Kerala and father a Tamil fell in love and got married.
" My mother Malayali and my father Kerala. But I am an Indian" says Tarikaa.

Since, her father's job was transferable job, Tarikaa had her schoolings from Central Schools of the various Hindi speaking area is through with various states languages.

"I am waiting for the day when I will be given a big role in films" says Tarikaa.

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TV actors D.Gnanasundaram ( also known as Kitcha in TV circles ) and another actor Poovilangu Mohan have formed a Prime Force Academy, an educational and charitable trust, to uplift the downtrodden people caught in the web of sending their school going children for employment in various factories, and household works, and also to create an awareness among the public mass about the evils of the HIVs.

Speaking to the the founder -president and actor Kitcha elaborated that their main focus of the Academy was to educate the people through their short films produced by the academy. So far the academy had produced Agram, Dusk, Thorn, Unnatural destiny, Asthamanam and Vessel (all short films.)

The Vice President of the Academy Poovilangu Mohan who is also a TV & Film artiste said , that all the films were produced with the idea to prevent or eradicate the problems of Child Labour, Pollution Control, Female Infanticides, Schizophrenlia and for the physically challenged persons He said that there were enough laws to prevent employing child labour and female infanticides, but those laws had not yet reached the mass and for this the Academy would teach them by their short films with various themes.

He said, that their academy would welcome making such short theme based films from the students of the visual communication. The Academy also planned to give cash prizes to those who produce good short films with theme based.He said all the short films produced by the academy would soon screened through various TV Channels.

Mr Cecil Thomas is the Managing Trustee who is connected with the film industry for a long time and Film and TV Director J.Ramesh is the Creative Head of the Academy. Mohan said that the films produced by the academy would be screened for the people living in slums from Kanniyakumari to Chennai.

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The Madras Film Society will organize a four-day German Film Festival commencing from November 12. It has been decided to screen ten films in the festival will be shown to important invitees around 6.15 PM every day at the Chennai Film Chamber.

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Kanna Moochi Enada is a family subject release for this Deepavali with Sathyaraj as police officer and Radhika as his wife. His daughter Sandhya falls in love with Prithvee Raj when she studies in Malaysia. Prithvee Raj is brought up by his maternal uncle Radha Ravi. When he comes to know about the love of Prithvee Raj he just sends him out of his house and both come to India and settle down in Sandhaya’s house. The whole family welcomes the love of Sandhya-Prithvee Raj love, but Sathyaraj does not trust the love and the boy. Is the marriage takes place between Sandhya and Prithvee Raj?
The film has to be appreciated for Sathyaraj’s different get up. His usual lollu could not be seen there. He shows his acting excellence in showing different love for his wife and for his daughter. Radhika as the head of the family and mother of Sandhya appears to be very calm and humble. Radhika shows ways to other mother characters how they should act for the role.
Hero Prithvee Raj’s role in the film is quite appreciable. The various steps taken by him to make his would be father-in-law bring comedy and makes one pity the hero. Sandhay also has done her role well. Sri Priya has come to act after a long hiatus and does comedy in the film.
The film has some plus points. First there is no double meaning dialogue. No place for violence or for fight. Family subject and hence it could be enjoyed with family members.
V.Priya’s direction, Yuvan’s music and Priya Darshan’s cinematography all carry the weight for the film, though the story is not much weighty.

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The film opens as a flashback, where Karthik hearing of Anu’s accident, comes down to see her, and reminisces about his past roller coaster relationship with her.The plot may offer nothing new. But it’s in their presentation that the debutant director-duo of Haricharan and Newton try to give a different feel.What is appreciable is the effort to give an entertainer sans overt glamour, mindless comedy and the frenzied fights that are so much an integral part of a regular formula flick.
The earlier scenes depict the encounters between Karthi, an interior designer and Anu, a foreign returned lass, she striking an easy friendship with him and his friends.The narration steady for the most part, tends to lag a little here with a bit of a monotony setting in. The antics of Anu’s father is a bit overdone, the character a stereotype of the foreign returned guys we get to see in films.But thankfully the actors playing Karthi’s friends, Maurya, Tushara, Ponnumani and Suraj Krishna are naturals, and not the comic irritating bunch we normally get to see.The flow continues in a smooth pace with Karthi falling in love with Anu and egged on by his friends, professes his love to her. Shocked by her rejection, the dejected lover takes a drastic step which brings about a change of feelings in Anu. But there are a couple of twists in the tale, the narration pepping up here. It’s cinematography (Madhu Ambat) and it’s lilting tunes (Isaac Thomas) are the film’s plus points. And though there are the dance numbers, an effort has been made to make them seem more situational.This is Aditya’s (aka Kaushik) first lead role, after having acted in TV serials and played Dhanush’s friend in the Balu Mahendra-directed Athu Oru Kana Kaalam. Aditya plays Karthi with casual ease, his expressions natural and spontaneous.For a debutant, Nethra (a student of MOP Vaishnava College) is comfortable with the camera, handles her role with confidence, her eyes expressive.
Reminding you of a cross-over film in its pace and in its scripting and narrative style, Thoovaanam, is an honest attempt to strike a different chord within the parameters of commercial cinema

