Malayalam beauty queen and actress Meera Jasmine said that there was no harm in acting with new faces. Speaking to our blog she said, "when I joined in the filmdom, I was a new face to several actors and actress with whom I acted. I think there is no wrong in acting with them and it will not affect the experienced artistes like me. Because I always used to think of my own character in the film in which I am acting. I always give values to my character and how to do it without any mistake".

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Very recently Amitabh Bachchan has lent his voice by singing for Himani Navratna Oil to which he is a brand ambassador too. The commericial is directed by Sujoy Ghosh, who is also directing Amitabh's Aladin. Says Ghosh, "We had an amazing time shooting the advertisement with him".

Besides lenting of voice, the 66-year-old will also shake a leg in the advertisement. The jingle has been composed by Vishal-Shekhar, sources said.

The actor earlier had lent his voice for songs like Meare angane mein, Rang barse and Chali chali.

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John Shea, the most sought after actor of the US is acting in a Tamil film, Achchamundu ! Achchamundu directed by Arun Vaidyanathan. Most of this Tamil film shootings were taken in the US, in which John Shea has been doing character role. Besides, this actor Tamil film actors Prasanna and Sneha appear in good roles. The director has completed most of the shootings of the film and is likely to be released throughout India and other countries including the US either in June or July, it is learnt.


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By N.Thyagarajan

Three decades ago, Late actor Shivaji Ganesan staged a drama Vietnam Veedu which was later made as film with the very same title. The film's story and dialogues were all written by Vietnam Veedu Sundaram. After thirty years of its release in theaters, the great comedian Y.Gee.Mahendra wanted to stage the play, by doing the role of Prestige Padmanaba Iyer. Though the comedian could not make out the role as was done by Shivaji Ganesan then, this renowned comedian makes the scenes of Shivaji Ganesan with the actress Nithya Ravindar ( does the role of actress Padmini), brings out tears. Not a single dialogue of yesteryears was deleted from the script. Even the salaries, telephone bills everything has the same price index of seventies. You may laugh now, if you say that your salary is Rs.1200 and your landline telephone number having five digits. What I am trying to say is the script which was written for Shivaji Ganesan was removed from the shelves of Vietnam Veedu Sundaram and is being done by the comedian Y.Gee.Mahendran. Before this Vietnam Veedu could make out its 100th stage play, Y.Gee. Mahendran's erstwhile stage play Swadesi Iyer was staged 100th time. Actor Kamal Hassan, Rajinikanth arrived at the function and felicitated the comedian's mother, Mrs.Y.G.Parthasarathy who has successfully running Padma Seshadri group of schools.

Vietnam Veedu is a story which could be enjoyed with the family and many of the late actor Shivaji Ganesan's fans, if they wish to brush of their past memories could do so, by watching the stage play.

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Film producer allowed to withdraw money deposited in court
The Madras High Court has permitted A.Chandrasekharan, proprietor, Sri Saravana Creations, Nungambakkam, to withdraw Rs.5 crore, deposited in the High Court for the release of the Hindi version of the Tamil film ‘Ghajini.’
Earlier, Mr.Chandrasekharan had filed a civil suit seeking to restrain Geetha Arts Division (GAD) of Allu Entertainment Pvt. Limited, Chennai, and A.R.Murugadoss from producing and releasing the Tamil picture ‘Ghajini’ in Hindi or any other language other than Telugu and to restrain them from interfering with his copyright for the Tamil film. By an order in December last year, a single Judge granted interim injunction restraining GAD from releasing the Hindi version.
On a challenge to the said order, a Division Bench suspended the single Judge’s order subject to the condition that GAD deposit Rs.5 crore to the credit of the appeals in the High Court. Accordingly, the sum was deposited and the film released.
Now, GAD approached the court for a direction to permit it to furnish bank guarantee in the place of the deposit. Mr.Chandrasekharan also filed an application seeking for a direction to permit him to withdraw the amount.
In its order, a Division Bench comprising Justices D.Murugesan and C.S.Karnan said the grant of interim order suspending the order of the single Judge was purely discretionary considering the facts of each case and by exercise of such power, the court had directed the deposit of Rs.5 crore.
As Mr.Chandrasekharan had already been armed with an order of injunction, which order of course was suspended subject to the condition of deposit of Rs.5 crore, in the Bench’s opinion, Mr.Chandrasekharan should be permitted to withdraw the amount by ensuring security of the amount. “We are forced to take the above view having regard to the fact that at least by virtue of the interim order, the appellant (GAD) had transacted nearly Rs.100 crore and on the other hand, the first respondent (Mr.Chandrasekharan), even though obtained an order of injunction, had to be content only with the suspension of the said order.”
The court was, therefore, bound to ensure the security of the amount in the event Mr.Chandrasekharan was allowed to withdraw the same.
The Bench said it was of the considered view that Mr.Chandrasekharan should be permitted to withdraw the amount subject to furnishing of bank guarantee in the name of the Registrar-General of the High Court to the credit of the appeals. The court allowed Mr.Chandrasekharan’s petition.

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( by N.Thyagarajan )

Ramnad district DMK Lok Sabha candidate and film actor Ritish Kumar is producing a mega-serial, Andal in which actress Suganya appears as heroine. Besides, the producer who claims that he is the grandson of TN Housing Miniser Suba Thangavelan earlier acted in a Tamil film Nayagan. He was given party ticket under the auspices of M.K,Azhagiri, to contest election from Ramnad district. The Andal serial being produced by Ritish has been scheduled to telecast through Kalaignar TV Channel in the near future will run more than three years. The actor does not mind spending money to help poor and whoever approaches him. The name of the Arik Roshan Films produces the serial. It was named after Ritish Kumar's son who is now one and half year old. Soon one could see the budding actor who is also qualified engineer winning in the election followed by the fame and honour for producing the Andal serial.

