Natural and safe way to drying your hair

Posted by Chika On 9:31 PM
That hair is not brittle and easily fall off, try to choose a more natural way of drying.

After shampooing, most women use a hairdryer to dry hair. However, it turns out the way it could ruin the beauty of hair, and can make hair fall out.

That hair is not falling, try to choose how to dry your hair a more natural and environmentally friendly. As I do every day may be useful for you, the following tips dry your hair the natural way:

1. Dry your hair with hot air released through the dryer can cause hair to fall out easily. Better to use a towel to absorb. This method is better and less time consuming. Try to select the drying towels made ??from soft and absorbent. For other types of popular hairdryer, among others: the dyson hand dryers. You can use several types of airblade hand dryers Dyson hand dryer that is widely used by hair stylists my subscription. For reservations dyson air blade hand dryer you can search the internet or contact They provide a diverse variety of best-quality dyson hairdryers with friendly service.

2. Do not rub your hair with a towel because wet hair is more fragile. You just have to pat your hair dry.

3. How to comb your hair wet? If using a comb, try not to ever combing wet hair with a regular brush. Use a hairbrush with rare feathers and hair combs with extreme caution.

However, the best way is to comb wet hair with your fingers. In this way, the fingers can pass through each strand of your hair, without pulling too tight.

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