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Malavika is acting in duel role in Kattuviriyan opposite ENT Specialist Dr.Ram. Kalaipuli Sekaran is producing this film. Earlier, he started out his career as the dialogue writer for Yaar and subsequently produced Pattikattu Thambi, Oorai Therinjukittan, Ulavaali, and Kaval Poonaigal. Siva Chakravarthi who is known for his outstanding for car sales is acting as villain. He is also president of the All India Car Merchants & Advisory Association. Kalaipuli Sekar wants to give some good film with a message, hence has decided to produce this film.

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When people wanted to buy a lot of genuine things for their money earned through the sweat of their eye-brows, they could not be choosy in selecting good things. Knowing the fact, the Makkal TV has newly introduced a unique programme ‘Mugavari’ being aired on all working days commencing from 1.30 PM.
The channel takes all to various markets where various things are sold and also introduces new things to the public to make purchases. It makes let the buyer beware (Caveat emptor) always when they start to spend their moneys.
A brief description about those articles and its usefulness are demonstrated directly from the sales points of those things. Beside, the anchor gives full details about special services that are rendered in the market to the public.
Mugavari in English means Addresses. Makkal TV Channel’s Mugavari gives tips and introduces various entrepreneurs and other people engaged in various commercial activities.
The anchor of Mugavari, Divya talks about various tourism spots and takes all to witness those places in Tamil Nadu and India.

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( by N.Thyagarajan )

Bharathi Raja, Mani Rathinam, Sathyaraj, Archana, Prabhudeva, Parthiban, Lingusamy and Sreeman decorated the stage of Onbathu Rupa Notu cassette release function held in Chennai recently.

Bharathi Raja while participating in the function said that he had understood the story-line of the film through three songs of the film. He congratulated Thangar Bachan who is the producer of the film for taking an all out effort in producing the real human life story and with which one can trace out the human live history. Sathyaraj who had acted in the film had lived in the character, Bharathi Raja said.

Speaking at the function, director Mani Rathinam said that there was a time that very few could be counted as the best directors and producers. Formerly, people interested to see films of director Sridhar, Balachander, Bharathi Raja and Balu Mahendra. Now with growth of technicians in the Tamil film industry with a lot of people having sound knowledge about stories, the Tamil film industry was ushering in a new era, Mani Rathinam said. And Thangar Bachan is in the forefront of the present day directors with his recognition for producing good films with morals and high standards.

Lyricist Vairamuthu, said that he felt happiness when he wrote Ayeram Thamarai Mottukale, Uiyerey and Oru vaarthikaga. Now with the song of the Onbadhu Rupa Notu he felt that he had added one more feather to his cap.

Archana who had done a master piece role in the film, said that her character could be done by any leading artistes like Revathy, Bhanu Priya and Radhika. But Sathyaraj’s character in this film as Madhava Padyachi belonged to the actor alone who alone could perform a role like that, Archana said.

Sathyaraj who did the role of Madhava Padyachi speaking the at the function said, that by acting in the film under the direction of Bharathi Raja had created some problems. Many questioned Sathyaraj about the other roles which he did in other films and sometimes became felt sad for having done such roles. To wipe out, the bad impression, he said he did Periyar role which had brought him back the name of Bharathi Raja film, about which he was satisfied. He also recalled, that when he was in Russia for the shootings of the Periyar, a Russian lady had asked him whether Sathyaraj was the person who did the Gandhi role. “The question of the Russian lady still ringing in my ears and is pleasing always whenever I recall” said Sathyaraj.

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Vikatan Televistas new mega soap Thirumathi Selvam is being aired through the SUN TV Channel on all working days between 1.30 PM and 2.00 PM. Sethu film fame Abitha appears in a weighty role as the eldest daughter of the family. She undertakes all the responsibilities of the family when there are two younger sisters and one elder brother. Abitha as Archana in the serial without proper education does the job of house executive and all the other family members tease her, except her parents.

Her elder brother’s wife Jayanthi (actress Raghavi) puts several blames on Abitha since she did not like her. Abitha with the only aim of uplifting the family members patiently bears the brunt of others. When many grooms visit her house with a proposal to marry the beauty Abitha, the alliance breaks down on several occasions due to her unemployment.