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Actor Kaniga's Pazhassi Raja is nearing completion. Kaniga who married recently actress Jaishree's brother Shyam Radhakrishanan has completed the work of Malayalam film Bhagyadevata with Jayaram. The actress made her debut through Five Star produced by Mani Rathnam. Besides she has done memorable performances in Autograph and Varalaaru.

The actress is an engineering graduate from BITS, Pilani has married Shyam Radhakrishnan.

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For the last one year, the mega-serial Megala has been running without the character Kalaiyarasu being done by Dheepan Chakravarthy. As per the story line, Kalaiyarasu, is the building contractor and head of the family is kidnapped by a gang. The story remains suspense over the whereabouts of the Kalaiarasu. His family consists of elder sister Vadivukarasi, wife Sankarabaranam fame Rajalakshmi, their three daughters - Gayathri, Sri Vidya, Revathy Priya and Bhavana Kalaiarasu are faced with a lot of problems when Kalaiarasu was dumped in a dark room. Meghala which has crossed nearly 500 episodes now, is again inttroducing Dheepan Chakravarthy as if he escapes from the imprisoned room of the goondas. But in reality, he seeks asylum in a car to escape after getting away from the room. But the very same goons take him to another place and when they tried, the car meets with an accident. In the end, Kaliarasan losts all his previous happenings and has become like a child getting admitted to a hospital.

Last week, when the hospital scene was shot at the ARS Gardens, the director of the serial Vikramadityan and his two of his associates Kannan and Dinesh wanted to give the real picture of the hospital and hence had chosen the ARS. In the hospital scene real tablets brought from a pharmacy and all of them were B complex with some syringes and injection tubes. Nearly 40 to 50 junior artistes were hired with bandages to give a good look of the hospital. They were supplied eatables like biscuit pockets, fruits like bananas and organge and bread too.

For each and every shot, both the associate directors of Vikramaditya were careful about the delivery of the dialogues in which an artist Sekar, who took recently VRS from a nationalised bank to deliver the dialogues.

In the scene, Kalaiarasan ( who is in a mental state of forgetfullness) begs two of the unknown visitors of the hospital to remind him who he was.

Meghala, according to many viewers, has a lot of female artistes than male artistes. It has Vadivukarasi, Sankarabaranam Rajalakshmi, Sri Vidya, Bhavana, Revathy Priya, Bhanumathy, 'Sethu' fame Bharathi, Sri Lekha, besides the leading artistes like Rajakanth, Raj Madan, Yugendran.

The serial was initially introduced to be telecast around 8 PM to 8.30 PM through the Sun TV Channel was changed to 6 PM to 6.30 PM.

Since, the election date is nearing the Cine Times are making out possible effort to produceas much episode as it could do for telecast in the Sun TV Channel.

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The shooting of the Unnai Pol Oruvan, being produced in Tamil and Telugu, began at Hyderabad with Kamal Hassan and Venkatesh appearing in the films. The film is the remake of the Malayalam film Wednesday started its shootings at the Ramoji Rao Studios. In the film Venkatesh is playing the role of Mohanlal and Kamal does the same lead role in Tamil. Originally, Unnipol Oruvan was the title of a Tamil film produced three decades ago. Kamal’s daughter Shruthi Hassan is given the job of directing music. Earlier, the film bore the title as Thalaivan Oruvan Irukkiran and now it has changed.

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MUMBAI: Two years after the launch of Tamil kids channel Chutti TV, Sun TV Network is getting the Telugu and Kannada channels up and running on 12 April.

The Telugu and Kannada kids channels are titled Kushi TV and Chintu TV.

Aimed at children in the age group of 2-14 years, the channel will include local as well as international content. Programming will be positioned across different genres and will include comedy, action, education, reality shows and entertainment. Along with dubbed content, the channel will also show adaptations of popular programmes.

However, the company has not indicated when the Malayalam kids channel will launch.

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The subamuhurat of the Shivaji Productions' new film Asal was taken place at the late actor Shivaji Ganesan's house. The participants were Super Star Rajinikanth, Ajith, Prabhu, Directors K.Balachander and Saran.

Rajini complemented the actor Ajith as the best actor and could not predict whether he would be the next super star in Tamil films.However, he wished that the new film Asal will set a trend like its earlier production Chandramuki.

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Actress Meera Jasmine who has been acting opposite Prashanth for the remake of the Malaiyur Mambattiyaan had been cooperative in the shootings, quips the film producer and the hero's father Thyagarajan. Why should she need not be cooperative? She had been issued notice by the Malayalam Film Producers' Council that she should not be asked to act in Malayalam films, for the reasons best known to the council alone. But Meera has been cooperative in her acting career in Malayalam or in any other vernacular films. Why then the order was issued to her?

Meera Jasmine during the shooting of the Tamil flick Malaiyur Mambattiyan was not only cooperative and subservient to act with Prashanth, she was in deep neckline of water when the shooting was going on and the real rain was pouring down, says Prashanth's father.

Today, the film industry wants an actress is needed like Meera Jasmine and this actress scores first, like Tamanna who hails from Sindhi family.

Only one thing proves to be with the above analysis is that the people who come to act in Tamil films, must be stranger to the language and the TN state!

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