The new serial has so far completed ten episodes is penned and directed by S.Kumaran.

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Eminent Playback Singer Anitha Kuppusamy, wife of Playback Singer Pushpavanam Kuppusamy has taken over the anchoring job of the Kalaignar TV Channel’s weekly programme Suyamvaram from the erstwhile anchor Anuradha Sri Ram who is also another Tamil film playback singer.

Suyamvaram draws a large number of parents who are on the verge of giving marriages to their kids by sitting before their idiot boxes to find good alliances of their equal status.

The programme which is aired on all Sundays between 7.00 AM and 7.30 AM shows the boys and girls who are to be wed with their entire bio-data followed by their contact numbers to have in touch with them.

When contacted the former anchor Anuradha over phone, she said that she has to say nothing about the programme, since she participated for a few weeks, but said that the programme is organised by the Channel itself not with the motto of deriving profit out of it. “ I personally saw a lot of phone calls were pouring in from some parents”.

She added, she learnt that Mrs Kuppusamy who anchors as of now, had also been receiving feedbacks and the parents were beelining with their kids to participate in the programme.

The programme draws a lot of attention not because of its service minded approach, but because the anchor’s singing songs in the presence of each and every parents when interviewed by the anchor.

Besides, the service the channel runs a marriage portal,, detailing about the boys and girls who are to be married.

Watch the Kalaiganar TV Channel in the mornings of all Sundays.

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Film comedian Y.Gee.Mahendran wants to produce a mega TV serial fully based on the life history of a rhythamist as Mridanga Vidwan. The actress has his own music troupe and the actor himself is a versatile rhythmist in tabala, bangoose and Mridangam. Y.Gee.M nowadays participate in various kutcheris playing mridangam for some leading carnatic musicians. He surprised many with his gamakka in playing mridangam and had won several audiences for his acumen in playing those instruments.

Sometime ago, film playback singer K.J.Yesudoss in his TV interview, had asked the comedian to play mridangam for his song. Till then, no one knows that the comedian had the talents in playing of mridangam too. He had also appeared as a carnatic music singer for the Jaya TV Channel's mega serial Sahana. He appeared in the JKB role.

Recently, when he was in a carnatic music cutcheri said to the TV Guide, that he wanted to produce a mega serial based on the life of a mridangam player. He said, he had been observing the on goings of the various things in the life of a rhythamist as pakka vadyam player. It had struck him the idea to go in for a serial for some leading channels. He said he was giving touch up here and there for the story line and once it was completed he would go ahead with the selection of artistes for the serial.

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Manorama is the only one Tamil film comedienne who has so far completed 1200 Tamil films is to appear in the Guinness book of records soon. It is not only the number of films that counts but many titles that she received as Kalaimamani and Padmashree for her acting career for over a period of fifty years. It was learnt authentically that the California University is going to confer a doctorate on her, and if she receives the award, it will be a second doctorate to her. The comedienne received her first doctorate sometime ago from the Annai Sathyabama University.

Manorama has strong opinion that if one should become a successful comedian in any language; the person must have proficiency in the particular language. She says "acting alone will not support anyone, unless the actor or the actress should have the knowledge of Tamil. You can show many heroes, heroines and character artistes from other states, but, you can't point out one single artiste as comedian in Tamil films other than the Tamils. Hence, if a person wants to become a great Tamil comedian he should have sound knowledge in the language. That is also one of the reasons why there was no stiff competition for woman to do comedy roles in Tamil films" says the comedian.

Manorama has acted in more than 100 Telugu films too as comedian with her own voice used in dubbing. " I know Telugu and Kannda too. So I can do comedy in those languages too. But I have no time to act in other language films" says Manorama.

The met Manorama recently in the sets of Sakala Kala Bhavan, a weekly serial on the Kalaignar TV channel on all Thursdays between 10 PM and 10.30 PM. The actress attired in a gypsy dress speaking the language of the Narikoravas, the nomadic tribe. " I have observed on many occasions these gypsies, and I have learnt how to imitate their language. Acting in the role of narikoravas is not new to me. I have done the very same role in A.P.Nagarajan's Kan Kaatchi film three decades ago. But this is the first time I am doing it for the TV Channel's soap" says Manorama.

It might make one to feel exaggeration, if the comedienne had done her role before the camera without memorizing the dialogues of the narikoravas. The dialogue of the serial was read by the assistant director and the comedienne was listening to it for sometime. Immediately she started acting before the camera with the dialogues she was hearing a few minutes ago. Speaking to the Guide Manorama said, " I am the only one comedienne who had acted with all the comedians like N.S.Krishnan, K.A.Thangavelu, J.P.Chandra Babu, T.R.Ramachandran, A.Karunanidhi, Thengai Srinivasan, Suruli Rajan, Sachchu, V.K. Ramaswamy, T.S.Balaiah, Kaka Radhakrishnan, C.K.Nagesh, Friend Ramasamy which include Vennira Adai Murthy, Vadivelu, Vivek, Manivannan, Gounda Mani and Sendhil. I know every movement of theirs in acting and I would act and adjust myself to their acting. Acting has interwoven in my blood vessels and a day without acting would bring more boring to me".

Her first film Malai Itta Mangai was released in the year 1958 which was produced then by the lyricist late Kavignar Kannadasan. If the next year comes, then the comedienne would be completing her 50 years of acting in films. Before her entry into films, she was performing on stages under S.V.Sahasranamam, and Kalaignar Karunanidhi and many other drama troupes.

She had done a lot of 'an hour play' in DD Tamil Podhigai like En Veedu, En Kanavar En Kuzhandhai and Anbulla Amma. She had also acted in weekly soaps like Alli Rajiyam, Imsai Arasigal and now in Sakala Kala Bhavan.

" I will go on acting. There is no end to it" says Manorama and recalls her association with the late actor Shivaji Ganesan who treated her as one of his sisters. She says that she had learnt many from the late actor including maintaining the punctuality. "He used to watch his wrist watch, if a person comes late to the sets. He also wanted the other artistes to watch the acting of others, so that they could act well when their turn comes for acting in the film" recalls Manorama.

When asked about whether she had done proper justification as a comedian in films and serials, she replied, " I don't know about it. I still think whether people have accepted me as a comedian. Shivaji Ganesan had praised me a lot about my roles in various films, including Thillana Mohanambal in which I acted with him. Similarly, MGR too praised on several occasions about my comedy roles. I won't quit my acting as a comedian because acting is my first love for ever".

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In a major jolt to West Bengal CM, internationally acclaimed city-based filmmaker Aparna Sen on Thursday boycotted the 13th Kolkata Film Festival organised by the state government to lodge her protest against violence in Nandigram.

"She has boycotted the festival to protest the continuing violence in Nandigram. This is a kind of self-censorship as we artistes are taking our own decision driven by our own conscience," noted playwright and actor Kaushik Sen told IANS.

"Aparna Sen is a big name and her move matters of all persons. So it sends a strong message to the government," Kaushik Sen said.

Aparna Sen and several others are part of the Artists, Cultural Activists and Intellectuals' Forum (ACAIF), which is spearheading a civil society movement against the ongoing political violence in Nandigram constituency.

While Aparna Sen has boycotted the inauguration of the festival on Nov 10, she declined to inaugurate the film market of the festival Thursday.

"Aparna Sen said she is heart-broken and perturbed by the Nandigram incidents and so she decided to take this stand since the festival is organised by the West Bengal government," ACAIF member Amitava Chatterjee said.

Several intellectuals, along with Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) leader Medha Patkar, were attacked Thursday by supporters of the state's ruling Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) Thursday when Patkar was on way to trouble-torn Nandigarm.

Intellectuals under the banner of the ACAIF also held a demonstration at Gariahat in south Kolkata to protest fresh turmoil in Nandigram.

Launching a massive offensive against the Trinamul Congress-backed Bhumi Uchched Pratirodh Committee (BUPC), the CPI-M regained its lost bases in Nandigram this week as fresh violence claimed four lives and left several injured in the area since Tuesday.

With four more deaths in the past few days, the death toll in Nandigram has risen to 32 since January when the region flared up over proposed land acquisition for a special economic zone (SEZ), including a chemical hub, a plan that was later scrapped by the state government in the face of stiff resistance.

Though the SEZ was given up, a turf battle continues in Nandigram between the CPI-M and the BUPC in the run-up to the local body elections in May next year.

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What is the meaning of Sherin?

Your Education?
Studying B.A. of Bangalore University

First Film Acted ?
Thulluvadho Ilamai

Total No of Films acted?
Nine films in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada

First Salary ?
Rs.10,000 from a fashion show for showing my excellence acting.

Which actor do you like most ?
Sharukh Khan


Director ?
Mani Rathinam and Sanjay Leela Bansali

Which City you like?
Venice City

Your Close friend?

Your Plus Point?
My broad eyes.

Your Minus Point?
Short temper.

The word you don't like?
Seeking pardon after doing wrong things.

If you are not an actor then what is your position?
Sherin MBBS

Which film do you like most?
Diwala Dulhaniya Le Javonge

Secret of Beauty?
Thanks to my mom and dad

About glamour?
Glamour 50 percent and acting 50 percent

It is a kind of friendship

It is a kind of commitment

To be young always?
You should feel that always young.

Future Plans?
Adopt a lot of children and run orphanages.

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